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Blacklight Surge Event faq'

Discussion in 'Events FAQ’s' started by Deter, Jul 11, 2019.

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  1. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Blacklight Surge FAQ

    General information

    Hunt down Blacklight aliens and compete with other players and clans to get special rewards during DarkOrbit’s Blacklight Surge event.

    During the event, the aim is to kill the Blacklight Aliens and to receive points. At the end of the event, rewards are given out based on the event ranking of the players and the clans.

    You want to gain even more points for Blacklight Alien kills? Use the company map point bonus and receive double points when killing Blacklight NPCs on your own company map:
    MMO in 1-BL and 1-8
    EIC in 2-BL and 2-8
    VRU in 3-BL and 3-8

    The Blacklight Aliens Impulse II, Attend IX and Purpose XXI are spawning with a higher rate on the maps.

    The event rewards will be given out according to the highest final scoring of the players and clans at the end of the event.

    Additionally, some Blacklight Aliens will give Progression points for each kill – those Progression points are part of the reward package that you’ll get when killing the NPC. These points can be accumulated for prizes via the progress system in the client.

    *Important: This time it’s not possible to reset the Progression point system once it’s completed!

    Special ammunition

    For the duration of the event, A-BL ammunition will deal x8 damage (standard damage is x4) to the following Blacklight Aliens: Purpose XXI, Impulse II, and Attend IX.

    Blacklight Surge Aliens
    Some event NPCs are giving points for the event score as well as progression points for the Progression points system.

    Points and Progression points for each kill

    Purpose XXI

    Points in own map: 2
    Points in Enemy map: 1
    Progression points reward: 15

    Impulse II
    Points in own map: 4
    Points in Enemy map: 2
    Progression points reward: 20

    Attend IX
    Points in own map: 8
    Points in Enemy map: 4
    Progression points reward: 74

    Invoke XVI
    Points in own map: 20
    Points in Enemy map: 10
    Progression points reward: 168

    Mindfire Behemoth
    Points in own map: 50
    Points in Enemy map: 25
    Progression points reward: 1,650

    New Rocket and Laser ammunition
    Rocket (Special ammunition): SR-5
    When a players uses this ammunition, he is slowed by 25% for 3 seconds after being fired. The ammunition deals 80,000 base damage to the enemies shield and the player absorbs 50% of the damage dealt to the enemy shield. So this effects both players and NPC:
    Range: 525
    Hit chance: 100%
    Cooldown: 4 minutes (not effected by cooldown boosters)
    Sell price: 250 credits​

    Laser ammunition: IDB-125
    When using this laser ammunition, it has a starting damage of x1. With each successful hit, the damage increases by 1.25 with a limit at x6. If the player hasn’t shot the IDB-125 laser ammunition for 3 seconds, the damage resets back to x1.
    This damage accumulation only effects PvP fights. When attacking an NPC with this ammunition, the laser deals x1 unchanging damage.
    Sell price: 12 credits​

    New Ship Designs

    There are 5 new ship designs called “Tyrannos” coming together with the event:
    -Cyborg Tyrannos
    -Mimesis Tyrannos
    -Hammerclaw Tyrannos
    -Hecate Tyrannos
    -Tyrannos Centurion

    *Each of these designs has a special kill streak effect as well as a brand new kill counter effect.

    Kill Streak Effect

    The Kill Streak Effect activates after 15 kills without dying or logging out. The effect lasts 15 minutes. If a player activates the Kill Streak Effect, has running it for 5 minutes and gets their 16th kill in a row, then the timer for the effect will be reset to 15 minutes. In case the player dies or logs out while the Kill Streak Effect is activated, then the effect is removed.

    Please note: There’s no visible timer that shows the duration of the effect. The Kill Streak Effect is only visual and doesn’t have any further impact.

    Kill Counter Effect

    When a player gets a kill with one of these ship designs, they will see a short popup text informing them how many kills they have got in these ship designs. The text will appear just above the player’s ship and be visible to everyone.

    Recipes in Assembly

    During the event, the following booster is available:

    RM-B00 – Available in Assembly(can be built multiple times)
    Cost: 15,000 UCB-100
    Effect: +5-% Progression Points
    Time: 2h

    Blacklight Seprom – Available in Assembly(can be built multiple times)
    There’s also an adjustment of the resources for the Blacklight Seprom Recipe, like the following:
    Cost: 10,000 Uridium
    1,250 Rinust
    250 Blacklight Trace

    Progression points
    Progression points can be collected from destroying the event NPCs. You can exchange them into items according to the table below:
    Progression PointsReward
    3,250100 SR-5 Rockets
    6,70035,000 Seprom
    33,0005 Days DMG-DBL booster
    5 Days SHD-DBL booster
    135,00030,000 IDB-125 Laser Ammunition
    295,000Tyrannos Centurion Design
    2 weeks Premium
    *The Progression points cannot be reset during this event!

