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New player here US - Cylon

Discussion in 'Wing & Buddy Search' started by Vicey, Mar 15, 2018.

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  1. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    There is such good info here Vicey these are the guys you should listen to all good info, all good players.

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  2. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    You said you like it when I get my whooping stick out Wolfy, is the safe word still pineapple?
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  3. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    Preach it, brother!

    You'll likely find that your cannons (you did put that one missile launcher into storage, and buy another cannon, didn't you?) aren't all that effective until at least Level 7.

    And the congregation said, "Amen!" Strikes are the most cost-effective unit. The fastest way you can help yourself is advancing your strike at the ship upgrade sale. That fourth cannon that you put in the additional weapon slot that comes with the upgrade improves your DPS by 33%.

    A word of clarification here. While you are in that jump cool-down period, you can actually set up your next jump. The timer doesn't have to reach zero! Then hit your throttle to do what you want to do until it is time to leave. Develop this habit and the life you save will be your own.
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  4. JBRON

    JBRON Forum Ambassador

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  5. JBRON

    JBRON Forum Ambassador

    Mine is Cataclysm! :oops:
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  6. Wolf_ODonnell

    Wolf_ODonnell Living Forum Legend


    I thought mine was WHARGARBL!! lol
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  7. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Love me, love my junk.
  8. ritchy559

    ritchy559 Count Count

    667 naked kinda looks like grandfather clock, and while the mouse tried to run up, he got stuck in a swamp 1/2 way and died
  9. ritchy559

    ritchy559 Count Count

    Hickory dickory
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  10. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    He kept waggling it at me and saying that it was midnight, then he looked down and said woops it's 6:30.
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  11. Morri

    Morri Forum-Greenhorn

    I didn't look at the warnings posts, hoping to find a cylon wing to squad up with while we learn the basics again. No intention of spending money, just enjoying the game I last played about a year ago now. Need to confirm we're cylon, waiting for one new player to get that far to decide.
  12. Morri

    Morri Forum-Greenhorn

    I'm Cylon, new lvl 3 about now, looking for a wing and an assist with progressing (at my pace please)
  13. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    You should see what my big hand and little hand are on (or in.)
  14. Rigby

    Rigby Exceptional Talent

    Master the strike before you decide to jump to a larger ship. I'd suggest grinding your first 50 levels in a strike.
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  15. Morri

    Morri Forum-Greenhorn

    Thanks, I used to be a pretty good viper pilot, just need to master the strike now.

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