The game is boring.

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by FighterMaxim., Aug 21, 2017.

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  1. FighterMaxim.

    FighterMaxim. Commander of the Forum

    I usualy almost always fly in hatir, It's still hard to find lots of strikes to fight.

    In that video, you're using all medium guns in all those fights?
  2. Zhermt

    Zhermt Forum Overlooker

    People say that same thing about sliders/missile boaters/avoidance strikes. I suggest that you try a different build. Just because someone can counter your build doesn't mean it's wrong.

    Your Quote; "Also, I dont like the Idea to remove Slide and other "Non-dogfighter" setup, It kinda ruins the variety on strike builds."

    But yet you want them to take out the slow debuff because it would make your game style easier?
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  3. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    Some people define "fun" as having the advantage, or, forcing you to play my way. Others define "fun" as taking on a challenge and getting better because of it.
  4. booogie

    booogie Count Count

    Been there, done that.
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  5. Perhaps something to do with time zone then.

    No, using short guns in the 3rd part, but mids in the first 2 parts.
  6. FighterMaxim.

    FighterMaxim. Commander of the Forum

    Sorry to say this, but you sound like a complete judgmental ***hole, speciality with your last setences.

    I said that many people run away from you with help of speed setup, and not even bothering to "Touch" you when he/she is alone, but when In large numbers, they all are proud to fight you. I did not said that I have problem with many people using speed debuffs, havent you learned to read and use common sense yet? Or let me guess, you must be trolling.

    Now, If you have nothing else to do than showing off your high horse, then please, leave this thread.
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  7. Zhermt

    Zhermt Forum Overlooker

    It's always been a game of numbers, I never go into any fight expecting it to be 1v1. Don't bash people because they like to fly with friends, that's why their in wings or have a friends list.

    You sound like you have a problem with speed debuff's, you've mentioned it several times in your rant.

    "When I find 2 strikes, engage them, begin to dogfight them, and then one of them just freeze me with speed debuffs and game over... -_-"

    "Another cylon strike comes and speed debuffs you and you die while the strike that you target has 11 HP's left."

    "What I wanted to say is, that it takes 30 minutes or longer, to find a good fun fight, atleast a small duel, and as someone who mostly likes those fights more, I get bored very quickly, speciality when I constantly end up in situations when there are 3 or more fraking cylons gank against my strike and freezing me with speed debuffs and giving me absolute no chance, I just get bored and log-off."
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  8. CallienteMami

    CallienteMami Forum Overlooker

    Go outside the sunshine will do you well, that's what I do when this game bores me. Unless its at night then I start drinking XD.
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  9. booogie

    booogie Count Count

    Hell I am getting bored with the forums.
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  10. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Even bacon doesn't help anymore.
  11. FighterMaxim.

    FighterMaxim. Commander of the Forum

    Fair enough, you got me.

    Still, I have no problem with people having different playstyle, I respect any setup that people play with win.

    It's ok to fly in squad or with friends, however...

    Thats the problem of the game. It's just all about bringing bigger numbers, and win, no skill, no any tactics whatsoever, just bring numbers and easly win, I honestly dont find any fun or enjoyment on flying with alot of colonials near me and gank against only 1 or 2 lone raiders, speciality if they're doing their mining asteroids job or just low levels who dont have good gear to withstand against the greater odds.

    I fly the same setup as StealthRaptor used in his video (Exeption for the medium range guns and speed buff), alas; Avoidace, slide, short range guns, damage buff, avoidance debuff, avoidance buff, 2 armors, 1 DC pack.

    When I see multiple enemies, I just start kite the closest one to me with slide, but that would be not enough, since you'll eventualy have to finish off the enemy in dogfight if the enemy is competent enough to able to survive my kite, and there is the problem comes, the other enemies behind him just come and debuff me, leaving me with no chance whatsoever. I dont have problem with other people playstyle preference, It's just my problem is that you have to bring numbers to win, no any tactics or strategy would help you able to win against greater odds.

    You say "Fly in groups then" but I'm not a boring casual player, I want to have fun, I want to have challenges. Flying in large numbers to gank against lone enemies is not my playstyle preference :D

    I think that the gameplay of bringing bigger numbers to win is only harming the game, making many good players to leave the game. However, fair enough this is only my opinion so far.

    Btw, In the video, stealthraptor was very lucky to find so many incompetent cylons and kill them so easly lol :D wish I could too o_O
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  12. Only in recent years. Used to be quite different back in the day, before the devs deliberately brought in some new mechanics in hopes of promoting teamplay but instead just turning it into this boring numbers game we have today.

    That changes everything. You cannot maintain distance with that setup, it requires a very different playstyle. Also, try caring less about finishing them off and caring more about staying alive.
  13. FighterMaxim.

    FighterMaxim. Commander of the Forum

    Yeah, sadly I dont have any good medium range guns :(

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