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The Box We Keep Hecubus In

Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by Hecubus, Jun 27, 2015.

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  1. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Oh I dunno that I'm back at it, heheh.
    A few posts here and there.
    I did log on and play a short session late last night. It was fun. Small battle over Kry. Exchange a little pew pew and such.
    Oh oh...one amusing thing, I got this guy:
    I got him in my stealth with it's potent level 1 gear, he in his own stealth, with machine guns only.
    Funny too, I was just doing sys pat, I never fly that thing really.
    Two long bursts interrupted by one turn. Brrrrrt, brrt, pop.
    I love watching those Atari pixel tracers playing connect the dots between my ship and his.
    He didn't say anything, nor did I. Oh wait, he might actually be muted, I can't remember.
    But anyway yeah, I dunno that I'm back at it.
    While it was fun, that little session, I didn't feel the spark yknow? No spark, no magic.
    I flew well I think, it felt good, after a short break. But yeah, no Ooo and no Ahh.
    Christ, I'm so too lazy for that heh. If I just did that ok ;) Life is kinda a talk show already, heheh.

    Thanks much for the compliments, though they make me cringe, heh. It makes me pleased that you picked that out about "intelligence" and not being in people's face about it. I am 100% sure it's something I don't always succeed at, or even come close to. But it is something I am mindful of. In other words: I don't write the way you read it by accident. It boils down to what you want to be, inclusive or exclusive....and I.....haven't made up my mind completely about that, heheheh.
    Who's a rookie? heh. You callin yourself a rookie? Cmon now, heheh.
    As to the topic of race and gender relations, the lack of full justice there, as it is perceived and in any direction, mmmm...
    Touchy subject but let's consider some basic and approximate facts:
    Since Oct 12th 1492 there have been approximately 191,990 days(and the past 526 years in just North America is the mere tip of the iceberg here), that is when the white man arrived in force in the Americas(the name itself requires some prejudice, does it not?;) ). By and large the vast majority of those days could easily be considered "white boy days", like 95% of them at least. We owned those days, we dominated in all ways, in all ways that count.
    We have systematically and systemically oppressed a whole other gender and a large percentage minority comprising everyone who is not white and male. We have pretty much wiped out whole cultures in the process, between 1492 and 1900 causing a 95% reduction in the population of Native Americans. 1 out of 20 lived in other words. Or 19 out of 20 did not make it.... won't even get into how/why, in this instance that'd be like taking a crap on a turd.
    Women 50% of the humans in North America.
    African Americans 12% of the humans in North America.
    Hispanic Americans 20% of the humans in North America.
    All other ethnicities 5% of the humans in North America.
    Hmm and that leaves us as...the actual minority..but we've had no problem enforcing our will despite that.
    My feeling is that we can relax probably, we are very secure, even still. And will remain so.
    Let's add another very real filter though...economic status..of all white males, what percentage are rich?
    The very small minority of them certainly, because it's true across the board of all humans compared to each other if nothing else.
    We could certainly safely stipulate that amongst white males only the ratio of rich to poor is certainly greater than amongst any other genotypical/gender set. But even so the ratio is still very, very low. There are very few really rich people and many very poor people.
    Now those rich people, they are the ones who most clearly benefit and benefit the greatest from the status quo.
    Factually, that if you turned out the lights what would be the situational difference between a poor white man and a poor black man?
    This is something people should really think long and hard about. Especially when sending their children off to fight a war half a planet away. Where is the line between genuine patriotism and investing blood in the rule of law? Albeit the rule of law as it extends from a global economic system. Not discounting it, just pointing out what it is. Order and the rule of law is of paramount importance. But it's also of great importance that we not delude ourselves.
    When we can dupe ourselves we make it easier for ourselves to be duped. Meaning that if you can come to believe one lie, the next one is more palatable. We can easily see where this could be quite a dangerous trend quite quickly, and believe me we are fully on this road already. Just turn on the TV. Not that this isn't a long established tradition with humans.

    And he's drifitng...shew...the point, my point, is that wow that's a lot of white boy days. We can let them have some days, a lot of days.
    Maybe we even owe them.

