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Suggestion Don't Post Anymore Ideas....

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by JBRON, Mar 26, 2018.

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  1. JBRON

    JBRON Forum Ambassador

    Quit wasting your time! They will not be read or acted upon!

    I've fought this battle for 2 years now......after having played for 7 years.

    Trust me.... it is time wasted!

    BP already made 99% of the money they will ever make off of this game.

    They will not re-open the door to new dynamics....no matter how much we want them to!
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  2. JBRON

    JBRON Forum Ambassador

    Just try and enjoy the last moments!
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  3. Annalee

    Annalee Forum Pro

    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
  4. PostrachPomidorów

    PostrachPomidorów Forum-Apprentice

    how about devs add new...
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  5. booogie

    booogie Count Count

    What devs ?
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  6. o0_DEATH_0o

    o0_DEATH_0o Forum Great Master

    Iv played other Games & made lot of Real Money on Them..even do..non of these Games ever saw a Beta_Open light...
    Meaning never got to Official _Open stage...
    This one i play 6-7 years...Iv Achieved & Dun it all ( even things most will never imagine possible )
    I Litrally ..Ruled this Space i played in..since 2013...even Today..nothing Happens & no one even Farts..with out Me knowing about it..before it even Does.
    Do i love this Game..? No....Not at All..
    I love the People....but they dont Love Me...( even do most of them I Literally Brought Up in this Game )
    Iv Tought them the Ways of Game..i put Them on Spots...& I also saw to Them..to Fall from the Grace..( this is did only for Entertaining Purpose )
    You see its not the Game that is F..Up ..its the Poeple....
    The Game has Evolved..but the People Havent......
    Most..are still Stucked...unable to take the Next Step........( here & there some Noob_Cheaters show up to gain Attention )( Until i take care of Them ).
    The Game goes for 7 years..no Todays Game..lives longer then 2 years...( if its a Great game in which you can make some Real Money in..)
    So you see what ever there is Wrong with this Game..its them People who F..it Up..
    Poeple who work on it...People who Moderate it & People who Play it...( thats a whole a lot of People to Frak a such Simplest of Things Up ).
    Cause the Game is still Undeveloped even after 7 years..
    Game offer Things & people saw to Them...( even do it wasnt Developed enough even back then ).
    Soon the Game got its Aligment & all the Poeple submit to that Regular Aligment ( most never took a next step ..even today )
    You see to Every Thing..theres an Opposite side...Other thing...Opposite way to achieve same Goals & Success ...
    The Game still Offers it...( if it wouldnt..i wont be around for so Long ) ( you cant Achieve the Change ?..You make One !! )
    I have Directly or Indirectly participated in this Games Development over the Years. ( i didnt do it for the Game sake i did it trying to Develop them People ).
    You see the Man came for Ape..Ape was Herbivore..Living on them Trees...then it came form them Trees looking for some Meat after that it started walking on them Two legs ( it became a Man ) then the Man ape..Eat the Man ape...& became Human ( s_APE_ien ).
    You see..Game is Fine here...( it still offers Evolution )
    Its You..people who need to Evolve...( use the Brain )...
    You try for many years to give in the Ideas how to Develop the Game..
    Perhaps its you who need to Develop....
    Moment i have Decided to became the Bad_Guy ( the Baddest_Dude_in_Universe ) a Villain is where Things started to Evolve beyond Hights most will never Reach...( most cant even imagine possible )
    After i have Acieved everyting & Dun everything, i have Decided to become..the Aboslutley the Worst as Possible there is...( a Fraking_Nightmare ).
    Only then did i started to Entertain...( no mater what Status or Name i went by..i always played the same Role )
    A Literal_Nightmare ..
    So i suggest..you Evolve...( search for the Other side to that everything there is ) & Have a great Fun doing it ..
    Youll never have more Fun then being the Bad_Guy cause the Bad_Guy ( Antagonist ) is the Hero of the Other side of Things ;)
  7. Nxus

    Nxus Someday Author

    your trolling is an art death. and yeah been thinking the same any idea is wasted here
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  8. SEBY231

    SEBY231 Forum Freak

    I'm still waiting for friendly fire
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  9. goodshane

    goodshane Forum Great Master

    That is a fantastic idea because if you really "like" someone you can show them your love.
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  10. JBRON

    JBRON Forum Ambassador

    Anna..I'll dance with you anytime! ;)
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  11. Dragmar

    Dragmar Forum Pro

    I have to admit that I really enjoy being the Secound-Baddest_Guy_in_Da_Hood. Let's go rule The_Universe now!
  12. PepperPots

    PepperPots Forum Baron

    Splash Damage. Hugs and nukes. Feel the love ")
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  13. JBRON

    JBRON Forum Ambassador

    I feel that 'Purple' love everyday via torps!
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