Time to expand player and equipment levels?

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by PepperPots, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. PepperPots

    PepperPots Forum Baron

    Is it time to expand player and equipment levels? Possibly an expansion pack for the game that could be purchased with cubits? Penny for your thoughts, or should I say cubits?
  2. booogie

    booogie Count Count

    Well, they have done nothing to advance the game, retain players or improve game play. Zero communication on what is going on...

    So why not (yet another) money grab for them ? They could do it like the Carriers when they rolled out... half price sale move your equipment from level 15 to level 25 for $50 (per weapon slot).. I am sure some dumb ass would do it... or more than one, read something a while back someone had spend 5k on the game.

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  3. PepperPots

    PepperPots Forum Baron

    well at some point they have to provide something for those players to spend cubits on as we already have a primary and an alt build for many of our ships. Hell I even have a mining build for my line that's maxed.
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  4. booogie

    booogie Count Count

    I agree. But they still need players and more important new players to keep the game alive. Upgrading ships to level 25 equipment will become as boring as the game is now for the players with level 15 stuff.

    It is at a tipping point, I could come back but nothing is left to do or prove. It is a Carrier fest with all high level players that have more merits than they can spend.... so they use them on peggy and roll ops every hour on the hour.

    The game is in an endless loop of doing the same crap day in and day out. Red side roll the ops... switch accounts roll the ops blue side... switch accounts red side roll the ops... switch account blue side roll the ops.

    I would love for the game to get stable and the devs fix it... I just do not see it happening.

    The Carriers are the same as the old god build escorts and lines ... they must be nerfed. They need to up the cost of bringing out peggy to get rid of all the damn merits players have and bring it back to the old days of the game.

    I could go on and on but I think the end is near and I do miss the game as it once was.

    Cheers ! I am off to watch Supernatural on Netflix.

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  5. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

    Cant wait for nex season ^^
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  6. bubisnew

    bubisnew Board Analyst

    If you want to make low levels rage more about high levels shooting back.....lol

    Im still thinking about if it was a big failt change the limit from level 10 equipment to 15.
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  7. booogie

    booogie Count Count

    I am watching it on Netflix... only on season 4
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  8. TFO_Kobol

    TFO_Kobol Forum Freak

    oh well, then the best is still coming :D
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  9. Biohazard

    Biohazard Commander of the Forum

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  10. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    Way more than $5K. Heck, I know a number of folks who've probably spent that much, but the high end is way more.
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  11. PepperPots

    PepperPots Forum Baron

    I agree player and equipment expansion is only one piece of an entire update that needs to take place. I also believe the game needs an expansion that includes missions that facilitate cooperative play of the community. I would like to see skill trees that can be selected for the different ships that can be purchased and exchanged with xp. I would like to see new sectors opened up to high levels that are challenging that require cooperative play between players to overcome challenges. I would like to see crafting and an expansion of technologies that can be researched, found, and purchased.

    The reality is that the game needs a major revamp. The only way to do this is an investment of programming hours. This is payed for by the community. One thing that generates income is having something for players to purchase. Reality is money pays the bills and insures the viability of this game. Remove resourcing caps and allow players to expand. Some players will farm and advance while others will spend money to advance or keep up. Reality is some players will play more to keep up. Others will play more because they feel they have invested real money in the game recently. While new players will visit the game because there friends are playing the game.

    For those new players. Open up shared resourcing in groups. Allow people to share profits from all actions while grouped. Allow sharing of resources within wings. This is how you develop relationships within the community that fosters friendships that translate into an active supportive community within an MMO.
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  12. Biohazard

    Biohazard Commander of the Forum


    If they simply unlock new gear levels under promise they will make some real content... I say frak that, frak BP.
    They want more money, well sorry, they are gonna have to INVEST some of their own capital for a change.

    Loot 2.0 pretty much does that already.

    That also fosters multi-account pushing and shoveling resources into main accounts. Lets be realistic, if they can't handle a handful of AFK Plat farmers with macros. - how would they stop people from making new accounts and then dumping the resources to main characters?
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  13. booogie

    booogie Count Count

    Here is what bsg is doing with the game... milking the last drop of money they can get from it.
    What upgrades have they done with the money they have milked off the wallets the last year, 2 years, 3 years ?


  14. PepperPots

    PepperPots Forum Baron

    I agree this is what they have been doing. However imagine what could be accomplished if they made positive decisions for the advancement of the game. So what suggestions might you make to foster a positive move by BSGO to improve?
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  15. Gunner

    Gunner Board Veteran

    ---Well this has been said before by others and myself ,, as a player advances in lvls,, he/she gets perks,,,many things those could be,, but a reason to keep playing and advancing,,,along with implantation of a mirror system for high end players a place were those perks become active ,, to give lower end players a break and chance to lvl up themselves....