    If this is the case, and I agree with this sentiment 100%, does it not also apply back on you?:
    If a person is of quality it is regardless of their race or creed or gender, does your pride in yourself also exist regardless of those labels?
    It may be that it fully does, and I'd call that proper.
    So if we accept a person as a full human without using those filters, why would we apply them to the things we value about ourselves?
    Why would we simply not say, as we do about people we respect, that I am proud to try being a good human. Not that we are proud to try being good white male human?
    You see what I'm saying? Why differentiate in either case? What difference does it make?
    That's the only thing it serves: differentiation.
    It has value, sure, circumstantially. But like any tool it can be used for various purposes, good or bad.
    I'd assert that it is more often used for bad and that it is less often understood to be what it is.

    I'd take this even further and say this, at least for myself:
    That I won't and can't proclaim pride in the group I belong to, white males. Not while we continue to either actively pursue these inequalities or at least tow the line and tacitly accept them. And still further, I'd apply my own suggested non-filter above and say this:
    That I can't proclaim pride in humans, period. Because it's not just white males, it's across the board, but it's not the majority of people.
    We all allow and perpetuate it. And it's just going to take time is all...a lot more time. We owe ourselves and those we love steps in the right direction is all.

    To be clear too, none of this is meant to be confrontational. I think of it as more "food for thought" than anything else.
    It's not on me to lecture anyone, I'm just sharing what I think and feel.
    Simply put, you are welcome. You were and still are welcome. In as much as I have a say in it anyway, heh.
    You are intelligent and respectful of your fellow humans.
    Anything else heheh, that's your own baggage my man ;)
    Yknow too it's like this kinda, people on my friends list..I trust you all to be cool. I know you all are and will be.
    I feel this way about others besides, but that's a good indicator.
    Big hug to the Kurgan
    No one else is into MMA here?! Man.
    Well here..I don't care! Hahahahahah!!!
    Is this the most interesting, entertaining fighter to watch ever?

    Amazing and cool, woo woo.
    Most amazing thing about him imo? The power and subtlety of his straight overhand rights and equally lefts. Sick sick power in a slick package.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
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  2. Legacy

    Legacy Forum Overlooker

    yea, i'm searching myself. sometimes everything feels right and than "shift change" happens and its gone. for me mostly its the way the temperament changes towards me so drastically.

    lol get your best chair and hang sir. i think you'd control tempo very well, no lulls. even on the grand stage against those guys you'd shine, to many its about them not the guest anymore. to big for their britches in a way. i dont see that happening with you. plus sir again its your way or maybe my perceived your way to talk common while lettin your freak flag fly high. i think the world would appreciate that , i know i do. maybe its a zing thing! idk, i might be to high to talk ~somebody turn that guys mic off~ ya know

    feelin like i sorta gotcha! lol admitting you write to cater to your audience. get the chair sir :)

    there is an epsode of Bones were a young man (Eugene Byrd) is defending is legitimacy as a man. an older guy ( Ryan ONeal ) keeps calling him kid. i wish i could remember but he goes down a list. re: bedded a woman, paid taxes and so on. while i do meet the requirements mentioned, its just barely, so yes in life i'm a rookie sir.

    yes sir and i often spend moments wondering why you allow me at your table at all

    i should have gave the disclaimer that i aint the guy that would stand and say "white pride", guess a bad example.

    saved this, i wish i came here 1st, that purple wasnt still the overwhelming taste in my mouth, that i hadnt handicapped myself for this conversation.

    i think i'm gonna read it again and again later, prior to the puff maybe or just not the purple puff.

    right now i just wanna say i'm not part of any we, i am me. lol retro (a lil right) the world just showed me i aint part of any we, the game has always told me. so on that why do i owe for "we's" misdoings? show me the human alive that says i owe them because they suffered. i suffered more than most and no one owes me squat!

    furthermore i'm irish and german. so my "we's" from what little i actual know built railroads along side those that suffered. were here and fought against genocide. so yea, i owe no one in that sense.

    simply sir, i wasnt the one put his foot on anyones neck and i'm not gonna have someone put theirs on mine just cause someone they dont even remember had one put on theirs.

    the name of your show sir lol i'm tellin ya it'd be a instant hit. have 6 on with his recipes! people could stuff their faces while you broadened their minds. open with a bacon segment and the world will watch! :)

    big fan sir, bigger fan of the biker version, lot less rules and way more brutal but there is something about watching 2 brothers hug after makin each other bleed that makes it okay.

