Massive fps loss windows 10

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by Stormseeker, Jul 10, 2017.

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  1. Stormseeker

    Stormseeker Emperor of the Forum

    Just a heads up:
    A windows 10 update rolled out yesterday and completely messed up my video drivers. I got it sorted out, just had to remove them, then reinstall drivers and it works fine again.

    This is a just a preemptive notice for any win10 users who suddenly have massive video lag. Check your drivers before anything else.
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  2. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    Windows is having a bad pattern recently of overwriting perfectly good video drivers with "updates" that bork the system. I replaced what I thought was a bad power supply only to find out that it was a faulty update. During the process of rebooting after installing the PS, windows rolled back the faulty update.

    I heartily recommend having some form of alternate booting and proper video drivers available for purposes of system recovery.
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  3. 7DeadlySins

    7DeadlySins Regular

    I'm having the same issues but can not update my drivers, keeps failing. Ping went crazy of the charts lately also can even hardley play at all with both ping and fps wacked
  4. New_Roosterman

    New_Roosterman Forum Baron

    Didn't effect me. It may just be specific drivers on Windows 10 and not a universal problem?
  5. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    Mine's an old Radeon
  6. Stormseeker

    Stormseeker Emperor of the Forum

    Bump because the same thing happened again this morning.
    If you experience a sudden loss in playability after a windows update, try reinstalling your drivers. Fixes it for me.
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  7. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    Win8.1 tried to push a video driver update on me the other day. Aborted it for reasons noted above.
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