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Suggestion Guest Player on Rhino/Marauder

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by KENDRA, Dec 4, 2018.

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get on board with me?

  1. long last! what a funny idea! I'll bring the beers on board! YES!

  2. the last time someone came up with me, he screamed all the time! NO!


    KENDRA Board Veteran

    Hello Forum!
    I would like to propose an idea. Just to fantasize about what you could do with BSGO.:rolleyes:
    One evening, while I was editing a Rhino for the Pimp My Raider thread, I noticed that there were two pilots ... mmmmh two pilots... mmmmmmh!
    why not advance the Rhino to get a multiplayer ship? The guest, using his Mouse, will have to maneuver a viewfinder dedicated to the kinetic cannons. If he is precise, he will do much damage to the enemy.:cool:
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  2. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    I had to vote no not because it's a bad idea, but just because of the screaming. Oh my god, the endless screaming... fortunately, the vacuum of space fixed that right quick.
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  3. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

    A party on your Rhino? Sounds like fun :)
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    KENDRA Board Veteran

    eh ehe ehe eh eh...
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  5. bb8_

    bb8_ Regular

    Like the idea :) - Multiple pilots per ship: 4 for each gun(possibility to shoot in every direction - but don't shoot at me pls :)) and pilot. In rhino 4 gun-operators: Kendra, Beeware, Tigerstar and Maria(I think that is the nick of a girl on blue side who was very good in turnfighting but she hasn't played too much) :) and me piloting. Guaranteed 1st place on tournament - 0 deaths for us in rhino and all others got killed many, many times :)


    Everyone(SF fanatics especially): don't miss new great SF TV Show :Nightflyers
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
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  6. iggy_pops

    iggy_pops Forum Commissioner

    I find it amusing that so many players come up with this "genius" ideas when we all know there are no devs left. :)
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
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  7. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    Don't mind Meester Seex. He's just a Grumpy Old Man. BTW... what kind of beer do you like?
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  8. Biohazard

    Biohazard Forum Freak

    Could be interesting... with firends/wing, but doesn't work that good with random people.

    The closest analogy I can think of right now is attack plane/bomber/heavy bomber in BF1.

    You got one person doing the piloting and bomb dropping while other player(s) man the machine guns....

    Most of the time it is a complete mess haha, you got that one dude on the MG that is trying to hit unimportant targets (like enemy hill humpers... I mean snipers lying on a hill and not contributing) while an enemy fighter plane is shredding us, you got that one afk/oblivious dude not doing anything and ofc. you got your "spawn" dude, that jumps out of the plane as soon as possible (to capture an objective, leaving you again with an empty seat)... the pilots are usually either really good or can't avoid the only tree on a hilltop xD.

    All that being said, idea is fine and there would be use for it (at least for squads/wings)... hopefully we see it in BSGO 2.0 ;).
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
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  9. tigerstar

    tigerstar Forum Mogul

    I remember old ideas by Bagi about big ship with more pilots some years ago...
    And your idea about a great organization to do a big fight and use Valkiria ship (old italian forum)...
    I miss the times when we dreams a new bsgo age...

    I miss... :(

    But I like a new ideas and I like this idea... :p:D
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  10. KENDRA

    KENDRA Board Veteran

    I would like to be a member of a team of videogames developers. Not to develop the technical part of the game but only the playful part, trying to make it different and unique compared to other games!
    Think if , by any chance, I would invite a guy like Carioca1000 ... all those tears floating in the cockpit ... I should get kleenex ...:confused::eek::D
    Do you mean to use the ejection button? using it for you or for the guest? Think if you were on Hardstick CrocoRino ... all the time you would hear: iiiiaaaaah! :eek::D
    I prefer red wines . But red belgium beer is my favorite... not to dine but just for conversation.
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  11. Cyberiantiger

    Cyberiantiger Forum General

    I have a comment but ill get banned

    MR_JINGLES Forum Duke

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  13. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

    If its a funny one go ahead pls
  14. KENDRA

    KENDRA Board Veteran

    Well...we are misunderstood geniuses!
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