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all the ships in our hangers are dusty

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Star*Fire, Sep 13, 2019 at 3:57 PM.

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  1. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire Forum Expert

    I was looking at my hanger and it seems that I have a bunch of ships, some I use on gates some just sit and never be used. It would be nice to pull them out but on the maps today most don't stand a chance unless you spend the time to undo one to make another. Time my life don't let me have. So what about adding a few missions or events that we need to be in a type of ship. Could be npc's. This not only gets us to bring out our old toy's and play with them but also gives the new players a break from all the 2 second kills. I wouldn't wish to start playing now, the game is real out of balance. You can't find most ships on missions because no one flys those ships anymore, everyone goes straight for the Cyborg. The game has change from the time I started playing. Missions need upgrading to fit the game that is always changing. Have fun all. Star*Fire
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  2. Zecora

    Zecora Old Hand

    And once the quest are done, you have to refer back to normal ships again, unless you mean repeatable quests (like dailies/weeklies). I mean the idea itself is nice and I would love to see older/smaller ships around. I think the best bet you could give is making a fleet carrier ship, and equip it with ships from your ship pools instead of weaponry. But that's just my thought of providing use for lower ships.
  3. USA|Czerka

    USA|Czerka Forum-Apprentice

    Why are you making a post about this on the forums, when you can just read forum announcements? Developers are already making modules for a lot of underused ships, there is even a poll out on the Discord where you can vote to give the Pheonix or Bigboy a module.
  4. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire Forum Expert

    not everyone uses Discord, I don't. Also like I said before my life is busy I have to make time to play. Not something thats easy. When they put servers together they put a stop to my game playtime and lots things the game offers. Like I will never be able to use upgrade hour again. I work for a living so the time change screwed me. Must be nice to have hours just to goof off. Anyway mission or event that can only be done with a Vengie , bigboy or any of the other ships, be nice if they were npc missions. When done go back to your noob killing machine. I have the ships, they are equipped and ready to go. I use them mostly in gates just for fun, When I find the time.


    I collect ships like Jay Leno collects cars. Don't use'um but I like to have them none the less. I particularly like my Expo Defcom . However using it in an environment of Cyborgs would be suicide . I would consider flying it ,just for s**ts and giggles if I could have a separate set of drones and PET's to defer the damage to. I suggested this idea a long time ago but, it was met with much resistance . No one could understand why I would want to fly a less capable ship. The hanger change which occurred was not what I expected. I was hoping that DO was going to make it easier to transfer equipment between unlike ships. Any differences with slots would either be blank or sent back to stores. Minor adjustments could be made but, whole configs. would not have to be deleted to equip another ship. If I had the money I would have enough equipment to outfit every ship independently , everything would have max upgrades and I would have separate drones and PET's for each one. Then all I would have to do is "Warp" to the ship I felt like using at the time.
    Sounds easy but, I suspect it would be difficult from a programmers perspective to write the code for these types of changes. I have more to say but, I will stop here and wait for feedback.
    Good luck to all .
    Fight hard , Die young and leave a good looking corpse.

    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Ambassador

    I have been running my fleet this way for the daily's at least. Liberator in x-2 map, Peranha in x-3, and Bigboy in x-4. I have Nostro collecting pally, Solemn in uppers/gates and Ambassador doing pirates/ubers. Solid plan, so yes, make some missions that call for certain ships to be used. No ships that have/had to be special bought with cash or assembled only, just regular ships that could be bought with credits/uri.
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  7. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire Forum Expert

    agreed. I use them in gates and I will say am not breaking any speed records in them but I'm having fun. A lot of us forget how hard those first few gates were. I will admit the one's I'm using are by far better then the one's I did those first couple gates with. LOL plus I have lots more ammo now. I know you still play with the little toys. I have been watch your post. have fun buddy see ya on the maps

    lets not make it to hard. just use the ships and stock we have. If you wish to move your stuff around do so but play with what can be use. Don't change much just add missions or events that can only be done in one type of ship. One reason I said Npc mission, this will keep us from just taken out new players. lets face it I have a vengie that all lf4's and leonov thats a mix of lf3 and spectral 3 lasers and fusion sheilds and some that are real noob ships. still fun in gates but never use hem on maps. Well I do the Vengie. have fun
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