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Bots and Cheats ...

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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    ΣVÏŁ_ŠİŦĤ Forum-Apprentice

    Here is the reality of all. This coming year when Adobe flash player gets sunset-ted this game will cease to exist. I say this because I have been playing since 2009 and I have seen a huge decline in honest players on every single server. If you read the posts on DO's Facebook page it's the same complaints over and over basically the same thing everyone here is complaining about. DO has given up on trying to stop external program users nor have they banned any accounts in ages in other words they have given up on this game. So be smart and save your money because trying to chase anything in this game is useless at the moment you simply cannot compete with people using external programs. I for one refuse to lower myself to the level these individuals are at especially for an online game.
  2. IonAdrian11

    IonAdrian11 Someday Author

    It will not, as un can see: http://www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/board/threads/unofficial-darkorbit-revealed.43381/page-19
    they are developing theyr own client (u can see what they will do in DarkOrbit in SeaFight, where they already done this type of client) or checking Killmedium YT channel.

    Basically it will be a dedicated browser (u can access only DO site) with a own Flash Player integrated. (soo it will lag like now :p)
  3. †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™

    †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™ Forum-Apprentice

    Im with Evil Sith on this one, i dont think the new client system will ever appear. Im presuming bots wont work on a new client, and if the bots dont work then everyone quits and i will tell you why. Most botters have made more uri than they will ever need but to continue to botter anyway, why? because why would anyone want to spend hours of there time actually doing gates and npcs quests!

    The sad reality is that a little while back we hit the tipping point where there are more botters than genuine players and this sadly means you cant bad them without making the game unprofitable.

    It all comes down to data analysis, DO know who the botters and they also know exactly how much they spend, and they know if they ban them how money they use, which is more than they can afford to lose.

    Sadly the game will continue to limp along until it gets the switch off like battle star galactica, probably around the same time the new client is meant to be implemented :(
  4. AVIT

    AVIT Active Author

    as you may have said , no one posts now about bots .. the game has become pointless playing because no action has been taken .. boone takes the hall of fame seriously ,or clan ranks .. its become pointless to play . bigpoint cannot ban anyone botting ,support have said unless they can prove 100% that someone has they will not ban them . it has something to do with legal reasons they say .
    that is fact from support .

    result is scripts and botting is everywhere now and nothing is done with there attitude ,, people quit all the time top players who worked hard for yrs ..
    YOU ARE witnessing the end of darkorbit ..
  5. †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™

    †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™ Forum-Apprentice

    Yep - couldnt agree with you more. Sadly i believe we are now beyond the point of no return.

    Its a shame because i thought even just 2 years ago we were making some positive progress under Baracus , but since he left (and with him all the twitch streams) its all very quickly gone downhill.

    I cant see anything positive coming of this game anymore :(
  6. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    - yeah, kind of sounds like the same style as another group (blizzard) has done with a trademark game. dedicated server set up is not bad.

    ... and to reply to †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™ gates and npc quests are good; why be like punk rock head bangers and do only pvp; makes no sense.
  7. †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™

    †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™ Forum-Apprentice

    Couldnt agree more, gates and quests are good, and have been the staple diet of this game since it very first began. The difference is in the beginning where as quests might take you a couple of hours to complete (or one gaming session), they now take weeks and months to complete. There is no positive gaming experience from shooting the exact same npc over and over again for weeks and months on end, and that is for this reason is why people bot, so they dont have to do this boring grind. I would also argue its another reason why genuine players are currently leaving in there droves.
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  8. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi All,

    Dark Ice, I disagree with you. Yes, if you are a player, and Yes, if you been here for awhile, the game might seem old to you. The game hasn't changed that much in the way you fly. Yes, DO comes up with new ships, weapons, ammo, and even some new Aliens to fight. The game has some new aspect. Not all new things I like, like Million Septron limits, and the new laser change out. I was in the GG a few weeks back (5th gate) and it took me an hour or two to complete the gate. I'm not some kid/newbe flying into the gate either. My ship is well arm and have good ammo. I don't mind shooting the same thing over again, because it is different each time. For some reason the Alien get's ahead and put some hits on me and other times I win with little damage. There are things out there I won't attack because the damage I receive or gates I'll go. Maybe one day I will. Just because you are a high level or a good pilot, the game seems to easy then start over on a new ship. Just don't say "Oh I'll start to Bot" because I'm board with the game. The pilots who work hard trying to make levels are the real heroes in the game. Not bots who fly up the ladder and become high ranking leaders. I wish DO had two ladders or don't let bot get ranked with true flyers.

