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For Scorpia...

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Shinnok, Jan 11, 2019 at 1:42 AM.

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  1. Shinnok

    Shinnok Active Author

    Barring me somehow cranking out 10k merits in the next few days I took the Pegasus out for one last time. Even got to pop the basestar (thank you cylon skin job for giving me that, I mean that without any ill intent). I was able to stream it to my channel. Venom918 for any who want to see the video on youtube. I also play Red Read Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PlayStation 4. Star Trek Online and some Dungeons and Dragons Online for those who might want to find me, drop me a note on one of my BSGO videos on my channel.

    To Scorpia: I'll truly miss you all. It wouldn't have been fun without the friends I've flown with over so many years. Even less fun without the Cylons to fight over time. I hated to see the series end, but we kept it going here for 8 years. Now, Galactica and Pegasus get one final send off, and barring a last minute reprieve we all must say goodbye to our game. I hope to run into you all again somewhere, somehow.

    That too is in God's plan.

    "There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief...….."
  2. Vectra

    Vectra Commander of the Forum

    It's funny. Had this game just continued on in malaise for whoever knows how long, I'd have stopped caring eventually. Jaina hasn't logged in in nearly a year and Aean has been gone for five. And for a good while, they were the reason I kept logging in. Yet here we are, a couple weeks from the end... and now I'm missing it. I just logged in for about ten minutes and it was empty. I think I saw ten people in total.

    I miss the good days. Not when the game was good, I think we've all realized at this point that the game was always what it was. But when it was the people. Back when we Scoprians would boast about having the best players in the game, people running to join our server to knock us down and then getting lost in the shuffle. Of course, no one server ever had the best players. We were just the loudest and proudest. And I'm sure many of you would point to myself as being one of the loudest of the loud... which to be honest, would be well-earned.

    So, here's to us. The loud and the proud. JainaSolo, Aean (who was decidedly NOT loud, but when she spoke... everyone listened), Rollie, Primer (the Scorpian one, obviously), Aer... god, there have been so many people over the years, I've forgotten more than I'll ever remember. And I haven't even made it to the Cylons yet. You guys were wonderful. It's been an honor fighting alongside and against you. And to those from other servers who did rise to the challenge and come face us on our own turf... well, you were always out-numbered from the start. No hard feelings. ;)

    Yes, it is indeed funny. Instead of fading away into obscurity, the fact that there now is an end has made me care again.

    This isn't goodbye. This is see you later. Because I'm sure many of us will gravitate to the same sort of games.
  3. Annalee

    Annalee Forum Connoisseur

    I never met you. I wish I had.
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  4. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    I only met Vectra a few times after the merge (but always a voice of reason on the forums.) Excellent strike pilot.
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  5. Shinnok

    Shinnok Active Author

    Man Vectra it was always great. An instantly familiar name. what other games/systems do you play
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  6. RAIKAGE_27

    RAIKAGE_27 Advanced

    Good bye my friend, and good bye to all the scorpians!
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  7. Machinewookie

    Machinewookie Padavan

    Shout to my fellow Scorpians and any and all who were members or have memories of 13th-TRIBE

    BE RED!
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  8. Avenger12

    Avenger12 Forum Overlooker

    forget "we are sparta", it's WE ARE SCORPIA! :D
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  9. Vectra

    Vectra Commander of the Forum

    There's still time. Hopefully. And if not here, then elsewhere.

    Oh, I haven't always been a voice of reason. And I'm above-average at best. I was carried through 99% of my career. Thanks Jaina.

    Mostly just on PC (sorry console friends). Run around SWTOR a bit here and there, not regularly, but when I get the itch. STO from time to time. Elite, though I only ever play that with a few RL friends. And speaking of things abberviated to RL, I also dabble in Rocket League.
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  10. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    We all have our off days.
    You can say that, but teamwork is teamwork. Toughest pair of strikes I've ever fought in the liche or spectre, although I haven't flown the former in years.

    So accept it or not, lol, respect.
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  11. Shinnok

    Shinnok Active Author

    Shinnok918 on STO
  12. Vectra

    Vectra Commander of the Forum

    Well, we were among the first to show what a good, well-working small group could do. We held our own (and many times won) in the days when overwhelming force was the only option. I'd like to be able to take credit for starting the small "hit squad" style of play, but I'm not sure we can.

    Though, now that we don't have to worry about people figuring out our secret, I can share it here and now: We were never on comms with each other. We never strategized about fights. We just went and did. There was no making sure our buffs and debuffs were on a proper rotation. There was no fretting over ammo or what ship they were in. The most strategy we ever had was counting how many were against us and what our chances were. Then if we liked the chances, we dove in.

    Oh, and me being rowdy in chat and usually taking the brunt of the fire because of it. When everyone's focused on me, Jaina's free to take shots. ;)
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  13. booogie

    booogie Count Count

    Vectra, always made me smile when I saw you in the game.

    All my best to you.

    booogie (Cary)

    btw we did have the best damn players on the server.
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