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The Box We Keep Hecubus In

Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by Hecubus, Jun 27, 2015.

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  1. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Really don't want to talk about the game right now. So I won't ;)
    S'one of those things yknow...we all know, yas yas yas. Heh.
    Kinda like: Stop hitting yourself! Omg why do you keep hitting yourself?
    Ummm...yeah...why do I keep hitting myself?
    So instead:

    A) Lewis and Clark deniers. White and Red trash mixing area. Shellfish and cute little sea otters make up their entire diet and economy.

    B) The Go-Be Dessert. Hudson: "Yeah, but it's a dry heat."

    C) White-Powerland, beware...really...(Not to be confused with White-Powderland in southern California, or the other White-Powderland in SE NM, or the other White-Powerland in Illinois.)

    D) More Lewis and Clark deniers. Much like their northern neighbots in A, but these keep the coastal route open to the south with their chain of forts and places to stop for split pea soup.

    E) Enclave of the Samsquanchii. The site of a 2004 reality show that ended tragically in cannibalism and flip flops.

    F) Redwood City Fraktard Invasion, still in dispute.

    1) The only thing close to a city in the state. In constant danger of earthquakes, flood, volcanoes, mudslides and pyroclastic flow inundation. Where I built my natural childbirth yurt with the money from the insurance when my previous natural childbirth yurt burnt down during an "indigenous peoples BBQ from around the world night" gone horribly wrong. But yeah...you can actually buy yurt insurance in Oregon...ikr.

    2) The stockade where hippies, indians and white nationalists meet to trade their wares and insults.

    3) Chain of coastal forts previously mentioned.

    XXX) Sub-note: do not attempt to launder whites while in this state. They will all be tinted slightly pink from all the sam-lon "doing it" in the water.

    On a serious note, I wanted to post this a week and a half ago, on Veteran's Day.
    But it just didn't seem fitting right then..the mood was funky..whatever.
    If you have 13 spare minutes sometime, or if there's a veteran in your life, maybe give it a watch eh. He doesn't say anything hard and fast across the board, but it's true all the same and indicative of the nature of difficulties faced by veterans upon attempting to find normal again. I could write so much more about this subject..I'm not going to. It's enough to watch this and extrapolate. Be mindful.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
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  2. Legacy

    Legacy Forum Overlooker

    stopped by to say yall have a nice chat

    catch me in game sir if you have need.

    saw something tonight, i know all jokes, funny how the joke happened!

    so hard to believe a wing that hates me could do something similar right!

    yea, to me, to abandon even a bad cylon makes you such!

    all good, all in fun right!

    oh, said it many times in chat, when talking to someone that may not speak english it might be a good idea to try /sg or /fg, just sayin, but maybe the point wasnt to communicate at all. done trying to figure people out!

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  3. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Pretty much spot-on, except the meth in Oregon tends to be more brownish.
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  4. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    Oh yeah baby!
    Welcome to Michiganja
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  5. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Thurms man, all the thurms up.

    Dear Misheesheegan,
    I seem to have lost my "character", like my whole account man!, while in your state.
    Was my password reset by mistake?
    I am locked out of irl til support gets back to me?
    Also why can't we buy lettuce again? That's a thing.
    Please, I have sent several tickets in to support and no respawns yet.
    Wait wait...there's a pile of tickets here..let me go through these..can I call you back?

    Ok that's done.
    Which was next on the list?
    Food ok..food..maybe it would be best if we worked backwards, what are the things people outright refuse to eat?
    Need a pencil again here..c'mon, let's get it together...our major achievement this week will have been making it to Taco Bell.*

    Welcome to Michigan. ;)
    The water is so good because the wolverine pee.
    FACTS b****s. Facts.

    *That would be an awesome mundane thread; all participants must agree through discussion what we are going to get for lunch.

    PS: Christ, yeah, almost forgot: So I am taking a break from the game atm, after all. Dunno how long, a few weeks, a month..something like that. Details unimportant. A few people care about that I think ;)
    Yurp, ok, be well my friends.
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  6. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    At least once a month I go for the $5 box (though I'm starting to notice some franchisees charging more) since they change every month.

    Whatever you need to do for the sake of your sanity.

    Oh, wait, nvm. As you were.
  7. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    My water is good for now, really good. No big industry within 10 miles of me so we will see.

    It's good to hear from ya
    Hugs Hec >.>
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  8. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

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  9. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    We miss bubbles, don't we Mister Six? Tell him I said hi I hope he is well.

    Id still like to get at least us 3 on TS and go on a killing spree.
    Sooner than later. Christmas is near and I feel we owe the Colonials some pretty ribbon tied nukes and some exploding green and red confetti + damage ammo.

    I'm fine with whatever ship whether it be all escorts all strikes all buses or one of each or maybe 2 stealth's and me in a Maud, I don't have that rotten stealth after I cried so much of its prowess.

