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The Box We Keep Hecubus In

Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by Hecubus, Jun 27, 2015.

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Will you go to prom with me? Please check 1 box.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Yes with bacon

  4. No with bacon

  5. Plain bacon

  6. I pleads the fizzif

  7. Did you know polls are permanent? S'true. Don't mess with polls ;)

  1. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    Comes with the wisdom of realizing that we have consumed more days than are still available to us. (Unless I'm somehow the genetic freak of the family who lives to be 100.)

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  2. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Maybe add some swearing. Or a bucket of fresh pig blood in the rafters.
    Blush and aye.
    Oh, you found my tickle spot!
    Nods, I pretty much agree...but I think I'm pretty sure I'll be peeking in just in case...one more big battle would be nice.
    I'm dreamin, sheeeeeeeee.
    Seems a lot of people are into the ships.
    They didn't grab me the way the tanks did.
    But mmm, guess I'll have to give them another try and see.
    From what I've seen you, 667 and others say, I'll have to get that DL'd. If I ever want to talk to other humans outside of work every again, that is. Heh.
    Let the spice flow.
    Well were talking old old films yknow? Stewart, Cooper, Cagney, etc.
    And westerns.
    You and I talk film plenty, sure sure. But this is a different kind of sub-set...I think.
    You can come to the secret meeting. I'll sponsor you ;)
    I hate this phrase, but it fits perfectly: "I can't even."
    My feeling about this is like when you arm gets tired from hitting someone.
    "Forget about it, I got bruises on my hands."
    Ah nah heheh. It's always the latter, but it would matter? ;)
    But it's not anything as fun as that I'm afraid. S'bad stuff man.
    Coping. Uhnz. All good, all good.
    Burn everything.
    Take the device and run to safehouse A.
    Await extraction.
    What if both are intertwined? Your death and 7/7?
    How many orphans must we sacrifice? Ok, I'm comfortable with that number.
    Ah the box that instructs me to kill all the blondes. I want you to kill. KILL.
    Well that was early on in our knowing each other.
    Plus there was stuff in my life then that made that even more sensitive of a thing.
    But sure sure...something wet Pilgrim?
    I have some things I'd love to show you.
    Until then I remain your most avid fan.
    Good, good and yes, agreed.
    Can? Must.

    Wu Clang!
    So I picked the cartoon ones 'cause it gives people something to look at that's different and a novelty. But..it's best if you just listen to the music imo. I forgot how good Wu Tang is. So good:

    Did he say Shalamar in '81? Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut?
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
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  3. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Just finished a book on the history behind the story/movie "The Seekers" last month. Love me some John Ford, but unfortunately the book was a bit light on that part of it, and mostly focused on exhaustive research of the history/lore behind the book.

    Yar, I likes me some old flicks.
    LOL, I meant it as in you were "expecting" a baby, but your take works as well.
    It's never easy, which is why I don't really bother any more.
    Tossed my cellphone into the river and awaiting further instructions.
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  4. Dabu

    Dabu Forum-Apprentice

    I've always found you very serious.
    I'm honored with the mention in your post.
    Like I said, it was fun, sometimes even hilarious ...
    No regrets ... I wish all good to everyone.
  5. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Well I am yeah, but I'm the opposite of it too ;)

    Great to hear from you man. I will never forget you.
    And like I said, I was always very flattered with how you complimented me. It meant a lot.
    Thanks much.

    PS: Actually I'm a little surprised you even read this thread. I think I've only ever seen you post one other time.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019 at 5:23 AM
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  6. Speedball

    Speedball Regular

    7 - it's "The Searchers"!!!!! Monument Valley porn!

    Hec - regarding Discord...I still use TS, but starting to use Discord more, too. Reluctantly being brought into 21st century, kicking and screaming. ;)
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  7. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Doh! Never do forums before coffee... oh wait, lemme go make some. And yeah, so many Ford movies shot in and around Monument Valley... just gorgeous.

    BTW we need to post those BS/Peg porno shots from Exo and Denebol.
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  8. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    That's a thing yknow...like how you don't name the Scottish play. You don't film in Monument Valley, it belongs to someone else.
    Actually is a thing.

