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I'm the BEST Striker in the GAME

Discussion in 'Players´ Corner' started by Reckon255, Dec 6, 2018.

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  1. Reckon255

    Reckon255 Active Author

    Bow down before me as I have finally maxed out my autopilot.

    No not just one. Two? No not that either. THREE! Three autopilots on my war raider, I'm UNSTOPPABLE
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    MR_JINGLES Forum Duke


  3. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

  4. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

    Now get a heavy raider with 5
  5. Avenger12

    Avenger12 Count Count

    um...you know that holding down right-click and moving your mouse around while you have your cam set to "follow target" is basicly the same thing as using the practically useless autopilot computer, right? (ragequit of Reckon255 in 3...2...1...)
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  6. Dragmar

    Dragmar Forum Expert

    holy sht... that's good, but I can use "pizdets" engines only for expert. These allow me to use autopilot 24/7! WOW 24/7? Yes, no kidding... I'm no joke...
    It's so obvious, you have no clue what real skills are about
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  7. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

  8. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    A late entry to the Best Troll Thread of 2018 category, folks!

    Heyyy... that's what this forum needs, an awards contest for forum threads. Lessee, lessee... ummm.... Most Pointless Topic Thread of 2018, Best Necro Thread of 2018 (thread must have been dead for at least 6 months prior to 2018), Best Use of Bacon Option in Votey Thingy Thread of 2018 (had to put that one in, natch), Most Satirical Thread of 2018, Best Use of Meme in a Response Thread of 2018, Most Unreasonably Optimistic of this Game's Future Development Thread of 2018, Most Pessimistic of this Game's Future(?) of 2018 Thread. Best Use of Mangled Syntax (regardless of poster's state of intoxication or sobriety or familiarity with the Language - including the use of Google Translate) in 2018 Thread.

    KENDRA Board Veteran

    Do like me... Three slides 10lvl if U want be unstoppable! Lol
  10. Zachet

    Zachet Junior Expert

    and to think I wasted my time learning how to dogfight, the answer was in front of me all along.

    You just don't see the genius of it. I'm not going to mention the obvious fact that with your techinque his mouse would always stay busy, but with the autopilot he'd be able to click on more items like his dc. Checkmate Avenger!!
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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  11. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

    Actually.... He can assign hotkeys to the slots, much faster than mouse ;)
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  12. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Zach was braggin' to me about his new forum title. I guess it beats TFO_Kobol's. Or mine.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  13. ridder

    ridder Advanced

    WAIT!!!... ya mean the auto thingy is junk?!!!...now ya rell me!!...an here i got 3 lvl'ed up to 15....:D:D:eek:
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  14. ridder

    ridder Advanced

    "best striker in the game"...gotta be those fancy flyin dam rocks...those fellas are dam good..:D
    side note...hey 667, whacha think of my new pic?...took it over thanksgiving, was taken as the grill was being lit....the "after" photos are kinda messy though...:rolleyes:
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  15. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend


    Kinda surprised the dynamite was in the grill and not the squirrel, though...
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  16. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    An awards ceremony, perhaps?

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  17. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    And have someone design a suitable representation of trophy!

    There are enough likes that something may need to be organized.
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  18. Avenger12

    Avenger12 Count Count

    (facepalm), not Javerys, Jarvie's! :D
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  19. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Oooo! Better!
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