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What song....

Discussion in 'Players´ Corner' started by Starkiller515, Mar 5, 2015.

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  1. ToWaSc

    ToWaSc Forum Freak

  2. Cyberiantiger

    Cyberiantiger Forum Demigod

  3. Cidrakar

    Cidrakar Forum-Apprentice

    Sad But TRUE --- Metallica
  4. Cyberiantiger

    Cyberiantiger Forum Demigod

    Summary of my time in BSGO....


    KENDRA Board Veteran

    now that the game is dead, it is showing all the cheaters that have infested its spaces for years ... no one no one rest for the wicked!
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  6. Annalee

    Annalee Forum Connoisseur


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  7. Scatman

    Scatman Junior Expert

    Ok everyone hijacking this thread.;)

    I have been recording a lot of BSGO these past few days of my carrier full of stirkes getting about 1 hour of footage per flight.

    And the reason Im hijacking is for all of your inputs for songs to play in the background of the videos that ill be uploading to youtube.

    Please and thank you:) ill post the video song choices i picked in this thread.
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  8. bb8_

    bb8_ Forum Pro

    This song by Rihanna reminds me of BSGO: BSGO was last couple of years hopeless place(no events, no updates no communication with devs) but in spite of those facts we loved this game and were devoted BSGO soldiers and almost addicted to it. Enjoy divine voice of Rihanna

    This song by Paramore is dedicated to Carioca1000 :). She always complained of hard times for strikers. She was very passionate(sometimes a bit too much) defending strike class and many times i agreed with here 100% except in threads against cams. I loved to read her posts :) and i will miss them when BP finally shutdown this game and site :(. Another thing that will always make me remember her is that picture by Kendra : Carioca on vacation in Rio de Janeiro and on left side is evil spectre :).
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  9. Annalee

    Annalee Forum Connoisseur

    Start your own thread.
  10. Tangerine_200

    Tangerine_200 Forum-Apprentice

  11. goodshane

    goodshane Forum Great Master

    Since the game is ending it is time to add this song to this thread. I hope to see you all sometime in another game. It has been fun for 8 years. This game has the best group of players an we are all one big family that is know going to be broken apart. I wish every one the best of luck in finding new games and hope we can cross paths again.

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