    ---New ship designs , as well upgrades for exsisting ship ,,, New weapons, as well as upgrades for exsiting weapons....

    ---How about a third faction,,not player based,, Ai,, but attacks all equally or ops equally,, so you could say if one side or the other is dominating the map as far as ops go they would also be getting attacked by the swarm more often also....

    ---How about player made defensive systems,, Op type stuctures as well as plat like structures,, Kinda give new meaning in the larger map system we have now,, that most avoid like the plague ... I could go on for days

    ---Now do I have any hope of the above or anything positive happening,,,lmao,,Not really,, but its nice to dream every now and then :0
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  16. PepperPots

    PepperPots Forum Baron

    Good Idea's Gunner please add more if you have them.
  17. Aer

    Aer All knowing Oracle

    I think adding the ability to lev gear to 15, was the first real power creep. So while I am all for new content I would say no that that.

    I would like to see a front end story mode added to the game, that leads into this pvp game. We could ditch all the protected systems and go back to all being a DEO. You come into the pvp game at say lev 15. For Colonials this would be flight school with Starbuck (Voice overs, oh yeah) For cylons waking up in your new raider body and working out the bugs. With a Eight and (voice over) walking you be into the the swing. Have simple missions like now but under a story progression of the game. I am an not gonna sit here and write it out, but it would not be hard, the crap writes itself even tobias could do it!

    Then getting to this part of game would feel more like GRADUATION!

    For us more mature players add:

    1. AOE hacks
    2. Fog of War on the map
    3. Wing controlled OPs
    4. Wing email
    5. Wing Locker-only up to lev 5 gear, and TY can be in it
    6. Some way to kill the other side leading to resets and map restarts

    As they say that is a good start
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  18. booogie

    booogie Count Count

    Holy heck, I about spilled my beer.

    I like your idea.

    Now what is your plan to bring in new players or players that left ?
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  19. Aer

    Aer All knowing Oracle

    I make good plans!

    If I could look, any account that played 36 months or more of the game and had not logged in for 18 months or more, 50k cubits, and 30 days of no cap on water of merits. Send some email from No.1/Adama how you are needed in the field with all these new updates ect to help your side win!

    Current accounts get a loyalty payment of 50k cubits, I would not want to hear the whines. Of course they would be able to buy a special officer of 30 days no cap for 25k cubits lolz.

    Cross ads with stuff like this which I am sure BP knows about lol

    Link: https://www.tvinsider.com/403463/syfy-25th-anniversary-bsg-battlestar-galactica-marathon/

    Ads on anything BSG period, and work with all the wings and fan clubs out there to revamp it.

    Cost to do all the above, about zip.
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  20. Gunner

    Gunner Board Veteran

    ---As Aer commented ,,I too am against Power Creeping ,,,with one exception,,,that being for the peeps that actually stick with a game,, long time players should have or get something that can ONLY be gotten by playing,, you cant BUY it.. there is no speed-ups,,,you have to EARN it and in this case I mean earn it by playing .... Time served should be rewarded,, that alone would keep as well bring back many lost long time players,,the lvl cap should done away with while keeping the idea of it being imperically harder to get to the next lvl and yes that lvl 500 would would be stronger then that lvl 100,,,But hey that 900 would be stronger than that lvl 500 also,, that with the many ways to move larger players away from lower players,, would really add some spice to the game ,,,not to mention killing a larger would pay proportionally better then a high lvl killing a lower lvl,, to the point of you having grps of lower players hunting high lvl players,, simply because the payout for killing that player is so good,,, which brings us back to FUN on both ends of that spectrum,,, the high end pilot having fun in beating or trying to beat these little guys off him,, and the little guys trying to kill the big guy and the payout if they succeed...

    ---Lvl should be something beside a number or represent something more,,, Big boy comes into fleet battle ,, all should be thinking we have to kill that guy/gal fast,, so not only would time served be giving you some perks,,it would also paint a target on you,,, for the payout you represent and also for the threat you also represent ...

    ---As far as weapons,,many thing could be done with what we currently have by simply allowing weapon of differnt classes to be used or exchanged between those classes,,,,No a strike would not get a line guns ,, but could mount a couple escort type guns (Spec of these to be debated lol),,, A line would and should be able to mount strike type gun and or escort type guns within reason as in NO all strike/escort gun lines lol,, same could said of escorts,, also for strikes a couple fully turreted guns should be a option,, perhaps even 3 for the heavy strikes,, this opens up a whole new world for them in fleet battles not only on the defensive side of things,, but also on the offensive side ...Not canon lmao,,the only thing left in this game that actually is canon is its name,, and the word strike :)

    ---Missiles,,,Nothing should be able to straight up out run any missle of any type,,, shoot it down YES and out manuver it again YES,, but out run it NO,,,anti strike missiles very fast and manuvarable ,, hard to evade,, but light hitters , this is where a couple turreted guns come in handy ,, but then again I think all ships ought to have that option for a couple turreted guns of the strike type class

    ---PD flak should be religated to player built defensives or structures,, pd being good against missiles,,Flak being good against ships ,, so if flak hits a strike for say 30 a pop once per tick,, it would hit a ship 10 bigger then a strike 10 times for 300 per tick,, ect ect ect as a example,,, thats fair all the way around...

