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ATTENTION Cheaters, Exploit users, AFK Farmers and Account Buyers / Sellers!

Discussion in 'House Rules' started by SonOfCaprica, Oct 24, 2018.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. SonOfCaprica

    SonOfCaprica Team Leader Team BSGO

    We have been hard at work investigating several players who have been using methods to cheat (provide ones self an unfair advantage). These can include DLL modification, Packet pushing, Bug manipulation in the game, AFK farming, pushing, and Buying / selling of accounts.

    They are all considered CHEATING and are against the Terms of service and will NOT tolerated at any time.
    Once proven, the players involved have their ability to play that pilot REMOVED permanently. No appeal, No refund.

    We are taking this very seriously as PRIORITY ONE to rid the game we all love of these cheaters.

    As you may have noticed in looking at the leaderboards, we have game banned several EX PLAYERS for this. They will NOT come back. Their names will stay there as a reminder.

    To those who THINK they are slick and getting away with cheating, WE ARE TRACKING YOUR PLAY!!

    Buy or sell an account? Good bye account.

    To all the HONEST players, THANK YOU! We truly want you to have the best time ever, free of these cheaters :)
    Together we can keep this game fun and honest.

    If you have screenshots or evidence of any cheating or suspected cheating, PLEASE send a ticket to EN/Global support. We will investigate each and every one and if found true, Remove the cheater. It will of course remain in the strictest confidence.

    SonOfCaprica, Team Leader, Global Support
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