    People are leaving for three reasons.
    1. MCCs are out there. That is the main reason I don't fly as much, but I'm here every day. I don't like to be killed and to be killed by a gang is uncool. You can try to fight one on one, but not 3, 4, 5, and the most 9 players at one time. Sometimes my own company is in the group, and that just burns me.
    2. Auction House, it isn't fun bidding on items with the robot check. I understand there is a program for that too now. So maybe I understand the check, but not over and over again. One time I was checked 5 times in one bidding session. Come on DO.
    3. Bots. It is wrong. Even in DO bylaws it is against the rules. DO won't stop it because I think they are selling the program. Why punish people killing them. DO has a lot of missions in killing ships/players well let them. When players do so, they get band if they kill a bot over and over again. OD said they can't tell who is botting and who is not. Well, they sure can tell when a bot is kill several times by one person. If DO don't like Bots, and want them out of the game. Let people kill them not protecting them.

    It is all about the money!

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  9. LOL WarriorAngus I think you need glasses if you don't already have them, you make mistakes on every ones name i don't see ICE in his name. Also i think your wasting your time about the bots it's obvious to me DO isn't going to ban them not now and not later. When flash is finished and they come out with their own browser and flash they will just stop the bots then i think and with no penalty's. And if not i will join the bots. I am tired of it actually they know there are botters for sure and they don't ban them and it's also obvious nobody cares what they are gonna do cause everyone botting. My guess a mod that runs a clan told everyone they aren't looking for them now so use them all you want.

    PЯØŦØϽØL Forum Connoisseur

    i think they give up on the bots the way they used to because we have a new client coming out for when flash player dies so i think they are holding off till then will be harder for people to bot
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  11. †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™

    †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™ Forum-Apprentice

    Mmmm - not sure what DO strategy is going forward, but i dont think the above two would work. By nothing about the bots and waiting for the new client to solve the problem creates two issues. Firstly by the time the new client comes along, most players will have rank points way out of reach of any new player however long they play, or any honest player for that matter. By having no way of reaching above ranks then this will lead to people quitting. Secondly - if the bots dont work in the new client then people will have to actually grind for the quests and uri, but having been used to the bots doing it for them all these years, do you really think they will start now? Probably not so they will end up quiting too as the game will come across as quite boring
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  12. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    HI All,

    I'm sorry for the names. I try to read them as they are printed. The fancy stuff is hard for me. I think I was reading it right. I have a mild form of dyslexia and I try my best. I hope you understood me in what I was trying to say. I don't know about this new program, and I only hope is that it kills the bots. Like people said above. They are a way ahead of me and I have been playing for years.

  13. Last~Shadow

    Last~Shadow Forum-Greenhorn

    for the bots to run in all the maps, they need the coding from the game, and guess who does the coding, theres no way a 2nd party could code the bots as good as they are now, theres too many variations,
    well done dark orbit, awsome bot !
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  14. ▼Iron_Mongrel▼

    ▼Iron_Mongrel▼ Forum Inhabitant

    I have zero faith that DO can create a new client that would prevent botting/cheating. I keep taking longer and longer breaks from this game and can't progress very well. On the one rank I can compete on, have watched the botters fly past me in NPC kills... thousands of kills a day to my hundred or so. Being an honest player is frustrating. Kind of hope this game dies for good. Would not be surprised if (and when) it does.
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  15. ΣŁĪŦΣ-Spatieman

    ΣŁĪŦΣ-Spatieman Junior Expert

    i readed something about detection script, good blablabla, but it doesnt work.
    logged in several times on idiotic times, still see the players bot, responce time is automatic on lock for a bot, idiotic movement that normal players cant do, i face now the reality,, after 10 years with a long break,,, its game over for normal player....
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  16. *Pinkiepie*

    *Pinkiepie* Forum-Greenhorn

    So... I logged in the game after like 3 months, flew through like 10 maps (x-2, x-3, x-6, x-7 .. of each company) and on every of those maps I found at least 5 botters (x-3) were basically full (even people with colonels and hecate ships do it)... And the thing is... who cares..? Might as well just buy a bot for 5e and let it do its thing... some of those people have been botting for more than 6 months and they are still enabled to play...

    Dunno... no point playing this game if you cant send one or two admins on servers and perm ban those who OBIVOUSLY bot... like... you don't need scripts for that.....

    But yea.. I'd rather make more designs and packages so you can squeeze a bit more money out of players ;)
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  17. pecanin

    pecanin Forum Inhabitant

    Cheating is not possible in Flash Game
  18. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

  19. DRAZI

    DRAZI Forum-Apprentice

    Are you seriously saying that? Then what is all the activity in the Maps?

    I pop them daily
  20. Ⱥɨnŧ-nø-ƻ1

    Ⱥɨnŧ-nø-ƻ1 Forum-Greenhorn

    Only 4 pages about this topic. Maybe thats the reason why they dont do something about the problem. We got 250+ pages about this (German forum). Also on other forums. Guess its useless to write in other forums.

    Ill wait for some news, since years. Hit me up if you got something :).
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