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Viper MkIII Build

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by cityhunter91, Dec 15, 2018.

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  1. djinni

    djinni Count Count

    Regular longs? Been running a couple on the 100mpsMK7. As a lasso to wrangle them into shorts range or to pick em off if they show their taillights.
    Just curious to see their performance in a visual format m8 ;) Good to see ya again.
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  2. SEBY231

    SEBY231 Forum Freak

    That's not a bad idea but 2 gyro's makes things even worse ( other than occupying place ) by causing you to " overturn "
    I've tested it with 2 gyro's lvl 11 & 10 and it turned out that I wasted my money upgrading the second gyro
    That's what I use most of the time
    Try using ascelipus instead of artemis
    It's a good combo ascelipus + hermes
    Nothing to add to your setup anymore
    Good luck ! I know I've been useless !
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  3. -evaknow-

    -evaknow- Forum Freak

    good point here. a turbo can help a lot in a turn because it increase acceleration. It's also good for range control. I'd use a turbo over a gyro in any turn fighting build.
    Sorry. I've never owned longs at level 14/15 to do a test with. Only long guns I have are a set of thrasher Xs.
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  4. -evaknow-

    -evaknow- Forum Freak

    it's because damage falloff happens at a gradual reduction from optimum to max range. more max range=less steep falloff. Adding accuracy ammo also has the same effect as extending optimum range (unless your target has high avoidance).
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  5. Phaaze

    Phaaze Forum Ambassador

    Oh, I know. I've tested the same with my X guns, on all three classes. I was simply noting how X guns constantly out preformed both types of Shorts in your testing as well.

    But it also works weirdly, I get crazy hits using ap ammo against high armor targets.
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  6. -evaknow-

    -evaknow- Forum Freak

    Yeah. I had a set for my line and am really sad that I sold them. They are the perfect standoff, fleet fight weapon for a line.
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  7. SixSixSeven

    SixSixSeven Living Forum Legend

    For fun I put 4x lvl 2 gyros on my carrier. I could almost outturn a Jorm!
    I have a hard time keeping a target within 250 at all times, and if they're running shorts (most people do) I'll tend to use the boost more to push out the range on a turn, so when my guns are back on them they're within my optimal but I'm outside theirs. Most blues on the US server seem to keep boost on throughout a fight, rather than toggling it, so getting distance is usually easy.
    db_cylon used to run 1 RCS, 1 slide and 1 booster on his merit. The extra speed came in handy in many situations and he felt that 3 RCS wasn't much better than 2 (he'd ditch the slide) and he was flying using only a gaming mouse.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2018
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  8. -evaknow-

    -evaknow- Forum Freak

    Until I started using BAMS adv I didn't even own two rcs. Always used 1 rcs, 1 gyro, 1 booster. Accuracy ammo killed a lot of build options.
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  9. FighterMaxim.

    FighterMaxim. Commander of the Forum

    Atleast they are easy kills lol


    2 gyros is a little bit overkill. 1 gyro should be enough for a strike craft that is already good at turnfighting. You'll need the extra RCS duct to deal with slides.
  10. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

    The WR MkII typically out-turns my MkVII. I may never get the merit strike on my EU account.
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