A Cold Day in Hell

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    Breach the Subglacial Fissure

    A star quake has ripped open a Subglacial Fissure to hitherto uncharted areas of the galaxy. With new elements, scientists think will unlocked a new era in physics and weapon development.

    They’ve already crafted some of these elements into the Unstable LF-4. Developed and made available to every pilot brave enough to enter the Subglacial Fissure.

    Embark on dangerous and rewarding missions, craft your own “Subglacial CPU”, to enter the fissure and collect all the materials required to create the new Unstable LF-4. Be wary though, pilot. You’re not the only species who are seeking these elements.

    The event starts on the 23rd of January 2017 (approximately 1600 LST) and will end on the 28th of February, 23:59h LST.

    The summary:
    • New missions to get you started
    • New Subglacial Fissure Gate
    • New CPU to open your own Gate
    • New “Unstable LF-4” – the same basic stats as regular LF-4 but with a bit of variance in their DMG output
    • New Boosters: Proxium drop chance , Proxium reward and the combined “Ultimate Proxium Booster”
    Overthrow the UFO?

    >Event FAQ
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