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Grumpy Old Men

Discussion in 'Wing & Buddy Search' started by SixSixSeven, Dec 1, 2015.

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  1. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Grumpy Old Men Non-Wing Non-Meeting Non-Notes, Wed 5 Dec 2018.

    Attendance: 667... um, some other people were on, I dunno, can't remember... leave me alone, I'm old! Absent: Cancer


    (X) A few more joined: Deathaura, an old buddy and wingmate from 13th_Tribes on Aerilon; Tamarin, a former member, back from secret undersea spy missions and underwear modeling; and the sorely missed, ever-loving Waldstiem, he of many years of Wraith flying and missile defense, risen from the grave.
    (X) Messed with wing rank names again, can't even remember them. It's total chaos (aka funny.)
    ( ) Thought about changing wing name to "Aerilon Orphans" but as it implies we're kids, not old men, and there's no way to change the wing name other than everyone dropping and joining a new one... we're old, who has time for that crap?
    (X) Continued to have to whisper Grendlefly to read wing chat whenever I'm asking for votes on new members. I feel awful having to bug him.
    ( ) Got access to wing leader account to fix permissions.
    (X) Took cheap basestar out for another run on Sunday to give people a chance to PvP without being steamrolled for an hour. Report below. Jumped into a few fleet fights to watch and kill drones, was called names for renting even though I didn't shoot at anyone and jumped out when chased.
    ( ) Convinced Anna to switch to red with offers of long spa weekends, limitless mimosas, and a case of Elmer's sparkle glue.
    (X) Hung out with Waldstiem last night. Sniffed all the glue. Now covered in sparkles. Called it quits before huffing any paint.
    ( ) Reviewed the zero applications for wing membership.
    ( ) Convinced anyone else in the wing to play again.

    So the big news is that Waldstiem, the court jester of Aerilon, Malice to None and Friend to All, returned to the game! Readers of the old forums and players on Aerilon will remember him as one of the most fun and funniest players in the game. To show how long he's been gone: he's only lvl 88. Actually, I think Tamarin's account is even lower. We are not a wing that levels up quickly. Prolly the canes and walkers making us slow.

    Oh, wait, problems with one of the hard drives, so I'll have to post the basestar report later. Gotta get back to work.
  2. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    I like Waldy I had wondered what had ever happen'd to him.
    I'm glad to know hes hanging around these parts again :)

    Owes me that dance he promised me in the pale moon light of Tau A.
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  3. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    I should join my red Scorprican account Calliente_Mami when I start playing again.
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  4. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    I'm sure he'd love to fulfill that promise! I think he's been practicing his dance moves. Something about the moonwalk...
    Absolutely. As said, at this point the wing is an Aerilon refuge camp. Members have just said, "Yeah, if they played on Aerilon, that's cool" and since none of us play regularly, I'm just adding people and figure I can kick anyone if there's an issue.

    Hit up anyone in the wing, everyone has perms to invite new members. And promote/demote, change ranks, whatever... it's not a wing, it's an Aerilon VFW with cheap drinks.
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  5. NoG00D

    NoG00D Forum-Apprentice

    Alright! Welcome Deathaura, Tamarin and Waldstiem.

    Hey Six..Just wanted to make sure I have memorized all the requirements to relay for new applicants.

    • Have pulse
    • Have fun
    • Pants optional
    Did I miss anything?

    Side note: Anna didn't go for the glitter glue and limitless mimosas? Thought for sure that would put her over the top.
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  6. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Pulse optional, pants forbidden, except for adult diapers.

    Nope, Anna still wouldn't come over. But at least my and Waldy's faces are all glittery and sparkly!
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  7. chawk

    chawk Padavan

    Waldstiem! Dang, that's been at least two (or more) years! Glad to hear you're well! Warm up the Z key ;)
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  8. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    I have not yet dialed in to what might tempt her. I'd think just the toxic blue FL would be enough but perhaps the color red is triggering?
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  9. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    The incessant whining background sound is so much like tinnitus that it may be off-putting to someone who doesn't already suffer from it.
  10. iggy_pops

    iggy_pops Forum Commissioner

    You forgot 1 important detail on your typical basestar run. Shinanigans with ispitzer in Tannhauser which causes players like Steamer to lose his mind. :)
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  11. Annalee

    Annalee Forum Connoisseur

    It's most definitely an encouragement which is why I spend most of my time in combat log. I have a feeling red is much the same from what I've seen thrown my way, present company excluded of course.
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    MR_JINGLES Forum Duke

    Trust me, red fl is way better than blue. Plus you got tin man to entertain you.
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  13. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Trust me, if I was ever on at the same time as the NI guys, it would definitely happen again.

