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Bots and Cheats ...

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Type-0Z

    Type-0Z Advanced

    WHAT'S UUUUUP, EVERBODY! I'm back! Absent for like three years and boy, this game sure has not change one bit! Same old Dark Orbit! Just that now there is even more items! More numbers! AND EVEN MORE KA-CHING! Oh boy, it's good to be back! Also like really? Bonus box bot still exist? You know, the Spearhead, cloaked, whizzing around the map, in a damn obvious LOOP! And with a PET and only the PET collecting boxes!
  2. vioceofbob

    vioceofbob Forum-Greenhorn

    I am the voice of thechurchofbob -----I am NOT trying to contact support I just want to Voice my opinion on the bot issue.

    Wow now after all this time of letting bot's take over the servers. You now ban people for killing bot's more than 5 times. Conveniently now my ship is banned for pushing buy killing most likely a bot 7 times. I have been banned for 14 days and - 30% EP and honn. I though this type of ban was reserved for pushers with much more kills than what I may have done. Who did I make MAD I have been silent for month's ( as I was requested to ) till now.

    Why bother to have kill quest with 1 k to 10 k kills in them or a PVP game if you can not kill people? Fact is game play today you could get killed 10 times while defending a base of your map alone never mind if you play all day like these bot's do. If you are going to allow bots even for a small period of time as a DEV recently told me. Then you should not punish people for killing a bot.

    Most likely the bot in question was what I call a money ship. A ship a older player sets up to sell and make money. As well as some even to some are to just set up other players like myself. So there main ship can advance in Rank or to get there enemy's out of the picture by reporting them.

    I have worked hard, contributed much to the game, I have been a loyal player and customer for many years. How truly unfair I loose 50+ bill EP and over 1 bill hon for no reason. I did not even get that much for the kills as there a diminishing rewards evn on rewards i am sure after some time.

    Any way and even if you give the same punishment to the other player they of course did not loose even close to what I did, fact is most likely they did not even have altogether before the ban what I will loose from the ban. Now how unfair of a punishment is that?.

    Please don't tell me all that work I have done over the years is for nothing. Now I am not even sure that I have control of the account I guess I will find out for sure after the 14 days is up.

    Why do some get banned and then come right back with no deductions or even some get a compensation package? I have been going back and forth with support and very little and vague response. I can ONLY hope someone, at some point, will look into this, see I was done wrong ( may be a mistake? ) and do the right thing and restore my account.

    Please have a look at my old post (posted by thechurchofbob ) on pushing, apply it to this bot Issue and re-open the post and conciser it as what should be done about pushing today with all the Bot's. In the old post I point out how you get diminishing rewards till you get no rewards and point out some good reasons why not to ban someone for killing a bot.

    I also hope some day you can combat these bots so you an attract some new blood into the game and then I am sure you will make a lot more money and have a fun, successful game.
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
  3. AVIT

    AVIT Active Author

    the terms and conditions state that using illegal software is not allowed .!
    when we agree to play we are signing a contract that will not do that .

    The way i see it is that not only are the botters breaking the contract ,Bigpoint are also by not doing anything about people breaking that contract . .
  4. I think it boils down to one thing, if BP want's players to be able to compete with players who put money into the game they have to make everything easier to accomplish this includes more uri more premium rewards and i am not talking only top 3 players on the server that wins event's but everyone. Bring back the event's where a whole company wins something also top clans not just 1 or 2 or 3 players this is unfair to others that play the same event and to the smaller player they put everything they have into it and come out with almost nothing in the end.
    Who know's it might benefit Bp to sell these boosters but also make them really worth it get everyone into purchasing them cause they couldn't afford not to. Just my opinion
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  5. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Connoisseur

    Here is how bad its got like preaching to the choir here.
    I am in pirates working on the mega marathon quests watching these Bot things run zip and zap everywhere.
    I have to declare war after war as people in my own company try to kill me .
    Why,,what have I done to them lol.
    They outfit with the bots ,,they see the bot die and stuck at port getting slammed.
    They then come to the bots rescue in force.
    Orbit needs to at least make same company war kills count for PvP quests like the 10k one I am currently on.
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  6. AVIT

    AVIT Active Author

    game is unskillful with people using illegal software ,it also is counter productive to allow them to do it .

    some say they will not ban then because they have prem and rebate .. if that is the case the game has no future ..as they will get bored of botting and just play another game eventually .
  7. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker Someday Author

    Most of them either sleep or play other games while their bots are running.

    Personally I'm over hearing these zombie players boasting about making a million + Uri a week, while they do other things.
  8. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Connoisseur

    On GA2 even if I would find a MOD in chat they would threaten to ban me for even mentioning this.
    Last few days some of the bots have been stuck on 5-2 base.
    They twitch about in little circles trying to get out.
    1 alone is funny but seeing 2 or 3 doing it at the the same time is hilarious but sad.
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  9. vioceofbob

    vioceofbob Forum-Greenhorn

    Senseless to post here they just will keep deleting your post as all my post on the subject are gone. Your right if you say bot in chat your gone you kill a bot more than once you get banned most likely the reason I got a ban for and lost 58 bill EP and 1.2 bill hon. Shoot you post in the bots and cheats section in the forum here and you get a warning to stop your post like I did. I will even probably get banned again for voicing my opinion now. So the moral of the story is there is bots we all know it even the admins know it even if they will not admit it openly (but many admins and MOD's have admitted it in privet to me and a dev I shall not name said to a lot of us people in teampseak that they were doing nothing on the matter till they have a downloadable client ) and we all know no one is going to do a thing about them BOT's except to ban you for pointing it out or ban you for killing the bot. So it is just better for us all to deal with it if you want to keep playing !!!!
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  10. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker Someday Author

    I really must congratulate the staff and volunteers at DarkOrbit - It took a while but i am now convinced, the proliferation of botters and the freedom to do their thing they currently enjoy is purely to test honest players resolve and dedication to the game.

