Battle for Influence 2017

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, May 31, 2017.

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  1. You think the game just started to be like this or do you think the UFE players of today had to go through the same thing that you are now to get to where they are now. Think about it do you actually think it was easier to become UFE before, lets think about this? It's easier to get lf4's now it's easier to get herc and havoc designs, they have Helix event discount's on gg spins ammo is for sale all the time not just on special occasions yeah it's really a lot tougher to become UFE today lol.
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  2. batata

    batata Regular

    It is not about how hard/easy is to get ufe, it is about some ufes being cowards.
  3. Mezopotamya21

    Mezopotamya21 Forum-Apprentice

    You always changes the number of points :

    - You removed NPC points
    - You said that for 1 players killed we get 20 ... and it changes to 15
    - You removed Quest from the influence points

    What a joke, always update your stuff to balance the games it shows how you're profesionnal xD

    - I hate doing gates and find players on maps
    - I hate kill bots
    - Sectors Control and TDM ... who plays these events in 2017 ? xD
    - I'm not interested in Faction rewards so ...

    maybe the best is to open and collect what is inside the Solar Calendar .. ;)
  4. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Expert

    I am stuck on first mission, dream team, after dropping 3 mines on 4-4 you are supposed to pick up 15 cargo boxes.
  5. you just have to look at the picture on the mission page to see they want you to pick up minerals from kills.
  6. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Expert

    "This galaxy-wide press release announces a competition: some anonymous multi-billionaire eccentric has funded a safari-themed trophy hunt of some sort in honor of his former life as a big game hunter, back before travel to other planets for the purpose of exterminating alien young was lamentably outlawed. The winners will join a new defense squadron - a "dream team" of humanity's best pilots."

    My question was WHERE?

    The above " the purpose of exterminating alien young " seems to hint at PVE.

    My guess, as the game favours PVP, would be pvp and not alien kills.
    If this is the case, we have another event that, again is directed at the HEROE$$$......
    To pop 15 players to get 15 debris is just plain....................................
  7. JacquesPhoque

    JacquesPhoque Forum-Greenhorn

    It should be your x-5 map! Cargo Boxes from your kills or someone else's!

    NPCs or players
  8. UnknownKadathB

    UnknownKadathB Forum-Apprentice

    Solar Calemdar didn't come up for me today. I reported it to support!
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  9. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Expert

    You were correct, thank you muchly.......0-0..................
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  10. BandaHill

    BandaHill Forum-Greenhorn

    I had this happen I had to log completely out and start from scratvh and the grid came up!
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  11. ...WAR...

    ...WAR... Forum-Apprentice

    the event is only for 12 13 days so its not on all the can build your ships after that.i remember when i was a small player haha that was rought times.ammo discount ? rare.rsb in shop ? rare.solo cubis ?very very few players.1milion plus shield ?not even athought.
    zeus and apis drones ? a year after started playing.desings in auction? never.uri colecting ? 2/10 as it is now.hackers ? 150/10 that it is ? 3 maybe 4 a year.crazy cubis? not existence.Basically i can keep going for another dont complain so much. aaaa
    i forgot the most importand ones double reward sunday?never.lf4 ? close to boxes red boxes red boxes black boxes ice boxes ? what is this ? only green.2 sundays of gates 2 or 4 lf4 almost guarantine.then ? try a month for 1 maybe 2.only epsilon gate was giving lf4 back then very very in 2 gates double changes at sunday in this box in that box in now its a peice of cake to become strong with very little money.ask as the old in the middle of maps that protect from aliens ? haha jump from 4.5 while aliens shoot you ?not even close.AND much more. :)
  12. *WABO

    *WABO Forum-Greenhorn

    2-5 i believe
  13. †SΛŦUЯИ_ЯłĐΞ؆

    †SΛŦUЯИ_ЯłĐΞ؆ Forum-Greenhorn

    why only 10 event missions?
  14. nhy1320

    nhy1320 Forum-Greenhorn

    yook me three days to complete it
  15. Odin®

    Odin® Active Author

    Azarameus said:
    First event mission Dream-Team's last requirement is to damage goliath ships in 4-1 map. Are you serious? The only ships to be found in 4-1 are cloaked fast ships mostly botting for boxes. Mission Aborted :(

    See the Red Dot in 4-1 ? Build the toughest ship you can put together . Go into the map cloaked and find a Red Dot . Lock on it and Fire away. Not every dot you see is a Botter . Some clans are at War with each other . just Load Lock and Fire .... When you go die no one hears you scream :) j/k .... point is when you do your Quest prepare your ship and yourself to carry on. You're there to solve/complete the Quest . Push yourself and your ship/ships/your shipbuilding skills and you will learn to initiate a fight win or loose you will learn what it takes to become Top Dog of DarkOrbit .... Remember , this is only a game .
  16. apetown.

    apetown. Active Author

    Now the event is ended. To be honest I cant find ANYTHING good from this event except that npc points was removed.
    -Event did overrun without anykind of announcement about it. Many people who made themselves barely to top10 or 100 lost their rewards because of this.
    -I didn't see any kind of action taken against pvp kill pushers, those were even reported to support for a check but nah - nothing.
    -These "new" achievements and missions, just a recycle from past years. Please don't call something new that is definetly not.
    -You removed points from quests without ANY announcement, also you destroyed our regular missions because event mission problems. And also we haven't heard anything about recovering these missions progress anymore.

    I'd suggest BP to not run any events until you can do it properly.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
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  17. souleater1

    souleater1 Forum Inhabitant

    Only one big problem, was toward the last of the event, when all the event missions dissapeared for a few days and never reappeared!!!
  18. The event lasted a total of 14 days, while there were 11 event quests in total - it's not that they disappeared, we just went through all of them
  19. UnknownKadathB

    UnknownKadathB Forum-Apprentice

    There were event missions that I never completed they were on for a day or two then a new mission would come on and disappear. If you were in the middle of a mission you never got a chance at many of these missions!
  20. VladimirElusichovich

    VladimirElusichovich Forum-Apprentice

    I really liked the Solar Calendar idea! The normal Daily Login Bonuses are nice but it is nice to have something different!

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