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RIP BSGO (end of January 2019)

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Worminator, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. bb8_

    bb8_ Forum Pro

    YES!!! :) It is possible: to create a bot that will be able(under fair conditions: same lvl of systems etc) to beat every turnfighter in the game.But to train it u need a lot of computers to do that job faster + to run it u need also comp with tpus(special ai cores). But luckily they are emerging today e.g. there is rtx nvidia gc with those cores(it also contains gpus - std graphics cores + special ray tracing cores for better quality graphics). Unfortunately it is still expensive(best models are 2k $ if i remember correctly). Maybe in future we will have to have special board in comps for ai(with tpu cores and vpu cores(vpu for acceleration of vision ai algorithms)) :). BTW those algorithms do not need human player to train they train fighting vs another bot.

    But I think even with standard algorithms it is possible to create npc so that she will be able to put turnfighters under torture :). But Ai programs are specific/creative: they can invent new ways of beating players. For example there is set of rules which help to classify plants(cover group of pretty similar ones but they are ofc different species) invented by biologists-experts. Then ai scientists used data with specific attributes/properties of plants to feed ai program which then as output gave new set of rules. And those rules were actually more accurate than those human invented :) - even human biologists experts confirmed that. In games ai program can invent new moves in chess etc that are totally counter-intuitive etc ...
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  2. PrideGER

    PrideGER Forum-Apprentice

    We have written two bots in BSGO using unity functions. One was fully automated for liner duels (so far undefeated, but probably "only" level 4 on the scale for autonomous driving) but it used some game "mechanics" to calculate the the most favorable direction vector using a formula which takes the enemy's movement into account and lead to a state which made the bot very hard to out maneuver.

    The other one was a beta kind of dogfighting bot in striker. Raycast to detect if the enemy's movement vector would allow him to shoot at you. if not, the bot would drop speed to 0 and turn.
    Both of them were fully capable to use everything else, even change ammo when detecting different enemy types/ships, using computers (with the ability to detect foreign computers debuffs/buffs), any kind of consumable items.

    Of course these have nothing to do with AI but I still want to insult BP and their team.

    The game probably is the worst game (by a "major" publisher) I've ever seen in terms of security. Whether these are client/server sided exploits, no protocol encryption and a very slow response from Bigpoint to address anything. That's probably also one of the reasons why it had to go down eventually.
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  3. Shouren

    Shouren Someday Author

    Using a Dr Who meme - you are still my best 667 ;)
    Any thanks for the old days - was a honor to be your enemy :)
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  4. t.i.m.e.x

    t.i.m.e.x Forum Great Master

    i just looked at dark reload, SUCKS...been real when i was here... nice time anyway all...
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  5. LaraCroft835

    LaraCroft835 Someday Author


    An answer

    Mateus Odorico
    Salvador, Brazil
    JAN 12, 2019 —
    Shelby Cotten sent the following reply:
    "Hi Mateus - My name is Shelby and I am with Universal’s PR agency. See below for a statement from the Universal Games and Digital Platforms team:
    Thank you for being a part of the Battlestar Galactica Online community over the years. We are proud of what we accomplished with Bigpoint to bring an authentic and engaging experience to players around the world. We appreciate your interest in the Battlestar Galactica universe and hope to bring you new games inspired by the property in the future.
    Shelby Cotten

    Tara Bruno PR

    pretty much frak yourself
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  6. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Never liked shooting at you or Cancer, and as I recall I didn't (much.) He was red when I started so I was kinda biased.

    Ofc, if you showed up before the game shuts down, I might have to send a nuke or three your way, for old times' sake, lol. Pretty much the only thing that could kill yr darned line.
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  7. MooredRat

    MooredRat Moderator Team BSGO

    That kinda looks like it's an automated response that doesn't actually address anything or even acknowledge they read what you sent.
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  8. Blurite

    Blurite Forum Freak

    You're right MooredRat. I think it was a cylon who wrote it
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  9. _rabid_

    _rabid_ Forum-Apprentice

    Has anyone contacted universal?
  10. PrideGER

    PrideGER Forum-Apprentice

    As if some BSGO fan boys could convince them to change their mind. Sure, go ahead. Waste your time talking to a multi billion dollar company about an unknown, badly designed MMO in maintenance mode.
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  11. KENDRA

    KENDRA Board Veteran

    maybe you don't know who you're dealing with
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  12. DeathWasp

    DeathWasp Forum-Greenhorn

    Sorry to break it to yall but when a game is going down, it usually goes like this... no personal touch on that kind of [moderated]...
    no one is gonna call you or anything... especially you wouldn't expect any better from BugPoint but then... we have Deepolis, that has been there before BSGO and they just stopped developing the game instead of ever taking it down... this time the ice is shoved up ours... have fun with it and all the best for 2019 ffs!

    All the Best to everyone and especially to Libran!

    Hey ~ Ho ... ~
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  13. BattleStarGalacticaT

    BattleStarGalacticaT Forum-Greenhorn

  14. Zhermt

    Zhermt Forum Overlooker

    I think that I have only been chat banned once. Fleet chat was talking about baked potatoes and toppings to put on baked potatoes. My responce was sourcream and boom I received a ban. Contacted support and they said that they had no record of me being banned. Logged on and I could talk in fleet chat.
  15. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Maybe a typo with a space after the "c" and before the second "r"?
  16. Aer

    Aer All knowing Oracle

    For what it is worth we did put this on our Twitter page.

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  17. leobartlet

    leobartlet Forum-Apprentice

    Almost as popular as Kartrashian tweet that!!

    BSGO Mk2 is a go!!!!!!
  18. Wolf_ODonnell

    Wolf_ODonnell Living Forum Legend

    @PrideGER , If you only knew the power of the Dork Side :D
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  19. Buck_Rogers

    Buck_Rogers Forum Inhabitant

    Dark Orbit... Lol...
    They want to shove us players of BSGO that many play it cause of the BDG universe, a horrible MMO as it was good and a alternative.
    Please some company take the license and do a proper BSGO online in the lines of this one but better and profit is assured!

    BP lost a good oportunity here to turn this game around and capitalize, but for years they have been sending it to the ground and this is the end result of their imcompetence!
  20. goodshane

    goodshane Forum Great Master

    I hope Bigpoint takes down their chingchong perent company with it.

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