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interdiction duty mission questions

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by 8WRAITH8, Dec 15, 2013.

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  1. 8WRAITH8

    8WRAITH8 Someday Author

    what happens whena map is full and u should get a random drop of same map piece.
    do u loose tht piece?
    what if u have all maps full for example ?
    does the gamble system still drop you map pieces?
    what if of the map u have full theres jackpot?
    do u loose out cause tht certain map is full?!
  2. Virgel

    Virgel All knowing Oracle

    When you have completed a map DRADIS Contact will continue to drop pieces for that map. Though never 'officially' confirmed, early reports indicate that map pieces received for completed maps are lost and cannot be retrieved. Therefore, it is best to go ahead and do the Interdiction mission as soon as you get the map completed.
  3. 8WRAITH8

    8WRAITH8 Someday Author

    tht would b bit weird cause since i completed alpha i didnt see 1 alpha map piece drop but maybe its coincidence or oversight thts y i ask here for other tht KNOW to answer.
  4. Dickndom

    Dickndom Forum Baron


    I don't know for sure but in another thread have done some testing.

    Observations - when you complete a map the game drops no more pieces for that map you still get 6 random rewards but no jackpots or individual pieces. This is fact.

    If you are on map jackpot day for say alpha as soon as you complete the map I strongly suggest you stop. You do not get any more pieces for alpha and no jackpots. My belief through 70k cubits of testing after doing this. No more alpha jackpots and no more alpha pieces occurred.

    If you complete a map then I believe that you do not have a greater chance of getting map pieces. Again only through a small scale test I tried 80k with beta and gamma complete and got 13 alpha pieces on top of the 9 I already had on beta jackpot day. Not definitive but correlation is same number I would expect if I played on tuning kit day.

    Hope this helps - if you are a few pieces short I suggest your cubits are best spent getting a divine or 2 and picking up the pieces that way.

    Sorry to not be more precise but large scale testing is not possible as I am free to play.

    Best regards
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  5. MrMudash

    MrMudash Junior Expert

    i had alpha and gamma maps full, played dradis a lot on beta jackpot day (yesterday) and i didnt get any of alpha or gamma pieces.

    week or two before i did get some "extra" pieces for full map and did loose them indeed
  6. Niki*^*

    Niki*^* Forum Baron

    No pieces are dropped if you map (or maps) are full...
    Dradis will drop other type of loot
  7. Aednat

    Aednat Count Count

    You should not receive pieces for any of the maps if you already have the map completed. DRADIS Contact will no longer reward you with pieces of completed maps; you will receive other rewards instead. So you won't get pieces of maps you already have completed, though you can still receive map packs for completed maps (say, through Tournament prizes).

    However, if you use map packs to exceed the number of pieces necessary for a given map, the "extra" pieces will be lost. If all maps are full, you will not receive any map pieces, though again, you may receive map packs.

    I hope this clarifies things a bit.

  8. Virgel

    Virgel All knowing Oracle

    Thanks for the confirmation Aednat
  9. [Butcher]

    [Butcher] Forum General

    and this is true for the jackpot too? obviously if you only have 3 left and the jackpot gets you 5, it will only give you the three, but if you have a full map and you roll a jackpot does it just switch to a different prize?
  10. Aednat

    Aednat Count Count

    My understanding is that you will be unable to win the jackpot if the jackpot would give you parts for a map you already have filled. So yes, you'd win a different prize instead of the jackpot, just like you'd win a different prize when you'd otherwise have won a single map piece for a filled map.

    So if you're planning on doing a big run on DRADIS Contact, you may want to play those missions (or wait for a new jackpot) if you fill up the jackpot map, instead of losing out on potential jackpots.
  11. Rhipf

    Rhipf Advanced

    So in effect you can increase your odds of winning a non-map jackpot by keeping your maps full and only playing the draidis contact on non-map jackpot days.

    Good to know.
  12. TommisGR

    TommisGR Commander of the Forum

    Going gling
    Full all maps and play on a 10 to jackpot u will thank the gods of luck
  13. 8WRAITH8

    8WRAITH8 Someday Author

    are multiple jackpots of any type possible during the same day?
  14. MrMudash

    MrMudash Junior Expert

    yes they are
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