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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. DeathByCheetos

    DeathByCheetos Advanced

    when i mean online they bot logins 24/7 some even if the game is dead people see them online and think the game is more active then it really is
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  2. Azarameus

    Azarameus Junior Expert

  3. DeathByCheetos

    DeathByCheetos Advanced

  4. what abuot new bot x-7 map shot krislalons and run wheel formation to port when enemy come?
    again full maps boters pfff.sombody must put 100k euros in game and som just buy cheap program and make exp honor and uridium,mean seams again is time to stop play and forever delete this game after 9 years!
  5. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    The SPECIAL TWITCH STREAM that was aired on the 11th, indicates they are going to have a major surprise for these people next year. They indicate they have been giving these people all the rope they want to hang them out to dry. I guess we wait to see what happens with the server merges and IF these accounts actually make it to the renewed servers.
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    OILDAILY Forum Great Master

    lets hope so
  7. DeathByCheetos

    DeathByCheetos Advanced

    i mean to from a outside stand point bots have come pretty far i mean they run to portal off your screen if you dont have a ship to catch them
  8. My friend,you can't kill them bcs they protected,even if you have fast and strong ship you can make few kills then you must leave and watch or you can get bann if you kill same player multiple times.Idk but seams that program have suport from BP,bcs they do nothing about that.All time they avoid to do real thing and bla bla they make server merge or bla bla bla...
  9. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries Forum Duke

    The problem is to many players take out bots for easy kills instead of letting them run there bot giving them enough rope to hang themselves with, as soon as you kill a bot it disappears from the detection radar and escapes punishment. Non of us likes the element that cheat there way to the top but we have to give the detection system a chance to work.
  10. If you play then u know this is most expencive game on the net and i wait on them many years,all time same story.They also can log to page from bot comming and see how works and make punishment in 1 day but they do nothing.This game is free???For whu???IF YOU NOT HAVE ALL YOU CAN ONLY DIE AND WE ALL PUT A LOT MONEY IN.So many leave and i was leave 3 time but back to play again and tough they make somthing better but after 10 days you can see again boters and cheaters and again stop to playWhat they do-ruined bonus boxes-ruined extra energie spins-put in many more stuf u must have,why? Bcs they just take money from us and leave us to spend more and more huge money and hope we win,corse no chance against ppl whu com after 2 day on bot,they buy ammo and have a lot seprom and kill ppl whu play hard and fight for every cubi to make som uri.Atleast they not give us better sepromand chance to fight against those cheaters when they come...On end i am so disapointed and this is last chance with this merge servers if tht not work well i leave game 100% forever.I am top 20 player GE2 huuuge money in my acc but i will leave forever.Simply u can see whu they are,go to collect som Oil,scrap...
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  11. HomeTownBoy

    HomeTownBoy Active Author

    Bots and Cheaters You Say? Ja ja ha.... Yeah, I thought Mr. BIG of BIG POINT Stated that there was no bots and cheats in this game, as I remember correctly.

    What did the Treatment Team AKA under DOGs do to Innocent paying Customers for reporting hackers,
    bots and cheaters in forums or in Game Chat? If you thought Silence You! You are right. The Treatment Teams' amusing way for punishment for you telling the truth in their house because PB doesn't care about you or me they hand you over to their Treatment Team. The Truth doesn't always pay here, but will get your add remover, issued a warning, or banned for a week lol. Funny part is: Deter will remove your add, send you a warning, or give you a week ban. why? Because you mention that someone in game is using a hack, a script and or, a bot, if you talk about it even today in Forums that there is a hacker on the game... Guess who is going to get ban? Not the Hacker, you are. If you tell the Truth Bots, scripts and Hacks are being used in this game and if you say something about it in chat they ban you for it not the hacker he will continue to hack and you will be punished for it lol.

