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Wanna breed zany animals in FARMERAMA, or would you rather send planes all around the world in Skyrama? Still not enough action for you? Then man the helm of your own ship in Seafight and Pirate Storm, or whiz through deep space in Battlestar Galactica Online and DarkOrbit. If an epic quest is more your speed, check out Drakensang Online. Choose the game that's right for you!

What is online gaming?

Online gaming at Bigpoint means no-holds-barred gaming. The major advantage of playing our games is that you can play directly in your browser, via Firefox or IE, all without having to download or install anything. Join us now and experience the world of online gaming with thousands of other real players from around the globe. Become a part of the world of browser games and go on adventures with thousands of online games players from all over the world.

Variety is the spice of life!

We've got a huge selection of online games with visually stunning graphics. Whatever it is you're looking for, you're bound to find it here - whether you're into action games, strategy games or casual games, when it comes to online games, we've got it. And the best part is, you don't even have to look for the games. Just use our game finder to start playing your favorite type of game in just a few clicks.

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Browse through our wide array of online games - have fun and make new friends. Talk about your favorite games with one another. Join forces with thousands of other players, hatch strategies and form alliances with each other. Bigpoint's got a gigantic gamer community!

Join our online gamer community!

Why play against a computer when you can play against other players? At Bigpoint, you'll find friends and foes from around the world to play with or against. Each and every one of our online games has an extensive forum with a wide variety of different topics such as our games, etc. Our online games draw in crowds from all around and turn your browser into a gaming hub.

Bigpoint online games: quality AND quantity!

Bigpoint's games dazzle players with their high-quality graphics and fun gameplay. In comparison to other conventional casual games, our games can be played over the long run. There are various missions, levels, challenges and triumphs that give Bigpoint games a depth of play that you can usually only find in games played offline. These are the browser games of the future!

Online games coming soon to Bigpoint

Want to know which browser games are slated to be released? Take a look in the "Coming Soon" section and find out what we have in store for you. The latest games waiting for you. All the up-to-date info on the new games. Which game will you play next? "Coming soon" has the latest scoop!

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No matter which type of game you decide to play, you'll find the online game you're looking for on the Bigpoint Portal. Try out our games and see what they're all about!