    O'Malley, do you know his weight class? gotta say he looks like me when i 1st got out, like a strong wind would blow him away. i do agree with the "wild man" comments. seemed unpredictable but cant really tell from clips. be lookin for him

    i wanted to share a pic. with you awhile back but it didnt work, to lazy to do the things you told me to post here, well mostly to high all the time to remember to do it. (can a person be to high to often) if you see me in game i'll give you some info so you can see my lady. i am prideful of her to lol
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
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  3. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Definitely that one. He doesn't channel Wilde so much as Coward.
    Sundays are good for me.

    Will read wall o' posts when I have time later, but for now:
    Let me take a guess here...

    You were doing syspat on the blue side of the map. Maybe even with stealth on?

    Somehow, all the way across the system from the blue spawn point, this guy showed up?

    99% sure he's running the "see all the ships" cheat that's been posted about before. I had him do the same to me while I was cruising in stealth doing syspat and busy in a whisper convo w/Startech. He also found my wingmate Cancer 20k off the map in Denebol while AFK on the same day, and someone else who asked me about it a few days later (was also cloaked in stealth, off the map & semi-AFK.)

    His wing have also joined the ranks of the AFK scripters in Muspell lately. I'm seeing more and more people running cheats despite the banned accounts. Tried to get some video of a turd feeding himself kills in Balent last night but he was gone by the time I got the FR there.
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  4. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    I wonder how much fun they'll have when the only players left are the cheaters. "Yeah, we killed a gazillion plats in 24 hrs and didn't die once!"

    Saw a pilot who seemed to be having an extraordinary easy time finding blue rocks the other day and wondered if the same hack could be applied to finding water roids. Next time I see him grinding I'm going to look and see if his power drops and thus indicates scanning.
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  5. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Oh I got that, yeah. I didn't figure you were that guy. But those guys are out there. So we address it, but not meaning you.
    You are part of the "we". By default if nothing else. And so am I, and so is every other white male who can pass for not being a scum bag. We live in a world, a country, a society where we enjoy subtle and not so subtle advantages merely because we are white and male.
    That's a fact. You might not be aware of it, but it makes it no less of a fact.
    When you do something as simple as go into a store and purchase something, or go to get a seat at a restaurant, or apply for a loan, or a job, or take out an insurance policy, or go to the doctor, or speak with a police officer, have mechanical work done on your car, or any number of other things that happen every day you enjoy these advantages.
    At the very least the advantage you enjoy is not being subjected to the disadvantage that others are subjected to. The very least...to say nothing of the most you might enjoy or the worst you might have happen were you not white and male.

    But someone is trying to put their foot on your neck? Sorry I wasn't aware :)
    Could you characterize how that happens maybe?
    Is it like one of these?:

    Worrying about you or your child being shot and killed by the police during a "routine" traffic stop?

    Fending off unwanted sexual advances all day long, every day from your boss because it's better than being unemployed?

    The sitting President tells white-trash America that your relatives who are still in Mexico are rapists and thugs who are waiting in roving Mad Max style gangs just over the border, trying to get in so they can start going medieval on Murica?
    And they believe him.

    Or do we need to go international and it's more like you had to walk 22 miles, there and back, for clean water and you got gang raped by armed thugs in the process...for 3 days and were left for dead, because you belong to the wrong ethnicity and are a woman?

    But hey those are all in the past from people no one can remember anyway so.... heh....you see my point I'm sure.

    Every day is white boy day, every day is our special awards ceremony, every month is already white history month...every day we enjoy the benefits of a system and culture that is tilted to our advantage. And tilted necessarily to the disadvantage of others because of that.
    But we are threatened by same sex marriage? By the rinky dink BET Spirit awards? By Black History Month?
    Cmon now, heh.

    It doesn't matter now who made it so, you're right, those people are long dead. But it does very much matter what the state of affairs is now. And all of us are a part of it, one way or another. And so all of us are responsible to one degree or another.

