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Grumpy Old Men

Discussion in 'Wing & Buddy Search' started by SixSixSeven, Dec 1, 2015.

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  1. Annalee

    Annalee Forum Connoisseur

    Thank you, I will. We've flown together before, a few times. Once on a night of a discussion of the emitter array for an escort, if I remember correctly. But, I only play infrequently myself now.

    You won't find me over there unless there is a server merge, which may be probable at this point. But then again, we need someone to flip all the right switches.
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  2. iggy_pops

    iggy_pops Forum Commissioner

    Anna we know you run. Never once have you approached me solo in a strike and stuck around long enough to see the end of the fight. Everyone can see it. Anyway I refuse to hijack Grumpy Old Mens thread.
  3. -evaknow-

    -evaknow- Forum Freak

    After a few weeks on the US server I'm pretty convinced that they need to merge them. I'd rather have the high ping than nothing to shoot at and all the packet loss.
  4. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    If they do, the server's going to be in the EU, so if it's tough to play now, it'll still be. Pretty impossible from the west coast or Brazil. Frankly, they prolly should have made at least three servers after the merge.

    If they're going to put any effort into the game, IMHO they should work on content like events, adjustments, new ships, things to spend merits on, etc.
    LOL as long as it doesn't become racist, sexist, etc. then I think a little trash talk fits right into a grumpy thread.
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  5. iggy_pops

    iggy_pops Forum Commissioner

    Hey now this isn't an episode of South Park lmao.
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  6. Speedball

    Speedball Regular

    I tried the EU today after not having done so in a long time. It's just SSDD, but much larger.

    The gameplay has become so stagnant for a variety of reasons. High on the list is how much a "kill" has been devalued. Some of it has to do with the population abusing ship mechanics in ways the devs never envisioned. Some it has to do with the kill-sharing mechanism being far too frakking generous. All of it has to do with the vast portion of really good players being gone.
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  7. -evaknow-

    -evaknow- Forum Freak

    I don't expect this game to ever get NSDD again. You may be on to something with the kill thing, but it's the loss of most the really good players that's really telling to me.
    When I lived just south of Seattle my ping was 30 points higher to the EU than it is from Nashville. The main thing for me is that it's a stable bad. I'd take that over the current performance of the US server. The US population is a huge problem too, from what I've observed. Sao Paulo to Germany is a good 50 ping increase though and it already wasn't great to the US.
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  8. Speedball

    Speedball Regular

    You remember when Mk2 carriers got nerfed so that long-range missiles and guns could no longer target strikes? At the time, one of the devs posted something to the effect of being surprised that the Mk2 carrier had resulted in more stand-off OP fights, rather than free-flowing, mid-system battles.

    That's how much they didn't understand the game they were developing. They doubled down on this notion by creating three gigantic new systems for these awesome mid-system battles to occur in. But they never counted on the players not playing the way they wanted them to.

    If you'll recall, with the carrier long-range missile, they first reduced the insane speed before making it unable to target strikes altogether. Want to know why the interim step? They were convinced that, in the presence of carriers, strikes targeted by LR missiles would stop dogfighting altogether and run to drag their gigantic hit-point missiles into planetoids - which was also a new feature, at the time. Guess what didn't happen?

    Fast forward to today, and you get a kill for a pot-shot with a Rhino at 1500. Or a range debuff. Or slapping a target designator on someone. And not only does one person get credit for that kill - a half-dozen do. I've never cared about the stats, but what this does is create an ample sense of reward for mediocre gameplay with minimal risk.

    That's what I mean by mechanics being abused and kill-sharing being frakked. I've taken advantage of it, myself, with my EU account. I run long-kite there, and when you can get a frakking "saboteur" credit for everything, I almost never die. So, woo-hoo me.

    All of this eroded incentive for most good players to do anything more than check in now and again.

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  9. Iggy

    Iggy Forum-Greenhorn

    You hit the nail right on the head Speed.
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  10. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    I def. miss when it took real work to get the 10 kills to complete DEOs. I wasn't playing when they introduced the new credit system, but it seems to me it could have been made into new dailies (esp. to replace some of the dumb ones.) Need 10 Kills, 3 Engineer, 5 Saboteur, etc. for a daily each and another for completing the whole set. At least it would mix it up, and I'd have put the focus on Kill/Assist.

    Not much else to add, you covered it. The game's quite stale and dead lately. Perhaps it's the hours I can play but it goes: blues defend an hour before reset, zerg at reset (usually with peggy) and wipe the map, then do dailies and split. I was on almost two hours last night and managed only 5 kills, and although I spent the first catching up on dailies, I was just wasting time looking (and only stayed on because N0G00D showed up.)
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  11. ridder

    ridder Padavan

    i logged into prime time hrs. last nite, ..even popped a di..was gonna do maps , fights, dailies..etc...but i sorta , kinda went an ate, drank, a lil..well, maybe more than a lil..faceplanted keyboard...woke up at 2a.m. , crawled into bed, ... sad thing is , i forgot to take nite meds...
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  12. Scatman

    Scatman Junior Expert

    Found this nugget enjoy.
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  13. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    LOL, good times, good times. I'll have to make sure my WR's still got that name even if I never fly it.

    Funny people see me in a strike now and think I've never flown them. Clocked so many hours in the WR it's not even funny (but kinda is.)
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  14. ridder

    ridder Padavan

    seein me in a strike is the funnist show on there is!!...:eek:. last upgrade sale..i finally upgrades it..only took a few yrs. to do it..lmao...even started flyin it...(well, ok..it sorta does what it whats, did kill a line in it...poor fella, gettin killed by me in a strike...thats bad.... next up is flyin ...sober...:confused::D
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  15. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Sure thing... right after this happens:

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  16. -evaknow-

    -evaknow- Forum Freak

    Carl playing war thunder now?
  17. ridder

    ridder Padavan

    "shakes head"...dang it man!!...i stared at that prop on that plane for 5 mins.....was kinda expectin that pig to throw out a beer can, or a bottle....
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  18. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    He's got that look on his face 'cuz he just finished all your 'shine....
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  19. -evaknow-

    -evaknow- Forum Freak

    if anyone runs into intruder, please tell him I'm ready for round 50 :)
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  20. ridder

    ridder Padavan

    hey!!...thats below the belt!..just just in case it was to ever happen, i keep a couple gals under the kitchen sink...besides my daddy's , made around 1978, still findin full bottles around the farm, its almost like easter egg huntin, cept ya don't shoot 'em....ya, my child hood was a lil fifferent...:D
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