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Bots and Cheats ...

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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    ASTRAEA Forum Freak

    Bots and Cheats -

    As we are aware that there are many players in the game that would like to voice there thoughts on this matter.

    We have created a thread for you to do just that. The information in this thread will be passed on to the development team to assist in future investigations of this matter.

    As we have placed this thread here for you, the community. It does come with some rules that are very specific.

    1. All Forums rules Apply
    2. Do Not post accusations against another player in the game.
    3. Do Not post perceived game cheat Names.
    4. Do Not Post links or information on how to obtain said cheats.
    4. Do Not use this thread to boost your point count. Example: spam, one word posts and banter will be deleted.

    We appreciate your input on this matter, please remember to keep your posts clean and
    Have a nice day!


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  2. †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™

    †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™ Forum-Apprentice

    Ok - So this thread has not been updated for 2 months!

    The reason for this is quite simply that most people have accepted the fact that bots are now part and parcel of this game and will always be with us, and they have either quit or play in the knowledge bots are not just an element of the game now.

    Going by physical observations of the maps i suspect around 70% of the playing population now bot in one way or another. The point of this post is to ask if someone could provide bot information in this thread such as , what they do, where you can get them and what to avoid etc. The reason for this is that 30% of the playing population is currently at a significant disadvantage and in order to make it a fairer playing field could bot information be provided here so that players can then make an informed playing choice.

    Now yes now i know a CM is going to respond and say botting is against the t&c's blah blah blah, but come on get real, no one has been banned for 4 years now! No one even bothers to complain about it any longer. It is now just a part of the game that we all need to live for both the developers and the players.

    The purpose of these posts would not be promote botting (the game does that by itself) but more about allowing all players the same information to make an informed choice and also to help keep the playing community safer by steering them away from more potentially dangerous sites as players currently risk doing.

    I think its now time to take out heads of the sand and be able to speak freely about bots and what they do for this game and then allow players to make safer decisions for themselves.


  3. Na, I don't think we need to be posting bot information here in the forum. If players want this information they can search it them selves.

    I am a firm believer that dark orbit actually is involved in selling subscriptions for bots but pretends it's against them.

    The T&C clearly states this is not allowed. It would be nice to see a ban surge happen. I'd prefer a "DELETE" surge.


    Sometimes we can't choose the music life gives us but we can definitely choose how we dance
  4. †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™

    †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™ Forum-Apprentice

    Unfortunately a delete surge would now end the game as to the sheer percentage of players who bot, so its very unlikely to happen, especially as the vast majority of players have stopped asking for it, hence the very quiet thread.

    Surely it would be better for players to be advised and pointed towards the safer places to search instead of sites in which they could be hacked or get virus's etc. Part of having a players community is about helping keep that community safe and supported.

    Cant disagree that the T&C's states its not allowed but then again those words dont have an awful lot of weight behind them when your actually in the game watching 70% of the playing community running around botting!

  5. Rif~Raf

    Rif~Raf Forum-Greenhorn

    live in the real world guys, the bots will NEVER be removed they get too much income from them,
    and if you look at the events quests, they are all biased towards the botrs, (cheats).
    they promote this game as a pvp game (ha ha ha, a cheats game more like ).
    so just expect to be killed off the events and don't expect any rewards, because the cheats get them, as usual.
    one last word, don't bother with support, they just don't give a monkeys.
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  6. Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ

    Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ Forum Inhabitant

    At the end of the day; the best way to stop cheats is to make what they do useless. Most of them do it to get a strong ship because Uridium is expensive so the most simple solution is to make Uridium cheaper, but there is a few other ways I could think of, like;

    * Stop making missions repetitive in a map that is known to be used for botting.
    * Force players to move map often.
    * Make PvP better again so people actually want to do it.
    * Make a downloadable client because that will stop cheats immediately.
    * Get help from a third-party to remove them, from another big company like Valve who wiped all their cheats from games pretty much immediately.

    I mean that's all I got so far :D I guess you could also just accept it like you have been lately. But honestly banning them is not worth it in my opinion, I think you should just make using the bot software impossible. Maybe get a game developer to download it to see whats causing the issue?
    That's not why they wont be removed. It's more that a large amount of player base uses them.
  7. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Advanced

    It would be telling to see how many 'top 100' players have been running 20+ hours per day. Even more telling is how many top 200 accounts have changed email addresses multiple times and logged in from different countries.

    But its cool my son got a noob account and went back to his steam account as just doing the starter missions in lowers had him irritated as ships were skimming aliens all around him before he could shoot them. Nothing like the gate running leos, venoms and spearheads when you enter a map. But the really funny thing was when he saw UFEs popping aliens while home from school. They just play all day.

    Nothing is done. Nothing has been done and nothing will be done about cheaters. Been that way since the first autolock and group attack program came out.
  8. Killercal73

    Killercal73 Padavan

    I ask all the CM's if they play and the answer i get is YES from all of them.....and even though they are only CM's one would think that if they would report unusally activity to the MODS or DEV's then something would be done its almost like the CM's dont see anything wrong or they already know nothing will be done, Oh well this game is still cheaper than me going to the Bar so i am still here
  9. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Advanced

    Many mods play... Ask yourself why its so secret who they are online and why they do nothing about clans running tools/apps.