    That is the "we", that is the "us", that is the "I", and whether you realize it or not, it is also the "you".
    It's not about history, and although it started long, long ago, we still live in that world today, right now.
    If you aren't aware, that's legit, I can understand how that could happen. But you owe it to yourself to become knowledgeable about it.
    And that's why I feel like I "owe", and I think anyone with any sort of morality would also feel that too.
    You don't walk by a house that's on fire and do nothing when you can hear people screaming inside. You at least call 911...at the very least.

    You heard that before, that catholic priest from Frankfurt am der Oder? He got grabbed up by the Nazis right...he lived...but he went to a camp and all. I saw him interviewed...he says oh, yknow they came for the homosexuals and I said well frak them, they go against god and those aren't my people...fine. I didn't say anything. Then they came and got the jews...again, not my people, I didn't say anything. Then they came and got the gypsies. Then the intellectuals. I saw no reason to stand up for these people.
    Finally they came and took me too, a catholic...and hey, there was no one left to say anything about it. So I got in the car. Oh well.
    That's why you say something about it. Although you should be saying something anyway, not just to save yourself. But to save us all.
    Before it's too late.
    I'm not saying that is what's happening now and here, we are not turning into that. But it's still that sort of thing, a thing we ultimately cannot afford to ignore.

    Incidentally too, German and Irish...me too..albeit German jew. That part of my family left the German states a long long time ago, near as we can ascertain, but still...thems went on to England, and then Canada and then here...way back stuff right...they left in the early-mid 17th century. Was a bad time in Germany to say the least. And the Irish side yeah, like most over here they came over because the potato business, mid 19th century.
    But make no mistake, this is America and this is now. Irish-German is white as white gets for all intents and purposes, half jew or no.
    I'm white and enjoy the advantages, so are you.
    Now I don't feel bad about it because it's the luck of the draw, and it's good to be proud. But at the same time, while such things are absolutely going on, I recognize that it's in incredibly bad taste to be waving that flag. So I don't. And as I said above, how can I be proud while members of my "set" are actively perpetuating these things? I'm sorry I can't do it.
    To me that's not America. To me that's not being cool. To me that's the opposite of those things.

    I don't mean to read you the riot act here. But I do mean to try to get you to consider things you might not have before. Things that I believe are absolute fact and gross injustices that we could be working to correct, instead of denying or trying to keep around. And that I believe it is our duty to attempt to correct if we are to be decent human beings, that's the "owe".
    And I wouldn't even bother writing any of this if I didn't think you were worth it or could never hear it.
    You have power inside you. It's worth it.

    Oh yeah? Who is your all time favorite fighter? Lay a clip on us my man. I know who mine is ;)
    He's 5'11" and fights at 135, so yeah...strong breeze, and I'm sure he looks for something to grab a hold of so he don't leave Kansas, heheh.
    He's currently serving about 2 months into a 6 month suspension for "durgs". Mmmm durgs.(maybe he got the purple taste in his face-hole too;) )
    And since he was suspended he decided to get surgery for a hip problem/injury, so he's out for a bit atm.
    I'm sure he will be back though, Dana loves this kid. I'd say we'll see him fight in early summer again, maybe a tiny bit sooner.
    His pro record is 10-0, and his amateur record is 7-2 previously. His two loses were by submission.
    I've watched all his fights that I can find. I'd say this: he needs to work on conditioning, he's always sucking air from that mad striking. And he needs to never ever fight a technical brawler or someone who is an inside monster, he would get horribly smothered and rag-dolled. Other than that I see nothing time and experience won't make better.... Just avoid the bad loss that breaks him and keep on keeping on.

    Ahh nah, I found him, not vice versa. My sys-pat was in Gerry, and on arrival I saw some missile trails over in the middle, where those hunter drones and the box is. Looked on map, no red bling-bling, so I went to take a peek-a-loo.
    Nothing occurred that was greasy...that I could see.
    Not that I doubt what you're saying about that guy and that crew. I surely don't ;)

    Hugs guys, oh my BSGO pallys la la ;)
  6. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    This, if only more "white" guys could think,speak this we could abolish racism.