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  12. Sapphire

    Sapphire Forum Expert

    It's a truth that everyone knows and gets pissed of, because they cannot just instantly do whatever they want. Also, if you start accusing someone of the bots, hacks, or cheats, ofc you will be threatened that way, to prevent flaming and because accusations should go anyways into support, with proofs.

    And because talking about bots has been forbidden in chat since 2010, why you haven't learned?
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  13. test020

    test020 Someday Author

    talking about bots it's like cursing, not to mention that the whole "bot vigilantes" did made some mistakes every now and then, banning users that were for manually farm + box collect (cause their proof was attacking a "suspect" with a UFE ship and seeing them running...), the anti-program systems bp had were also bypassed with a bit of ease, it's not like people that use such things are doors you know...

    and it's fun seeing the new team throwing threats to bot users, the old team did the EXACT same thing and look where it got em (nowhere).

    just because they are going to make DO have a downloadable client that don't mean it will stop programusers, quite the opposite, it's going to be like MMO's with their premium cheat versions and free versions with extra options other than the basics... oh well.

    to be honest, such issues won't exactly go away even with client changes.

    my two pences though would bp adopt the problem as their step child, an example would be a Korean MMORPG that had such issues with bots, they got so fed up that in their Season 6 patch of said game, they introduced a internal bot, with all functionalities of the programs (item collect, monster killing, and "player-killer fight back"), the user that activated that bot would only spend the ingame currency per 10min of usage (while the programs of the game cost real money with subscription, just like DO as i seen in FB) it was a close-handed slap in the face of the bot devs.

    would bigpoint make a move to cripple bots severly, they should release their official bot costing credits per X minutes active with many options that said bots offer, since they charge real money when compared to a official bot costing credits... well, you can see who would win.
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  14. Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ

    Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ Forum-Apprentice

    Well, it could go away if they actually wanted it to. I must admit though autolocking and bots really aren't that big of a problem right now as on my server I rarely see either of those occur.

    To be honest, I've never really been that bothered about the cheaters. in my eyes, it just stops the game from being completed dead and more people to destroy in the game :D As for this "it's gonna happen after the merge" information, it's false. They said that a ton of times and they will continue saying it because BP is always lying about this kind of thing.
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  15. HomeTownBoy

    HomeTownBoy Active Author

    Well, bots and cheats have always been around lol. I don't think there is much they can do about it anyways ban more players they have almost ban the entire net work lol... They just come back with new bots and new ways for hacking and for every pro there is a con.
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  16. ACE

    ACE Forum-Greenhorn

    We all know bots are a problem. I heard today on discord that the last bot purge was back in 2013. Also on Discord today was an announcement that players that took part in the honor glitch are to be banned. This sort of disparity seems to suggest that there is a banning process for players who take advantage of glitches ( the responsibility of the DOR team ) but if you go outside of the box and macro that's fine. Also as you can see this thread got nothing done its just an outlet for frustrated players that goes nowhere. Botting can be greatly reduced if the DOR team invest in that area, the fact that they haven't shows their true attitude. If you as a patron of this game find it unfair that people bot without consequence vote with your wallet and withhold any purchases until you feel the game is worth the money again.

  17. apetown.

    apetown. Padavan

    Even more hilarious is that people who abused seprombug and now fly with infinite seproms never got any punishment but then from honor bug all users got permaban xD

    HALOJOHN Forum-Apprentice

    Bigpoint own the accounts they can go on any account at anytime if they wanted to go check a reported botter but just falls on deaf ears and fobs us off with a load of twaddle. Same goes for the ebay accounts
  19. auggiethedog

    auggiethedog Active Author

    hey.. ace i have all ready stop spending large sums of money for this reason having the cheaters steal my rank (10 yrs) of playing was too much.. i worked and paid dearly for it just to watch a player do it in three weeks!!! and dont forget the acc shareing going on big time on sunday and events..if DO wants my money they have to earn it and gain my trust before they get a dime from me I WONT INVEST MY TIME AND MONEY . remember we are the investors they need to keep this game going.. give me steak and potatos not bolonga

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