Call me a tattle tell

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Delta70, Dec 17, 2016.

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  1. Kestrel

    Kestrel Forum Connoisseur

    Merry Christmas,
    As a top rank purple, I admit to spying on Delta.
    I will also spy on his blue account.
  2. Stormseeker

    Stormseeker Emperor of the Forum

    And when he's in the shower
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  3. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Count Count

    Get yer own fkn sammich!!
  4. Delta70

    Delta70 Forum Demigod

    I figured you show your ugly mug sooner or later...I have more can's than cant's and I dont blame others for my faults...As far as that wing war: didnt you enlist ADK and 7th Sanctum to help you beat a 8-man wing :D:p...good times back then but no worries old timer, you cant stop what cant be stopped so be merry as well and have some good times this holiday season.:D:D
  5. Delta70

    Delta70 Forum Demigod

    Happy holidays to everyone and especially you Stubert...Peace and blessings
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  6. p0pe

    p0pe Forum Expert

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. The eternal loneliness of space has addled my logic circuits.

    What I meant was:

    "CallienteMami! Kill MeatBags!"
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  7. Wolf_ODonnell

    Wolf_ODonnell Living Forum Legend

    I do believe the "wench" in question was actually Delta lol :D
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  8. G_Ray_380

    G_Ray_380 Board Analyst

    Is it just me or does Callie kind of sound like Peridot?? They must be sisters

    Sierra Alpha Mike Mike India Charlie Hotel
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  9. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Count Count

    I've been seriously lacking in my killing meat bag duties, I really enjoy killing my blue counterparts.

    On a side note: Where did the term counterpart's ever come from?
  10. Wolf_ODonnell

    Wolf_ODonnell Living Forum Legend


    Counter :/



    Counter....Parts o_O
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  11. Stormseeker

    Stormseeker Emperor of the Forum

    I looked it up, 'cause I'm into linguistic anthropology:

    counterpart (n.) [​IMG]
    mid-15c., originally countre part "duplicate of a legal document," from Middle French contrepartie, from contre "facing, opposite" (see contra-) + partie "copy of a person or thing," originally fem. past participle of partir "to divide" (see party (n.)).
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  12. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Count Count

    Thanks, I really like linguistic anthropology, I was just being lazy really.
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  13. Wolf_ODonnell

    Wolf_ODonnell Living Forum Legend

    Your welcome the Odonnell institute for higher learning is always proud to help in a pinch here is a pic of our most recent graduate


    Another success
  14. ritchy559

    ritchy559 Count Count

    I want to get rid of protesting but don't know how to get that message out there.

    In other news, happy new year everyone. I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2017.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2017
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  15. Star_Guardian

    Star_Guardian Forum Moderator Team BSGO

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