    But I dunno too...never was a big Ford fan. Just not my flavor.
    And John Wayne heh...it's comedy.
    But that's cool, it's cool.
    Hey, yknow who enters a room like John Wayne?
    Michael Madsen.
    Not exactly the same but I seriously think he draws on him.
    He has that thing where he's posturing constantly but in a relaxed way.

    Installed Discord...I dunno...heh...why is there an itchy feeling in the back of my psyche telling me this is a bad idea?
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019 at 5:43 AM
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  9. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    He was an interesting, fatalistic, miserable character, but I love his films. But I won't dispute, as I'm sure you've seen many of them.
    I always thought so until I saw The Searchers. I think it works for him, despite the age.
    Absolutely hell yes.
    So I'm at work today... there's music on, this song comes on. I start doing the Madsen dance from Reservoir Dogs. On of my age-relative cow-orkers just cracks up. One of my young cow-orkers stands there going, "What? What's so funny?"

    Asked if she'd seen the movie, and she had not. I kept dancing. "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right... here I am, stuck in the middle with you."
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019 at 3:20 AM
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  10. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Logged on for about an hour earlier today, Saturday afternoon.
    Was pretty thin population and much as everyone keeps describing it: Peg and BS scouring the map relentlessly, it's barren and obvious.
    A few cheap lil engagements on the margins, but nothing satisfying.
    I'm not sure what is left to be milked here, if anything.
    Will come back and peek again and see.
    Not expecting anything though.

    Installed Discord, reinstalled WoWships and....I went and splurged: new computer time! Yeyas. I got candy uh uh.
    It's pretty groovy too, big upgrade so my pew power is reinforced.
    I bought my last computer right when I started playing BSGO...so now I have to get rid of this dirty, tainted thing and replace it right?
    Because germs and moral corruption. Nod.
    And I also have to DL a ton of crap...again.
    But not tonight. Tonight we dine...in my kitchen!!, standing up, while a dog stares at us.

    My friends, those I dig, hugs to you.
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  11. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Definitely look for Scatman and/or me, add him to yr friends list. We've been stirring poop up.
    Find a good hard drive wipe program, and 10x erase all the filthy tranny midget pr0n before you do.
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  12. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Oh that hard drive will be cleansed with the hot hot fire of aluminum shavings and ground up road flare.
    I have(under gov't sanction, heh) burned through an engine block with that before.
    That kind of fire isn't even hungry, it's only interested in one thing: getting all the way to China and making no turns to get there.
    Well, all this after I secure the Teutonic Scat Play collection that I seized from the despoilers of the Eagle's Nest.
    Some things have a value beyond normal reckoning...shiver.
    Eva Braun really likes chocolate. Go figure.
    [​IMG] *

    *Satanic cartoon Choco-Cave play set sold separately.
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  13. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Nothing more fun than some homemade thermite.

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  14. Hecubus

    Hecubus Forum Freak

    Pesky wine glasses cluttering up your lawn, again?


    Later we'll be harnessing the demonic power of vinegar and baking soda in order to enslave all the BSGO players who haven't found another game yet.


    Thanks bunches,
    Globochem, and all the many arms of Octoglomerate

    Oooo Thermokleen, that's an awesome name yas.
    Already regretting that my Wargaming(tankshiplanes) guy isn't named Hecusomething for ease of identification. I started Hec and that Wargaming account about at the same time and usually I'd never use the same name but...ehh...no no no no...let him die, let him vanish, the era of Hecubus is done...ahh..ok ok...I can give Frodo the ring and leave the shire...I still have that power...ahhh.
    I am Woop now, Woop and some others. What's a Hercubutt?

    Oh PS eh,
    I know you know how to hack the forums.
    Hows about changing all instances of the word "moderator" to read "molester"?
    Because what are they gonna do to us now?
    Give us Cancer?
    We already have Cancer.

    Let the looting begin!
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019 at 11:16 PM
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  15. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Definitely trademark that ASAP. "Got warts? Thermokleen! Locked out of your house? Thermokleen! Can't get that nipple ring out? Themokleen! Crabs? Thermokleen!"
    $('.messageText').each(function() {
      var text = $(this).html();
      if (text.indexOf("moderator") > 0)
        $(this).html(text.replace(/moderator/gim, 'molester'));
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  16. Wolf_ODonnell

    Wolf_ODonnell Living Forum Legend

    six did you just touch forsetis no no place? :eek:

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