    Ranking Rewards

    The event ranking will be created according to the amount of Blacklight Alien kills. The rewards will be given out according to the final event ranking. The players can see their score during the event in the event window. The final scoring will be displayed after the event end and it can be found in the Hall of Fame, Event Ranking section.

    The rewards will be given out based on the user and clan scores at the end of the event. If there are players and clans with the same amount of points, they are put in the same position and are receiving the same prize

    Player Ranking Rewards
    Rank Reward
    1.New title: Primary Regulator of Blacklight
    Tyrannos Cyborg
    Tyrannos Hammerclaw
    Tyrannos Mimesis
    Tyrannos Hecate

    3 months Premium
    200,000 UCB-100
    25 booty keys
    75,000 Uridium
    100 EMP-01
    14 days DMG-DLB
    14 days SHD-DLB
    2.2 months Premium
    150,000 UCB-100
    15 booty keys
    50 EMP-01
    35,000 Uridium
    10 days DMG-DLB
    10 days SHD-DLB
    3.1 month Premium
    135,000 UCB-100
    10 booty keys
    25 EMP-01
    20,000 Uridium
    7 days DMG-DLB
    7 days SHD-DLB
    4.-10.120,000 UCB-100
    10 booty keys
    8 EMP-01
    10,000 Uridium
    3 days DMG-DLB
    3 days SHD-DLB
    11.-30.100,000 UCB-100
    10 booty keys
    6 EMP-01
    5,000 Uridium
    31.-50.50,000 UCB-100
    [I][I][I][I][I][COLOR=#ff99cc]5 booty keys[/COLOR][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]
    [I][I][I][I][I][COLOR=#ff99cc]4 EMP-01[/COLOR][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]
    [I][I][I][I][I][COLOR=#ff99cc]2,000 Uridium[/COLOR][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]
    51.-100.30,000 UCB-100
    3 booty keys
    2 EMP-01
    2,000 Uridium

    Clan Ranking Rewards
    RankRewards for each clan member
    1.New title: The Defiant
    20 EMP-01
    2 months Premium
    2.10 EMP-01
    1 months Premium
    3.5 EMP-01
    1 month Premium

    Event Quests
    There are daily event quests that can be accomplished when the player level is 17+

    Day 0
    Kill 15 Impulse II
    Kill 5 Purpose XXI
    15,000,000 Experience
    250,000 Honor
    25,000 UCB-100
    100 Scrap
    1 Blacklight Cipher

    Day 1
    Data Extraction
    Kill 25 Impulse II
    15,000,000 Experience
    250,000 Honor
    5,000 Uridium
    10,000 RSB-75

    Day 2
    Kill 3 Attend IX
    Kill 8 Impulse II
    15,000,000 Experience
    250,000 Honor
    35,000 UCB-100
    5,000 RSB-75

    Day 3
    Mole Detection
    Kill 5 Players
    15,000,000 Experience
    250,000 Honor
    5,000 Uridium
    15,000 A-BL

    Day 4
    Stay on own X-BL map for 1 hour
    15,000,000 Experience
    250,000 Honor
    35,000 A-BL
    50 Scrap

    Day 5
    Deal 75,000,000 damage
    Inside X-BL map.​
    15,000,000 Experience
    250,000 Honor
    10,000 RSB-75
    2 Blacklight Cipher

    Day 6
    Pain in the Hull
    Receive 2,000,000 damage
    Inside X-BL map
    Do not die.​
    15,000,000 Experience
    250,000 Honor
    10,000 Uridium
    10,000 UCB-100
    10,000 RSB-75

    Day 7
    Kill 10 Attend IX
    15,000,000 Experience
    250,000 Honor
    15,000 Uridium
    100 Scrap

    Day 8
    Internal Inspection
    Kill 10 Players
    15,000,000 Experience
    250,000 Honor
    25,000 UCB-100
    15,000 A-BL

    Day 9
    Hard Times
    Kill 3 Invoke XVI
    Kill 30 Impulse II
    15,000,000 Experience
    250,000 Honor
    25,000 A-BL
    3 Blacklight Cipher
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