    Mine has reached its limit - I bust my hump all week grinding missions (the 100 missions really pay poor rewards), buying URI to do gates - Only to lose any headway (rank) I may gain overnight to botters.

    DO make it clear there are no other objectives to the game (25% free EP for a week LOL, another nice boost for the 24/7 botters). With the prospect of never being able to compete with the multitude of zombies who inhabit servers and pretty much all new content designed for the top players and bots (BL maps have become over run with Zombies) to further dominate everything DO - What's left for the average "honest' player to work for, grind endless boring repetative mission for, spend hard earned money for?

    I'm not quitting - I'm just not trying anymore. No more missions, no more spending money.
  11. Type-0Z

    Type-0Z Advanced

    An enemy veteran is at X-2 and he's killing it, stay there for hours! Log out log in, still there.

    Waited at the gate for him to leave but he is not going anywhere. Then I notice something weird going on with a friendly veteran, that player, keep disappearing, keep spawning at the gate, keep staying there for a well and then went off. I thought he PvP and keep losing?? To find out, I follow him, then vanish just like that.

    Anyway, back to the enemy veteran, well nothing happen and no one else cares. I find this weird too, so I track another friendly and he is on my mini-map for a very long time. What gives? What happen to the killing spree? Then I went around the map collecting boxes...

    You know how it goes, enemy cloaked with his Pet Singularity don't give a damn did not jump I shoot didn't get shot and popped... Classic.
  12. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Connoisseur

    So here is a disgusting tale this morning.
    I logged on before work just a few minutes . I immediately went into a swarm of enemy MCC clan nonsense like a shark
    at a buffet. I then get this guy or gal whispering to me that if I dont stop killing their clan I will get in trouble with support lol.
    They was such arrogance in complete outfit with bots and this person was by the way I read it in charge of monitoring the bots.
    I sent the info to support but it wont help. I got 8 enemy MCC clan members afk bot killing running things for everyone and one joker that is actually there threatening me I will get banned while in outfit with 6-8 bots monitoring their progress.
    A CM was there but instead of warning the player they warned me of spamming kill posts..Please people get with it and punish the bots.
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  13. Cheater_tattler

    Cheater_tattler Forum-Greenhorn

  14. Cheater_tattler

    Cheater_tattler Forum-Greenhorn

    I have written DO several times about the bots.I basically get the same excuse that the technical team is working on getting enough evidence on the bots and then they will n]ban them.They are supposedly doing this for legal reasons.What legal reasons? Its a game that has cheats and DO should be able to ban players for cheating period.The number of players using these cheats has increased significantly since the merges occurred and increase daily.It is a shame that players find the need to cheat to get ahead.It is now June and there are still bots.Six months come on DO be real.You have not found enough evidence of cheating in 6 months ?????? DO is most likely protecting their cash cows because they are the ones mostly using bots.
    As DO watches the bots increase and does nothing at the same time many players are either turning to cheating themselves,quitting the game all together or just accepting that cheats are here to stay and the current cheat of bots killing npcs in various maps are going to be here for good due to DO unwillingness to do anything at all.However their tech people can not find a way to find these cheats in 6 months they have in the meantime come out with new events ad new items.Kind of strange they can come with new items,but can not find a way to rid the game of cheaters.
    I can almost predict that many players will be quitting the game and going elsewhere to play other games that actually do something about cheating players.All the game will be left with is bots and no very little actual players playing the game.
    DO made the statement that players found cheating will face a permanent account ban,but we can see that the last so called ban only temporarily banned the players and some players cried they did not cheat and there accounts were reinstated.This is not a permanent ban.DO needs to stick to what it says about what will happen if a player us found cheating.
    I have a suggestion: How about DO take all the tech people and temporarily shift them over to finding and banning the current cheaters and prove they are actually willing to do something about these cheaters.Once they are banned thats it they are gone and they will be allowed to start new accounts if they wish,but their actual accounts that are banned are gone forever.Many of these players will cry and complain,but once banned thats it.Some of these cheaters are in the top 200 players and thats tough if they loose their ships,but DO just needs to tell them "thats the way it is and the way it will be.PERIOD !!"
    SO come on DO lets get the game back to being fun and fair once again or who knows maybe the game will be gone in a year or so.Then again if DO wants a game that is full of cheats then its their decision to allow the game to go down as a used to be a good game list !!
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  15. Mister-Tovarisch

    Mister-Tovarisch Forum-Greenhorn

    Can we do something already with those annoying auction autobid bots?

    I am waiting for the last 10 seconds remaining of the auction to place my bid (Which should guarantee 100% winning the bid), I was then seconds later reloading the page to find to my surprise that my bid got broken by the previous bidder by just 10.000 credits (Looking at bidding history).

    Thats simply impossible react this quick, unless you have some extreme case of OCD. Obviously It's bot user, so please, can we rid of them?
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  16. Type-0Z

    Type-0Z Advanced

    I can win Log-disks 5 times in a row and just by bidding 10,000 higher too! It's simple really, you just have to time your refresh right, won't work if someone was waiting to bid a way higher price over than 10,000 of the previous bid though.

    The real bot, is the one that only bid in auction 24 hours and has no increase in playing time in their profile page.

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