    The funny thing is that we both wrote in our perspective FLs that we were just joyriding and everyone should avoid/ignore us, but blue didn't listen. So Spitzy suggested we respond to all chat directed to us with "i no speaky de english." I only had to type it once, he had to type it a lot, lol.
    In all seriousness, it's not. Red FL is often completely quiet (and chat in general, during fighting) and when not it's mainly jokes, funny comments, and the occasional sitrep, as long as you have mic_check/MXC muted. Arguments are rare and don't last long; most of the time someone beats me to typing "OK guys, let's just chill 'n' kill." Same with political/religious talk - it usually gets derailed quickly.

    Whenever I'm on the NI TS those guys end up commenting on blue FL and have read me some of the stuff - it sounds really bad at times.

    The shade that gets thrown your way from red in OL is because the game is full of insecure manchildren who are scared of and threatened by women and who act like 14 year olds, because they can't stand that a "girl" is better than them. If you were on red it'd go the other way - they'd consider you on the team and would be very impressed... and would use that to try to flirt/hit on you, I bet.

    Not that I'm really trying to convince you to come red. It's just a stale joke that I'm pushing to the point of ridiculousness.
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  14. Annalee

    Annalee Forum Connoisseur

    Now, that is indeed a huge difference and shows what happens often when one assumes. My apologies, I had no idea. And yeah, that clown makes me sick. Does he sit in the op and "fight" with his mouth?

    It is really bad, worse when you "experience" it first hand.

    I get that. The same as in real life. The game is worse because of anonymity, and keyboard hero syndrome. But, Karma is a bitch too, and has a very long memory. Plus, their tears amuse me.

    I do consider it a big compliment coming from you, and a few others. I've considered it more than a few times. Your opening remark is surely a selling point. I like the looks of some of your ships better, as well as the gun placement on the Nidhogg and the Liche. But, I have only ever had one account, the one you see me in; other than a blue account on the test server when we had devs and game development, and I've never switched, and have been on only one server. You took many a mine from me when I was foolish enough to plant one and not be able to defend it. That was long ago on a much better server than we have now. I imagine I'll dance with the one that brought me until the music stops. Besides, if I switch, I won't be able to fight the best players in the game, and I don't duel, except once. That won't win me any friends on the blue side. Meh, who cares. LMAO.
  15. -evaknow-

    -evaknow- Forum Freak

    I'll be your friend for as little as I'm around. I don't share the prevailing blue philosophy either. If you see me about and want a wingman, let me know.

    EU chat is WAAAAY more toxic than the US. All you hear is trash talk. I don't know how they stand it!
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  16. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Pretty much. Flies a stealth or speed raider, talks crap and complains that CAMS is cheating (he's kinda our Carioca because neither can hack it.)

    Seriously, I've been in systems, including 242, where there's nobody and he's yammering on, yelling, etc. in OL. In 242. Dude has some serious issues. Thinks he's "der best" and knocks everyone, although his monthly kills and KDR are pretty sad. I liked him a lot better when he was blue, because then y'all had to listen to it.

    I cleared my mute list a few months back and he went right back on in a few days. I try to convince everyone to mute him, although he'll just keep yelling into the void.
    It's just sad. So many who are single and unhappy about it, but can't figure out why... or have given up, because all women are b**ches and all guys are idiots. It wouldn't bother me so much if these types didn't sooner or later shoot up nightclubs and synagogues.
    Pretty much the same here. And the grass is always greener. Like job hunting - I'm desperate to get out of my current gigs, but I'm old enough to try to be careful not to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire... unless they pay me a lot.
    I duel to practice and test builds, mainly. Not much of a point to it outside those except boredom. And I'd rather log when bored.

    P.S. Do you have our bsgo-ts.xyz:10000 channel PW? Tert, Key_Ruh and a couple blues have it, hit them up or I'll try to pass it in chat. I don't get on often unless there's others around who wanna chat. We actually had six wing members on yesterday when I logged in but five minutes later we were down to two. We all have real lives, lol.
  17. iggy_pops

    iggy_pops Forum Commissioner

    I have one comment to the OL thing... My issue is certain players want to run their mouths but won't back it up in class. They run to their friends or get their escort to challenge a strike. If the players would just not run their mouth and actually back up the bs they talk I would be cool with them win or lose. I don't care about losing in the game at all. But anyway enough abou that. Carry on folks. :)
  18. iggy_pops

    iggy_pops Forum Commissioner

    You should come play with us mami. (I know that sounded dirty) -winks-
  19. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    Hurr hurr hurr ~winks~
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  20. Annalee

    Annalee Forum Connoisseur

    Lol. And when a player does switch class at another's; *cough cough* "request", and proceeds to beat their ass numerous times, the trash talk get's worse and the cries for "duel me" fly. I don't duel, except once as stipulated above. I don't run, no friends to run to. I don't grieve low levels in Weglin, but that's your speed and I understand. I kill you when I find you and you don't run away. I fly what I want when I want. And, I've been around a lot longer than you think. You know who. I know your lies. Get a clue. Peace out.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018

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