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  10. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Yes, the Hecububbie is sorely missed. He does read the forums a lil' bit from what I can tell, but I'll pass on word.

    In other news, remember Waldstiem from Aerilon? He was on last night. He joined the wing, which should prolly be renamed "Aerilon Orphans" at this point. We pew pew'd a bit although I couldn't play long. He's doing well and I look forward to seeing more of him!
    Yes, I would very much like this. Heccy has even been known to squad on rare occasions for said murderings.

    Do you have the TS info? The channel's on bsgo-ts.xyz:10000 and will get you the PW in game. I emailed it to Heccy and others but I don't think I have your email.
    I'll also fly whatever class although I prefer to avoid the merit ships as per my new personal "rule" since I came back in Feb, but I did pull out the Nid once because I was in a squad of them, so like all fun it's not a "rule" set in stone.

    And just because I love Nick Offerman so much (reading his book ATM) and his Yule Log from a few years ago, here's this year's stunt, which is nothing short of amazing. He starts "moving" around the 15 minute mark and I recommend playing it at max speed...

    Nick Offerman Sits Still as a Statue for 45 Minutes

    P.S. That's some young Willie, right thar.
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  11. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    I believe the loss of life has to be hands down the worst part of getting older.
    Not the cosmetic shit and gravity :D (as a female) the double standard is more bothersome to me.
    When the pervs I mean males quit wanting to bone someone in there daughters generation we can put the double standards to bed.

    Not afraid of old age
    Bring it on
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  12. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Yes, this. Medical crap ain't fun, but losing people is. Used to go to college graduations, then weddings, now it's funerals. But oh well, the march of time and all that. At some point I'll be at my nephew and nieces' graduations to celebrate.
    Same. I don't mind my man parts scraping on the floor when I sit down, but man...
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  13. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    The thought of hooking up with some 20 yr old is not exactly floating my boat if you get me, yuk just yuuuuKKK.
    Sure they are pretty to look at and muse about but no thanks!
    My list goes:
    1. Kind.
    2. Loves fur babies.
    3. Secure.
    4. Mature.
    5. Decisive.
    6. Good heart.
    7. Life and love experience.
    8. Self reflective.

    Man that's a really long list isn't it XD
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  14. MooredRat

    MooredRat Moderator Team BSGO

    I'm reminded of an interview I saw awhile back with Maggie Gyllenhal. She said, without revealing any names or details, that she had auditioned for a film that evidently had cast an actor in his 60s as the leading man. They told her that at age 33 she was "too old to be believable as the characters girlfriend"
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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  15. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    I want to "like" that post but it makes my skin crawl.
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  16. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    he is well.
    Shore, shore. Would be up for that.
    No I'm not.
    Ah ha! Hecubus can't read. Everyone knows that......who are you...who sent you?
    Where are the shovels anyway?
    Mmmm..heh. Well..I'm a pervy male...s'ok. I think what you are describing though is how easily people allow a cultural aesthetic to interfere with their own actual feelings. Meaning that basically a whole lot of people have a very warped out sense of appreciation for beauty. That they are blind to much. And that there are many reasons for this, but ultimately it is their loss.
    This applies to so many things, truly. Not just people and people.
    My list, my list...ugh. Nah...I'm taking a vacation from my list. The flow says so.
    My skins was already crawling so I liked it out of agreement with it's sentiment. I saw that interview also, but can't place it. Was it on Graham Norton maybe? Love that guy for what he is and all.....he's like what if Oscar Wilde and Andrew Lloyd Weber had a kid. Or maybe Noel Coward and Elton john. Yeah, the latter. Dame Edna and Spaulding Grey? Heh.....shiver.

    So though, and yeah stuff,
    Hold on...daddy needs his poison here...mmm hmm.
    Ok. I'll get on somewhere, before the 12th, look for you all. After the 12th and until the 9th of Jan though gonna be busy with other stuff.
    Well...approx those days at any rate.
    Not missing the game at all. Nice vacation. I thought I might play my blue a bit but nah...not interested in even that right now. But I don't mind the idea of coming back for a lil visit. Maybe a few sessions. It was my intention to play shooty tanks, and I have a bit, plus a bit of RIFT. But mostly I've just not been gaming much. Viewing stuff instead...and busy irl.
    I have a big backlog of stuff to watch and instead slipped somehow into rewatching The Sopranos urn thur Armazurn. Dunno how it happened...I never saw the final season so I think that was my reasoning...best to just take it all in, in a chunk, an organic whole. And I haven't been disappointed. I forgot how good it was. But also I see faults with it that I did not see when I 1st saw it. For example a lot of the editing is truly atrocious. I was shocked at how bad it is in some instances. And shocked that it totally slipped by me at the time.
    But on the whole it's still an amazing show, rude gross caricature that it is. Leads to favorite scenes...ain't done one in a while..

