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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Tobias_BP, Apr 7, 2017.

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  1. Vectra

    Vectra Commander of the Forum

    I miss a lot of people's faces. All the banter in /ol was so much fun.
  2. badger690

    badger690 Active Author

    Sorry Vectra, nerd is mean SuperGeek is better ;)
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  3. nvyktor

    nvyktor Forum General

    Okay, I'll write some on-topic just to ensure this thread remains open and we can continue trolling with everything. :p:rolleyes:

    I've re-read this dev blog.
    So basicly it's only about:
    1. fixing things that were broken by server merge
    2. fixing things that were broken by the client update
    3. fixing things that are NOT broken
    What now? Will any of these ever happen?
    Are any Dev still out there?

    However I like the way Tobias closed the blog:
    "Stay tuned for more information as we keep you up-to-date on the progress of our current feature production."
    Hmm, cool... up-to-date... eerm, sorry WHAT DATE? :confused:
  4. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

    I loved the " looking forward to chatting with you soon" endings....
  5. Stormseeker

    Stormseeker Emperor of the Forum

    Well, I mean technically we have been kept up to date if since nothing has been done.
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  6. -Jarok-

    -Jarok- Board Analyst

    Someone will give us information. About pulling the plug (aka "final update").
    I guess 24 hours before that.

    P.S. Don't forget to buy cubits!
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  7. Stormseeker

    Stormseeker Emperor of the Forum

    Honestly? I doubt it. Whenever it finally comes, my bet is we all log in one day and a message pops up saying "Thank you for having played BSGO" and nothing else.

    Or probably even more likely, just one day the game, the site and the forums are gone, with never a word of warning or explanation.
  8. -Jarok-

    -Jarok- Board Analyst

    Sadly, I think you're closer to the truth than me.
    Why should they risk a shitstorm?
    They are people with complete disrespect to their possible customers and a totally lack of integrity.
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  9. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    This. And the last dregs complaining on game forums for a day until they remember: hey, other games!
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  10. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

    Im sure they will start some discount before they pull the plug...
    Remember that engine sale b4 the rcs nerf? ;)
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  11. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Week long happy hour cubit sale will be the death knell.
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  12. JBRON

    JBRON Forum Overlooker

    The end is when they remove the water cap.
  13. JBRON

    JBRON Forum Overlooker

    I'm cashing in 81 DIs, and hundreds of missions over the next month.... i got in 4 reds, 6 greens, and 10 blues today.

    When I'm done.... I'm gonna buy BSGO!
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2017
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  14. ANDY_WXM

    ANDY_WXM Junior Expert

    Everyone forgets the one mod the Devs achieved in the last twelve months :

    They made containers harder to pick up
  15. Abraxis

    Abraxis Someday Author

    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the game ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.
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  16. Lt.Lima

    Lt.Lima Padavan

    LOL that this was the last communication from devs, after a year without communication from devs, and literally nothing has happened since.

    What an absolute joke, insult, and disgrace to the entire online gaming community, and every person who has given even a dollar to this disreputable, unprofessional, incompetent, joke of a company.
  17. badger690

    badger690 Active Author

    I agree, it's coming the cubit special was a give-away. It's gonna suck when they do pull the plug, 5+ years of good times to look back on along with 5+ years of hair pulling...:(
  18. Vanguard

    Vanguard Forum Commissioner

    This is what I'm thinking will happen.

    With the lack of any type of developer communication, I don't see them changing their ways just to tell us the game is being shutdown. After all, that would be like having to explain why there was 6+ months of total dead silence from the development team, and well, we know that's not important.
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  19. Dionigi-Friùl

    Dionigi-Friùl Forum-Apprentice


    It is their ways of making us understand that the game comes to the end of life.

  20. Stormseeker

    Stormseeker Emperor of the Forum

    If Blizzard were Disneyland, BP would be that waterpark in New Jersey where all those visitors died on hilariously unsafe rides.
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