    And when you shake your head as it comes to you, place your credit card/gift card back in your wallet. If these players get free uri and dont have to waste money on items we have to pay for? Why are we paying?
  10. stella18037

    stella18037 Someday Author

    i understand why players bot uri game way to exspensive for a thing we called uri ,could be called cans,mud anything there is no real value in real terms of cash.as for cheats i look at these players as sad cowards who hand in large groups due to not understanding the game or having the brain to learn how to fight.what makes it worst they dont trust the cheat so have to get large groups which now mess up the game for others .i feel sory for them and think there clan names should be named cowards as all those who do this are :))happy hunting to the honest like me x......
  11. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    If a lot of people knew the actual 'player names' for the CM(s), just imagine the inundation of questions and comments they would get from non-cm types about everything under the sun. They deserve a chance enjoy the game the same as any other player.
  12. ▼Iron_Mongrel▼

    ▼Iron_Mongrel▼ Forum Inhabitant

    I hate to see that my prediction has come true. 2-8 US East ... I log in daily just to do the daily mission and grind a bit and no matter what time of day I'm in there, I see the same miscreants..er players... in there being greedy noobs and looking rather automated in their habits. Either they have an addiction or the Borg assimilated them to collect URI for their domination plans.

    I can understand that there might be legalities and tech debt involved with bot squashing by BigPoint but for those of us who play by the rules it is very very frustrating to play in this environment. I'm giving it a chance but I don't see playing long term if there is not an improvement in the playability of the game in terms of cheating.

    Very sad for two reasons. One, this was a great game for a good bit of its existence but ruined by thieves. Second, playing legit is excruciatingly frustrating in terms of finding other legit players to partner with and getting things done in the toxicity that is the current state of the game.
  13. Ohohohoho, you hit the nail right on the head lmao. If only everyone caught onto that obvious statement.
  14. ▼Iron_Mongrel▼

    ▼Iron_Mongrel▼ Forum Inhabitant

    ...because players would retaliate against them in-game and make the game difficult for them. Mods don't make the decisions on game policy... higher ups do and there might be legal or technical reasons that also play into bot and cheat squashing. I would not want to be a mod or CM in this game. A lot of toxicity to deal with, just saying.
  15. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Advanced

    Kind of hard as the MODs in game have had access to abilities to deal with it pretty quickly. I don't agree in letting anyone with any kind of add on to be able to play in game. We never understood the guys that could roll into a fight with less than 20% of their HP and fight off 2-3 guys. Then we found out the truth. My main issue is the banning and erasing information to players so they think this is a balanced game when they start. I had already invested a lot of time and money when I found out several clans had mod/admin help along with allowed apps in game. We were told by support and mods that there was no way to do the things we saw in the game.

    Then mods quit. They told us in TS what was happening and showed us the mod abilities.

    Now we have people running gates, maps and battles with apps. Nothing at all is done to them. Nothing. I stopped doing my daily quests lately because its just too much in lowers. My son gave up as did the wife because if you do lower quests ships are shooting from off screen getting red locks. Worse they have MCC protectors that kill the guys trying to get their levels up.

    So yes if you are a player in game that is affiliated with DO your ship should have bold or some kind of tag. At least be honest with that.
  16. Chuckles-Da-Clown

    Chuckles-Da-Clown Forum-Apprentice

    We still have a bid bot problem on GA2. When a player can outbid 2 clan members on the same item multiple times quicker than refresh and so fast as to not get the capture code something is bad.
    I can bid 3 times fast and then i got to pass the security check. This individual can bid twice as fast twice as much against 2 players and still win a item. I know this does not apply to FE or Uber Fe but for a new player trying to get the basics it can be grrr lol.
    Like the comment posted about auto players in the lowers. It took me a long time to do the basic noob quests. As soon as I lock a NPC it would get hit sometimes from across the screen by a auto player. I hope to be in the Pirate maps soon to join the clan there but I hear it is bad there too.
    The bonus about the pirate maps and any map though is the bots leave a tremendous amount of cargo easy to grab and sale.
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  17. the mods in game avoid the players who complain now..
  18. PacificNW

    PacificNW Forum-Apprentice

    Cheats are pretty bad for sure. As noted hard to do basic starter quests with 2-3 bots shooting npcs out from under you.
    Buut I suppose that's the way the game is played these days. Too bad. SAD!
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  19. Peo0pl3GA5

    Peo0pl3GA5 Padavan

    so i saw a bot user with a good rank in 3-bl maps and i thought at first he might not be but after i saw him making perfect circles for attend i knew it was a bot user. he was using x4 aswell :)
    i simply finished about 4 quests by just shooting him and he would ran away and then stealing his kill. i simply waited for attend to reach almost low health where i would run away from the player and i shot the other guy so i got it without almost doing any effort.

    i could not believe that these bots are still in bl maps i mean i thought bot only worked in all other maps apart from bl maps but i was wrong.
    just disappointed that these bot players are getting ufe while we are still stuggling who probably have put more effort :(.

    PS. i got almost 3K rinush and got 3 prometeus from the quest so in a way he helped me.
  20. FireJub2kDestroyer

    FireJub2kDestroyer Someday Author

    Perfect circles and x4 = bot? Like yeah but also it’s a game that’s been out for more than a decade, and circling isn’t exactly difficult to begin with..

    Also the level to which bots can progress in bl compared to a player is significantly less. Granted they can do it longer, but players do it efficiently since they don’t get farmed by enemy and own company alike. As you said bots in bl are helping others more than themselves.
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