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Announcement I am Mooredrat

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by MooredRat, Jan 4, 2019.

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  1. MooredRat

    MooredRat Moderator Team BSGO

    I was hoping to personally and individually reveal my identity to my friends in-game, but scheduling isn't cooperating. My apologies to those of you I haven't gotten ahold of yet.

    I'm a little curious as to how many of you had already figured me out. No one ever said anything to me, but I know at least a couple of people made the connection, even in spite of a tiny bit of disinformation I seeded here and there, talking with/about myself, etc.

    So here goes, my first sig, created for me almost 6 years ago from my home server Caprica, by the talented Silversage:

    My second signature, and current on my player account:

    My original mod sig, made for me by our own Skywatcher:

    And finally, from the lovely and talented Kendra:​
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    KENDRA Board Veteran

    Nice to meet U! thanks for the appreciation, the esteem is mutual! Smack!
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  3. Phaaze

    Phaaze Forum Ambassador

    Oh hi there, thanks for being a mod.
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  4. _carl_

    _carl_ Living Forum Legend

  5. MooredRat

    MooredRat Moderator Team BSGO

    My dear friend Carl was the first person I revealed my secret identity to.
    We came up together on Caprica, me a col nugget and he a cylon... what do you call a baby toaster? easy bake oven?
    A couple of the strike tourneys it was just the two of us in our lowbie bracket, blasting away at each other the whole time.

    Those fights taught me that the best and most fun fights are the ones against your friends, or at least good-natured rivals.
    It was more than 3 years of fighting against him before I went red, and Carl was one of the first to welcome me with open arms.

    Proudly HOGCO!

    Edit: that was New years eve. His reaction above might be genuine, I'm not sure if he remembers much of that night :D
  6. Avenger12

    Avenger12 Forum Overlooker

    wow...just wow. didn't see THAT coming lol.
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  7. _carl_

    _carl_ Living Forum Legend

    I always remember you Mr. Grinch! ermmm... storm? sails? rat? <3
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  8. tigerstar

    tigerstar Forum Great Master

    Nice to mee you :D;)
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    MR_JINGLES Forum Duke


    My own wingmate all this time!
  10. xodarap1

    xodarap1 Someday Author


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  11. [Butcher]

    [Butcher] Forum General

    I've always seen you fly as someone who wants to find the best possible game for those around you. good'onya
    and good huntin'

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  12. JohnnyBravo

    JohnnyBravo Forum Duke

    Had to google the black sails banner :)
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  13. Speedball

    Speedball Regular

    It's been a pleasure getting to know you, bro! Always fun fights, with and against. :)

    While you being a mod doesn't surprise me in the slightest, your admission is the first one that's actually news to me, personally, LOL.
  14. Terry_Titanium

    Terry_Titanium Count Count

    We've had some good times Storm always been a pleasure. We should schedule a time to all get on for some final pew pews, or just general disorderly conduct, if possible!

    *not shocked by the admission ;)
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  15. Aer

    Aer All knowing Oracle

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  16. WETHER

    WETHER Regular

    Seen you many times. You are a good fighter.
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  17. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Hey Storm -

    Can't say I'm overly surprised at this reveal.
    I mean, I didn't know it was you. I actually had guessed that MooredRat was another individual.
    And I thought he was probably English. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
    But I had been wondering where you and Sails had got off to. You'd been scarce for some time. I'd thought you were just tired of the game and doing other things.
    So it's news, and amusing news ;), but no huge shocker.

    Thanks much for making large contributions to our silly little world here in such diverse ways.
    It's much appreciated and for the record I not only always respected you, I always liked you too.

    You were a great pilot and a fair, unbiased mod.

    - Your pal, H.
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  18. MooredRat

    MooredRat Moderator Team BSGO

    I hurt my back towards the end of Sept. Then put off going to the Doctor for a month.
    FYI: Turns out if you have a slipped disk, laying with your back flat on the floor, and otherwise doing a hunched-over shuffle-stagger of pain when you absolutely must move for an entire month makes things worse. Who knew?
    It wasn't quite bad enough for surgery, but did merit going to physical therapy for a couple hours 3 times a week for another month. Lots of gentle stretching, followed eventually by strengthening and ultra-low impact exercises. Kinda like tai-chi.
    During that time, I spent only a few minutes on my comp a day. Did a lot of reading and binge watched tv while lying on the floor.

    Tried to get back into the game, but got annoyed quickly. Literally every time I have logged in for more than 3 months the peggy has been out and maps cleared. Hmmm, I wonder why there aren't enough paying players left to justify renewing the license? Digression.

    I've gotten into Champions Online somewhat, a superhero MMO very similar to what City of Heroes once was. It's not a pvp game though. There are duels, but meh. If anyone here gives it a go, my main character is a tank named Barricade.
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  19. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Sorry about the injury man.
    I've never hurt my back like that, but have seen it change people's lives.
    Don't slack on the therapy. Pain or no, down the road it's best.
    I've noticed where swimming seems to work best for people...must claim ignorance though.
    Best wishes and I'll lend you what power I have for recovery.
    ...ships, tanks ;)
    Be well Joesepheus ;)
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  20. MooredRat

    MooredRat Moderator Team BSGO

    I have absolutely no idea what I did to cause it either, Just woke up one morning and it hurt. I was up at my parents place house and dog sitting for them while they went on a trip for their anniversary. I just ascribed it to different bed, different pillow. Over the next couple days it got worse and worse, finally plateauing after about a week... then it stayed that bad until I finally went to see my Dr.
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