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Suggestion BSGO Ship Expansion - New Variants

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Tobias_BP, Jun 6, 2016.

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  1. Zhermt

    Zhermt Forum Overlooker

    I forgot to add that players should have the force!
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  2. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    Plenty of that here already.

    Oh, wait a minute, I thought you said, "farce".
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  3. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

    Species 8472 bio-ship

    Production information

    Species 8472 (Unknown)

    Destroyed numerous Borg cubes and at least 1 colony
    A fleet of 8 of these ship can destroy a planet.




    Unknown; perhaps 200,000 years ago


    Unknown, but large numbers, possibly in the millions, are thought to exist.

    LENGTH: 200 m
    BEAM: 20 m
    DECKS: 1


    Unknown; possibly 1 individual


    1 x High power energy weapon of unknown type, total output 7,500,000 TeraWatts


    Bioarmored single-hull
    The ship is highly resistant to conventional weaponry and can regenerate itself if damaged.
    The hull iss also impervious to sensors and tractor beams.


    NORMAL CRUISE: Unknown
    MAXIMUM CRUISE: Unknown; possibly in excess of warp 20
    MAXIMUM SPEED: Unknown


    Galaxy Class = 1000
    BEAM FIREPOWER: 150,000
    HULL ARMOR: 600,000
    SPEED: --
    OVERALL: 82,215






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  4. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    As big a nerd as I am, I still don't really grok what warp means. I think the last time I read something it was warp 1 was the speed of light, and each lvl beyond that an exponential or order of magnitude faster.

    The argument against that was always "faster than speed of light, time goes backwards" since it's a one-way vector.

    Okay, maybe I'm not a big enough of a nerd. Karl? Terry?
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  5. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

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  6. SEBY231

    SEBY231 Forum Freak

    stop talking about star trek
    If 8 of these can destroy the planet itself then I'll buy it
    otherwise it's not worth the money
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  7. CyborBot

    CyborBot Commander of the Forum

  8. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Wow. Very phaser. So warp. Much transporter. Cloaking device gud. So tricorder. Wow.
  9. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

    your resistance is futile!
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  10. CyborBot

    CyborBot Commander of the Forum

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  11. Kinon

    Kinon Junior Expert

    just a stray random thought but what about a repair ship.

    I'd say make it a variant of the command escort. Basically the same as the command escort but change it to 6 comp slots, 4 guns, 3 engines, 3 hull. base hp and defense rating would have to be higher, as well as base speed. But it would have a built in function ( much like the assault escorts power regen ) that would have to be built up with merits that would be an AoE heal effect. All non capital ships within range would receive a buff that would restore x hp over the duration as well as remove any debuffs on those ships.
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  12. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    For the love of the gods...





  13. CyborBot

    CyborBot Commander of the Forum

    Its called a Carrier
  14. SEBY231

    SEBY231 Forum Freak

    Done,all we need now is a name for it
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  15. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

    Carrier MKIII?
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  16. Terry_Titanium

    Terry_Titanium Count Count

    OK so! First off it depends on the series you are watching. TOS and Enterprise both use the same scale. While TNG, DS9, and Voyager use a different one.

    At anything less than warp 9 the scales are the same. That is warp Factor 1 equates light speed. While warp factor (WF), and above, would be c x (WF)^3. So speed of light times warp factor cubed.

    In TNG, DS9 and Voyager WF cannot exceed 10 because, thats how they decided to write it lol, basically power restraints, as you approach WF 10 power needs increase infinitely

    So Warp 20 in TOS is possible but not so in TNG and forward (excluding Enterprise) with conventional warp drives. That is where Transwarp travel comes into play

    Disclaimer: I am no warp theorist all of this info is the best of my very limited understanding. It is liable to be wrong
    Last edited: May 1, 2018
  17. CyborBot

    CyborBot Commander of the Forum

    I like Advanced Carrier for a name
  18. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    So why do they need some super high warp speed to go back in time? Everytime they exceed warp 1 they should be cruising backwards in time.

    I know, it's all very silly, at least to me.
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  19. Terry_Titanium

    Terry_Titanium Count Count

    Well not being a student of science I couldn't tell you definitively :D

    I had the understanding that speed effects the perception of time. Faster you travel the slower time appears to pass. This is observable. While some theorize that at the speed of light time gets all wonky.

    To me it would seem logical that the observations of time dilation would continue in a proportional fashion unless acted upon by an outside force, such as immense gravity like the sun in ST 4?. That is the faster you travel the slower time passes from your perspective (See Joe Haldeman's Forever War for an interesting read) even surpassing the speed of light. If we as a people learned anything from Chuck Yeager in 47 sometimes walls and "barriers" aren't really there at all. I know I know science!
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  20. _carl_

    _carl_ Living Forum Legend

    You don't need to be going anywhere near the speed of light to experience time dilation, it happens whenever you move. For example, the GPS system has to have a correction in order to be accurate, most of this is due to gravity time dilation, but some is still due to them moving. Its all very confusing and I only know the very basics, but Einstein's theories of Special and General Relativity are very interesting. :p

    Warp Drive doesn't cause this effect as much because the ship isn't actually moving faster than light, but rather warping spacetime around itself in order to get to places faster.
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