    ---Resupply and refit,,,One if the biggest things that need to be gotten rid of in this game is the unlimited ammo idea for ALL ship except the capital class,, ie the carrier,,,Carrier should have the ability to resupply other ships as in it manufactures ammo on board ,, it should have NO long range weapon other then perhaps its missiles ,, It should have the ability to load a butt load of strike type , anti strike weapons and quite a few escort type weapons,, making rather deadly if one gets to close to it,,, Lines being its biggest threat to it survival because of there range,, to which I say thats what The carriers strike compliment is for or should be for,, long range protection and projection of its power,, it power being its strikes or should be and guess what Strikes would want to in a carrier grp and Carrier pilot would want to have a full compliment of strikes with them,, Simply because they compliment each other , much more so than they currently do....Carriers should auto repair strikes when they get in range,,,the time that should take open for debate,, but not insta type repair,, imagine little repair bots flying around,, repairing ships that are within there range if that helps :),, you land it take so long and if you fly around it woould also take so long,, cost the is same other the carrier pilot get what it cost him to make ammo and a small perchage for his trouble

    ---I got no problem with a strike carrying 3 anti line missile,, that hit for say 500 each adverage,, but thats it they have three to shoot and then have to resupply at their carrier for more or a resupply ship or op type base ,Have no problem a line only having 50 of each type of missile again when they out they are out until they resupply at a OP/ resupply ship/ or capitol ship,, same could be said for Bullet/shells /ammo in general in varying amounts depending on ship class and if one was to carry that idea just a bit farther with supply lines,,Now you are talking a much smaller force being able to if not crush.. to stop the advance of a much larger force,, simply by denying them supplies or killing their supply lines.. The back field would become much more important,, hence making the larger attacking fleet have to defend,, the farther they advanced the more they HAVE to defend or have their main fleet left hanging with no supplies...

    ---Resupply ships /Repair ships,, Many like playing support roles,, as long as they can get something out of it for their own advancement, as in I am flying a repair ship line class with a group of lines,,,Damaged line in my grp gets in range and is NOT currently under fire,, i could send my bots to repair him substanally faster then he could repair on his own,, this assuming insta repair was done away with...the cost of those repairs would be paid by the line pilot being repaired a small percentage going to me the repair ship pilot.... So the grp lines i am with just killed three or four enemy lines,, I would get credit for one as a example,,,even though I never fire a shot at them ,, not saying a KILL credit,, but rather the pay out for a line kill as in Merits/cubits ect,,, now all the above would apply to a resupply ship in the same other then it resupplies rather then repairs,, also keep in mind that both these classes of ship would have to resupply themselves after a XXX amount of repairs or resupplies,, Lines naturally taking quite abit more of either as opposed to what it would take to resupply/repair a strike,,,in both amounts of materials and or ammo as well as time involved to repair those ships...These ships would be fairly fast . lightly armed and lightly armoured,, back field players for sure,, but highly valuable .. for both sides.. as in you want to kill enemy ones and keep yours alive :)

    ---Now if the above was implimented,, not only would it bring a vast amount of new ways to play both strategically and tactically for all ships and classes of ships you could actually have a win situation as AER I believe eluded too above ,, where the map would reset at that point.. as in the COLs were successful in building and maintaining a supply line to Spectris on the cylon side and killed that op while doing so,, visa versus with corresponding system on Cols side ...

    ---OPs game built OPs are and will always be necessary,, simply because there may not be a wing thats wants or can afford to build one ect,, however Player built OPs and or defensives would be much harder to kill or be able to defend themselves much better,, IE more guns,, PD that actually hits missiles lol,,,there design/s would have a basic layout,, with a few options for the builders to consider,, ie amount of this type weapon versus another type ect,,, Repair bays versus resupply bays ect ,, those type things,,all have basic,, but the players decide if more of this or that gets added,,, which would be paid for out of a wing fund that is made by a percentage of what its members make,, this is a set player/member Tax /fund for all wings or is automatic if you join a wing,,, resupply at ones wing built structure would cost you less then at a public OP,, or another wings structure ect,, So wings would self regulate,, well ran and maintain wings would most likely get more recruits and/or vets to join them...50 wings is a useless cause,, 3 or 4 good large wings will triump over numbers everytime..,, OH and these overly large maps we have now that nobody plays in would come into thier own if each side could build multiable ops in them,, lol,, God the fights that would start,, like days of old:)

    -- ya ya I know ,, I shut the hell up now ,, Have A Good One ALL :)
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