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  7. Legacy

    Legacy Forum Overlooker

    again sir no i am not. if i am to judge other humans as individuals on their own worth and not on a color , religion or nationality than i expect to be judged the same, as an individual.

    foot on neck was another bad example to point out that just because those that came before me , the "we" you think i belong to by default made others suffer doesnt mean i'm gonna stand idle while their ancestors think i owe it to them to suffer.

    everything else is expected for our age difference.

    until all the "filters" go away, until all are seen as individuals racism doesnt end.

    so see, "its their turn" not only has a filter but is not the cure, not the end, its just different SSDD!

    yea cause a white, long haired, leather wearin, frankenstien lookin MFer nvr had a gun in his face cause he "drifted" a lil inside the lines!

    yea i know i'm supposed to be a dog and want to hump everything that walks right? but i'm not. so yea how so different than gettin off stage and having every drunk cougar thinkin its okay to treat me like meat, grab things that are private and thinkin they can say anything they want to me. oh yea, the woman doesnt get slapped or have drinks thrown on her as she politely says "i'm flattered but no thank you" and walks away.

    this aint even a point. its not on a color. its on the simpletons that believe such dribble, remember sir i'm in Texas, Mexico just aint that far away. its right out side. we know better! i'm sure some northern black people buy in to.

    this is your "them" doing it to again your "them" ( i know, you didnt call anyone them but if i'm us, well than ) horrible it is but not on "us" ,"we" or are we just bringing up suffering now? cause unless you got the "suffering measuring stick" thats a bad route with me.

    my rookieness only allows me to speak for me, i am not worldly, i've been "aware" about a minute in comparison.

    when i started riding with questionables it was made clr to me i had 2 choices when dealing with police.

    submit which i am not known for or attack, no halfway, dont act like! so yea

    one of the things that takes my drive towards playing is as mentioned. yes the 2 other guys in that band loved it, our singer, female at the time. like me , not so much, so yea quit, its an option, its a choice, anything else while even the most valid is an excuse. it'll be hard but life is hard.

    yea i'm done, let the haters keep telling me how "hec. really put you in your place" i dont see it that way. yall see a bad guy cause i'm not as elegant or as intelligent, all good!

    it ends when all filters are gone,if "they " arent "them" than I sure as hell aint "us"

    oh and you can think i'm some how different in game than in life, i assure you besides being respectfully quiet, only speaking when spoken to in RL i am exactly the same and would and will fight against any of the injustices you spoke of! well cept the pres. thing, thats on the idiots of america!

    glorious day sir
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  8. Legacy

    Legacy Forum Overlooker

    got in game and had a thought

    i said age difference, that may have been wrong. the way, the where, the how you grew up may be better.

    in my growing up world there were no filters. none! our tormentor cared not what color you were, what god you prayed to, what flag you saluted, how rich or poor you were.

    what i owe humans is to stand beside them as equals, not beneath them cause some dead white dude stood on top of their great grandfather.

    i know not the way you think or what you are saying but this whole "owe" thing has me bothered.

    is it less of an injustice if a black officer shoots a white man unjustly

    does it equal out some how if its a black boss harassing a white employee

    i know, you want to draw some line were the "owe" stops, but thats just not human nature. no matter where the line is some questionable is gonna cross it.

    so i think we are just gonna have to deal with that we disagree sir, you keep thinking all filters are bad except the one you put on me and i'll keep thinking all filters are bad period.

    oh and you are welcome to think my "whiteness" makes me privileged somehow. aint no one rushing to give frankenstien a job, or the Kurgen insurance and as for walkin into a store or restaurant, no one wants to serve frankenstien. not saying freak trumps anything but yea, it isnt ever "white boy day" for me.

    MMA, big fan of the sport, like football i'd say i have no team, but i am found of the Freire brothers style and there is a new guy of maybe asian decent , well new to Bellator but ive only seen him once but the guy can go.

    sorry for any aggression or confrontation seen here sir. that "in your place" thing is eating at me. god has yet to come to me and tell me mine.
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  9. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Well Steel, with respect, you are hearing everything in the worst possible way and taking it all far more individually personal than it's meant I think. Rather than seeing the bigger picture, which is what I'm referring to. Perhaps I'm mistaken about that.
    But hey it's ok.
    I was thinking about this earlier this morning, not having seen a response from you last night, I was thinking what is the point of this conversation anyway...what does it serve...I dunno. People have strong feelings about such things and largely make up their own minds about them through experience and closer influence than "some guy on the internet".

