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Black Light Invasion feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    Needless to say I'm out in any form/effort to play these maps.I Spent 3 hrs there yesterday and went thru more ammo than doing Hitac or Demeanor events with my clan group and anyone else ... Heck @ 125k per volley I blew thru ammo like water ... This is the "Money Pit"
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  2. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Forum Great Master

    ... and now it's worse since the 2nd update/restart as of dec.06 .

    Was calculating it out and it would have been January 2020 to be able to try out the bl maps... now with the update to make it more difficult, it looks to be closer to December 0f 2021.

    4-6 hrs a day on one server 7 days a week ... takes a long time to do much.
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  3. Azenomei

    Azenomei Forum-Apprentice

    The high ammo waste with normal lasers becomes explainable once you see the stats of that new promethius laser. It does x3.5 damage to these enemy's. So you'll need a full set to do some real damage to them (or make their HP/reward ratio 3.5x better....)

    The reqs of these new lasors is high:

    Required resources:
    • 75 Booty Keys
    • 200,000,000 Credits
    • 15,000 UCB-100
    • 2,500 RSB-75
    • 6,000 Rinusk
    They really want you/or the UFE's to grind for these lasers.
    But when you pare this up with the x8 special ammo youll see some high numbers against the two high end npc's. The ammo only does that x8 to those the behemoth and that other thing.

    Also a good thing to be investing some skillpoints in alien hunter.

    Some crazy calcs, but if you do 50k damage with lf4 and x4 ammo, youll do 350k with these new lasers and A-BL ammo to the Invoke XVI and Behemoth.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  4. Odin®

    Odin® Forum Great Master

    Well look at it like this at least the credit players get a chance at playing on the rest of the maps ... Lower Company clans with alliances and naps can now pop MCC's bases on the other maps reducing their accumulated Base advantages for their clan, because the MCC's now are establishing what I call the X-9 bases as their control points for dominance . This is both a PvP and a NPC Wallet vs Credit game for users. Use your imagination on how Credit Players and Clans can Unite and become a thorn or a pain in the tail for the Wallet Players ... It would be so easy for credit clans and credit players to invade the X-9 maps and create massive amounts of firepower that Wallet users and clans would think and restructure their agendas on dominance ... just a thought ...
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  5. BossCitizen

    BossCitizen Forum-Apprentice

    This event or update sucks and this game needs to be purge of its devs cause this is terrible
  6. DarkAnarchy1

    DarkAnarchy1 Forum-Apprentice

    okay I will say it. the new laser, ammo and ship is not better than the old stuff.
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  7. Rossi

    Rossi Active Author

    change the promerium in lasers/rockets quest to seprom. I'm not gonna give up the millions in rockets nor in lasers from time I didn't play!
    You must be crazy!
  8. NutnFancy

    NutnFancy Forum-Apprentice

    they will keep ruining this game till everyone leaves.
    the CHEATERS have won.
  9. Kante.

    Kante. Junior Expert

    Obviously, there is no chance for improvement. The old dog is not gonna learn new tricks. The first Black Light mission Within the Limits ask me to downgrade my lasers and rockets from seprom to promerium. The same way as did Power Vacuum mission when DarkOrbit reloded. Problem is, I can't choose from these new missions at will, only the first are accessible. Not to mention need for special equipment (I hate to change lasers) and low yield from npc. Since its first addition to the game in years, it's rather pathetic.
  10. DRAZI

    DRAZI Forum-Apprentice

    I got to protest about the quest for upgrading Lasers and Missiles with Prom. Yes,.. I have been running Prom on my Lasers, but since the Spaceball Event when we were getting 20K Sep, I've been dumping that into Missiles and Speed. I have nearly 16 mill Sepped Rockets and a years worth on my Shields. Do you really think people who go AFK to Sep themselves up are gonna even eisk losing that for a New Laser?
  11. -Elite-_Ghost

    -Elite-_Ghost Forum-Greenhorn

    Has anyone tried crafting the new laser in assembly? I am super confused about the crafting of the new black light items... I have 163 booty keys but in assembly it says 0/75 for booty keys for the new laser. I already had around 160 when the event started but i tried buying some more to see if those would show up and still 0/75. So just curious if anyone else is having the same problem. Its normal for Bigpoint to put out new content and have stuff not work correctly... unless its just me having the issue.
  12. Thank all the sep bug users for the quest that asks to put 1 prom on lasers and rockets you ruined things.This quest is obviously aimed at reducing peoples sep count to 0 lmao
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  13. .Gòlħĭąth_Măşter.

    .Gòlħĭąth_Măşter. Forum-Apprentice

    it look okay but seriously how can you make a ship so hard to understand on the battlefield! the new ship will have 50 variants of 1 ship -.- that a good way to over do something.
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  14. Xmancode

    Xmancode Someday Author

    when crafting Prometheus Laser it says 0/70 green booty keys, when i have 500+ .... Fix this !
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    ΣVÏŁ_ŠİŦĤ Forum-Apprentice

    Why is it not seeing the booty keys I already had prior to the update? Is this by design or another glitch?
  16. _alien10_

    _alien10_ Forum-Apprentice

    We did a hotfix today:
    - Bug: Even if the player owns Booty Keys, they are not displayed in the assembly – FIXED
    Your DarkOrbit team

    on fb not in forum yet!
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  17. bloateddead

    bloateddead Junior Expert

    The mission that requires Prom upgrades to lasers is not fair at all.. some of us have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of sepped lasers that we have worked on literally for years. Boo.. not enough thought went into that one.
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  18. swornvengance

    swornvengance Forum-Greenhorn

    alright, new laser, a chance to smash all your sep on something worthwhile other than running round like a headless chicken, a challenging way to improve your skills and endurance, the literal fact is, its the best update ever. if you cant pull out of a crash, then dash.
  19. swornvengance

    swornvengance Forum-Greenhorn

    why would i theres plenty around and they dont like me and i dont like the haters
  20. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Pro

    • 75 Booty Keys
    • 200,000,000 Credits
    • 15,000 UCB-100
    • 2,500 RSB-75
    • 6,000 Rinusk
    Stupid waste of time even jumping into the map. Whoever came up with this stuff never probably played even a peanut ship in Dark Orbit.
    One day a actually player will be a Dev and give us something we really need.
    A waste of ammo and data space in the game. Fix the lag,upgrade the premium bonuses and kill MCC clans which now dominate these maps too.

    Greetings Space Pilots!

    A powerful new enemy is heading our way and our only hope is to meet them head on... Will you stand and fight?

    Lol a BIG NO for the ZOMBIE :)
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