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Browser game update Requested

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by ™-Me-262-Schwalbe-™, Aug 15, 2019.

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  1. ™-Me-262-Schwalbe-™

    ™-Me-262-Schwalbe-™ Active Author

    I have the GL702ZC and my CPU benefits from Multi-Tasking browser games rather than your single core thread...I have noticed that it lags horribly...It is time for the Company to Upgrade their Hardware and Software to Modern Specs...

    I can run Direct X 12 and Vulkan.....Direct X 11 not so much since it is for older Architecture CPU's and GPU's......

    M Ryzen 7 1700 and RX 580 can handle modern Drivers the new Windows 10 and Direct X 12 and Vulkan better...

    I recommend Bigppoint to upgrade with the times.
    I do not want to play this game because it lags over wireless....and uses single core single thread.........

    Fix it....I bought Multi-Threaded workload beast and expect game to become Multi-Core based and Multi-threaded based....sooon.
  2. Bakjam

    Bakjam Exceptional Talent

    I'm afraid we will have to wait till flash support is discontinued.
  3. from what i understand flash support will only discontinue for chrome that's it all the other browsers will still be supported.
  4. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Bigpoint engineered their own browser.
    Even with Flash discontinued, you will still be required to have Flash installed to play the game.
  5. They engineered there own browser hey? Answer me this, who can they support their own browser when they have a hard time and prolonged waits for tickets to get answered, how the heck do you think they have the manpower for that?
    For starters i have one ship that doesn't work BP says they would fix it that was months ago still can't use it cause it still isn't fixed cause i think they have way bigger fish to fry.
  6. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    It's called teams. There are different teams that work on different parts of the game. The one maintaining the software and performance are different from the ones who work on in-game mechanics, and different from those who create events, and even different from those who create designs and ships.
  7. Why would we have to use their browser anyways could just use opera or any other.
    Just saying everyone seems to be worried about the game browser in the future when there isn't anything to worry about.
    But i see what your saying we will have to see what 2020 brings and make our own choices.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  8. Josh0238

    Josh0238 Forum-Apprentice

    when flash dies brudder thats when we get the optimizations hopefully a standalone client as well instead of the HTML5 struggle
  9. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    From a site called the verge, here is a short quote of what they had.
    Adobe is finally planning to kill off Flash once and for all. Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari have all been blocking Flash over the past year, but Adobe is now planning to remove support for it fully by the end of 2020. “We will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to these new open formats,” explains an Adobe spokesperson.
    A number of gaming, education, and video sites still use Flash, and Adobe says it remains committed to supporting the technology until 2020 alongside partners like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. Microsoft says it plans to disable Flash by default in Edge and Internet Explorer in mid to late 2019, with a full removal from all supported versions of Windows by 2020. Google will continue phasing out Flash over the next few years, while Mozilla says Firefox users will be able to choose which websites are able to run Flash next month and allow Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) users to keep using Flash until the end of 2020. Apple is also supportive of the 2020 end of life for Flash, and Safari currently requires explicit approval on each website even when Mac users opt to install Flash.

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