    The result?: Hairline skull fracture and Chrissy goes to rehab..there was a doubt?
    This scene sums up the Soprano flavor and level so well I think. And it cracks me up hard. As soon as you start talking about moms the fists start flying...doesn't matter who's mom...you don't talk about moms ok. Not like that.
    But it is important to remember that it is, like I said, a gross caricature.
    Also it's made me really miss the East coast...like gawd hard too...man. I dunno if I can go back to DC ever to live..but damn is that coast home. I forgot my initial culture shock on leaving.
    I dunno...maybe it's just silly grass-is-always-greener syndrome.

    And here, I made all these for you, because wub wub.
    I dunno, these might be singles, albums, short films..I dunno:
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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  17. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    I know its'ok, I forgive you for this transgression.

    "Sure they are pretty to look at and muse about" "the double standard"
    (Perception being the main)

    Ultimately our "cultural aesthetic" states when a guy hooks up with someone much younger than himself he is revered as virile like he's some kind of victorious champion something like that.
    Yet on the flip our cultural aesthetic strongly suggests we act like (she) is totally taking advantage of this young innocent victim.
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  18. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    I agree of course. There is a definite double standard, but it's not from everyone, or even most people. Taken as a group, culturally, I think the tendency is a little stronger towards it than from individuals, at least in the USA. But that does, by definition make it a generalization.
    Not that those aren't useful provided we remember what they are. We can use a thing without hurting ourselves perhaps, heh.

    And now is a good time for positive change in this area too. Things are moving rapidly and well, so much so that I fear there will be some blow back...but this is natural too I think. It bounces up and down some before it finds it's balance.

    Have you ever, as a white person, had another white person just assume you were also a racist like them(specifically prejudiced against black people) and make some comment or other to you? Like you were "in the club" with them?
    I've had this happen to me many times and each time it is such a horrible feeling. Angry. Dismayed. Disgusted. Etc. ad infinitum.
    It's an extreme example but compare the root cause/motivation to other similar things. It's interesting. It can tell you a lot about these sorts of things and the people who indulge in them. Psychologically there are broad commonalities across the whole spectrum of discrimination.
    It's very amusing to think that it is our more animal aspects that engender such things when that is the very quality prejudiced people often point out as a short coming in the object of their derision.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018 at 10:05 AM
  19. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    Things are moving rapidly I agree, for the better hopefully another weight put on the scale to the good.
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  20. Legacy

    Legacy Forum Overlooker

    its good to see you back at it sir.

    a recent pondering: you should have a platform, TV ,radio, youtube, whatever. i'd watch or listen. i find you just enough of everything. intelligent with being overly in my face about it. you comfortably push boundaries. even when you dare go where others wont you do it with an elegance. nuff said!

    i only chimed in to give you vet.s the insight of a rookie :)

    on both topics i believe they are fading. i know many relationships both ways that are fully accepted by people my age and when they arent you can usually see the motive. jealousy stands out as the overall leader!

    everyone is different, some are simply looking for an equal, i guess thats considered the norm. while i know some of it just comes down to lust or trophies the guys and woman i know that are in relationships with more seasoned players some need the teacher and others it just seems they were drawn to without age being a factor some aspect of a person like confidence or gentleness.

    now the other off topic topic. i know used for comparison but hey.

    yes i have had a white person assume i am a member of their lil club, honestly i find this more the case the more i look like an extra from SOA. but long hair and leather doesnt mean hate. but it goes both ways! i've had black people assume i'm a member of the same club. i'm not. I DONT HAVE BLACK FRIENDS! or brown or yellow or purple (no pun) i simply have friends. its not about any color , its what someone brings to the table, their worth. any person with worth is welcome at my table.

    while i know their are people of all colors that just have a need to hate i think a big win for the end of racism isnt in "white" peoples hands at all. in our time (is that okay or do i need to say my time or this time?) there is segregation but its self imposed. i get thats its pride in making something "your own" but any segregation is bad.

    sry, my point: there is no white emmys or grammys or anything, but you cant say the same in reverse.

    a comedian idk : (i'm real bad at jokes, just not that guy, so the just)

    a latin man or a black man can stand proudly with hand held high and scream latin or black power or pride and its acceptable, seen for what it is. but a white man stands and says white power or pride and most in the room are outraged, its just not acceptable, he is assumed a supremacist. my pride in myself has nothing to do with hating others, i dont think i am superior to anyone or them I.

    okay, done, sorry.

    wont say i wont chime in again, but my comfort lvl here has changed sir, not in anyway by your doing but there is an untrue element here for me. i wont be humored or mocked. it started as whisper i ignored but than signs of such showed. if someone wants to punch me in the mouth or talk trash they should just do so. i have more respect for the honesty of some of my haters than some loser that hides behind a cloak of friendship. gotta say it sir, plz forgive me. if this is the case with you than plz say so. you told me i was welcome, i have always felt such. if not the case than just say so. i'm a big boy and can read without chiming in.
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