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Faction switch? When?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Pepi68, Nov 24, 2018.

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  1. Wolf_ODonnell

    Wolf_ODonnell Living Forum Legend

    Thats so 20th century use a dial so we can select the third faction...BEER!!!
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  2. DeltaX

    DeltaX Forum-Apprentice

    Sounds like you're in the Discord Group
    That's where he posted it anyway if you are look up a few 100 messages you'll see it
    If I knew how to work the fourms
    I'll post a screenshot of it xD
    Bla bla bla
  3. dexterro

    dexterro Forum-Apprentice

    yes please :) i would apreciate
  4. testaccount123456789

    testaccount123456789 Forum Mogul

    Gamm4 will say a lot but won't do much of it
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  5. Cpt_Shepard01

    Cpt_Shepard01 Forum-Greenhorn

    faction switch expected this week?
  6. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    I haven't heard anything but I'm pretty sure JaneSousa was blue on the US server, and she showed up on Team Red last night in Mun, typed "bom dia" (thank god) in FL.

    Welcome to Team Evil, Jane! We have the baconz.
  7. -Omarius-

    -Omarius- Someday Author

    an Old Wallstreet Wisdom

    "if u dont deal with the Reality, Reality will deal with you"
  8. lordsan74

    lordsan74 Forum-Greenhorn

    I've been waiting for a long time to change sides. However it seems that this will not occur,
    My account is colonial and I would like to pass it to Cylon side. I've been looking at the forum all day but nothing.
    If you can help me, I thank you very much.
    Ps: Sorry the English I,
  9. bizzarrofurioso

    bizzarrofurioso Junior Expert

    From that moment no one has ever met lordsan and no one knows what he wanted to say; the Colonial Bureau of Investigation may have neutralized him so he won't join the enemy. This is just a joke and I am not against switches.
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  10. hellbull

    hellbull Forum-Apprentice

    I change my count for yor count, im cylon
  11. lordsan74

    lordsan74 Forum-Greenhorn

    If you tover at least the advanced Nidogh, because I am practically with all my advanced ships. I do not have Brimir
  12. hellbull

    hellbull Forum-Apprentice

    I have all ships , avanced surtur too, im level 255. But i dont want lose more time growing up ships. thx for all
  13. DeltaX

    DeltaX Forum-Apprentice

    Account trafficking
    *Cough* trading is forbidden it is a violation of the TOS
    ANY Mod can tell you this
    I advise you not to talk about this on here, I'm pretty sure it can result into a ban.

    If any MOD See's this, help them out by explaining this .
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  14. dexterro

    dexterro Forum-Apprentice

    well people are selling accounts and admins do nothing this is a fact
  15. dexterro

    dexterro Forum-Apprentice

    indeed u might get punished if u talk open here like that but i highly doubt u will get ban just for ''talking''
  16. CylonsRule

    CylonsRule Forum-Apprentice

    Cylons : NO SWITCH! Mommy will be angry:
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  17. bizzarrofurioso

    bizzarrofurioso Junior Expert

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  18. bubisnew

    bubisnew Board Analyst

    Let's say they would care about this.

    They have more important problems .. like THE BUG which got reported months ago and no fix.
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  19. MooredRat

    MooredRat Moderator Team BSGO

    It's not that we do nothing, it's that we have to be able to prove it. Accounts can and have been perma-banned for it.
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  20. hellbull

    hellbull Forum-Apprentice

    With all my apologies, gentlemen, I didn't sell anything. Nor have I intended to sell anything. Nor do I intend to sell it. Can anyone with common sense think of selling an account at level 255?
    It has been a way of reminding the gentlemen of bsgo that we want and are waiting for the prompt activation of the faction change. But nobody here has sold anything. I never thought the desire for change was forbidden. common sense.
    I hope the translator does his job well.

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