    I'm not going to go through this and respond to each individual thing.
    All I can say is that I know what I know. And I know it to be true. I've tried to illustrate it as well as I am able or willing to.
    It may be you can divorce yourself from your responsibilities as a human, regardless of what you've already suffered. That's not a factor. It changes nothing and in fact should be more enlightening. We've all suffered, we all continue to. It's relative of course. These things do not stand measuring, nor should we try. It's enough to say it occurs and not try to quantify it.
    Or it may be that you just don't see it that way at all. That's fair.
    I hope you'll see more later, if for nothing else than a clearer picture.

    But I can't do that, I can't not see it, not for myself.
    I've seen too much and I've seen my kind do too much that I am now associated with merely because of genetics and society.
    I didn't make my hands dirty myself, but I still try to wash them. Because it's intolerable not to.

    Yknow that's a huge part of the problem right? No one can own it.
    Merely by being alive, here and now, you are involved.
    That's more of the us, we, I and you. And oh yeah, the owe is in there too.
    You cannot get away from it ;)

    And it may be that this is a really bad topic for the setting, mmm? Heh.

    Anyway, yeah...we are all good as far as I'm concerned, I see what you're saying. I won't press the issue, any part of it.

    Thanks for saying so Callie, but heh...I do actually have my own prejudices. I just happen to be aware of and dislike them.
    We are all works in progress yes? And so it will be with this whole thing, and probably forever.
    But it's cool too, it gives us something to work on ;)

    hugs guys bleep blop
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
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  10. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    I had a client once accuse me of being a hypocrite. I responded, "You're right. But I know it and am working on it. How about you?"

    Self-awareness is the beginning of wisdom.
  11. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    A couple of times a week I go over to my Mom's house. I fix her dinner, I sort her meds out for her, take out the trash, all that kind of stuff.
    I just make sure everything is ok and will be ok. She's old and the brain is not what it was...it's getting worse..it's getting so I'm taking care of her financial stuff and such now too.
    Now she is armed. And I told her, hey, if you shoot me I'm gonna be super pissed. Don't you shoot me thinking I'm someone else ok, you better not do that.
    And then I saw this scene, heh:

    Man, he really doesn't like Artie Shaw.
    So I'm thinking I'm going to bring up her gun again. Maybe it's time. Thanks for reminding me Uncle Jun. Mighta saved me some trouble.
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  12. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    No, it is the perfect setting,perfect time etc..
    We all have our prejudices, people in general tend to be afraid of what they don't know.

    I feel its a slippery slope to being where we were just 100 years ago.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
  13. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    For a number of years (before BSGO) I used to "dumb down" my writing some, as to not seem pretentious, but I decided I shouldn't bother. I don't write the way I do because of that, or "to make myself look smart." I do because writing is communication and expressing oneself is difficult enough, so I write the way I do to get my thoughts across.
    That's the gist, isn't it? A quality person is a quality person, period. Other things don't matter.
    Only if I get to dress up like a matron housewife from one of those cheesy 1960's cookbooks and try to convince people to make frosted pimento meatloaves.
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  14. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    Oh, dear.... Julia Child meets Mrs. Doubtfire
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  15. Legacy

    Legacy Forum Overlooker

  16. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Finally it can be told, Jocko Jomo. Let the awesome in:

    When you and your cousin get devolved with that pepper gravy stuff. Or cheese grits. And inexplicably it turns out 100% ok.
    Can this be legal? Yes, yes it is.
    Can I admit it was fun? Yes, yes you can.
    Can I go to another family gathering? No, no you can't.
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  17. SixSixSeven

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  18. ToWaSc

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    The Trunk Monkey commercials were inspired lunacy. They've been on the intertoobs long enough that people are forgetting about them already.
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  19. Hecubus

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    They were done by a car dealership here in Portland, eastside. Maybe a Wieden & Kennedy thang.
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