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Bug exploit with P.E.T

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ, Feb 11, 2019.

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  1. It has come to my attention some people are using exploits with the pet to get another pilots pet to attack their pet. I don't know why or how this is caused but I saw it happen to someone else so just thought I'd post it here quickly.

    Some testing would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: I have been told it's done to make them lose honour.
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  2. How can they make your pet attack theirs if your pet is in auto loot? I think you are easily manipulated to think whatever they want you to think haha.
  3. Killercal73

    Killercal73 Advanced

    On the same Note i watch a player Cloak in BL maps and his pet was shooting the invoke his pet was even soloing a invoke so yes there is some kind of PET Bug going around
  4. Wirwerdenniesosein

    Wirwerdenniesosein Junior Expert

    No, the player was cloaked. and hence his PET is too. The player just happened to shoot the invoke, run and cloak, then return while his PET is still in guard mode, still shooting the invoke. So the PET will 'solo' the invoke in a sense.

    But the issue I think many people ask--should BP try to 'patch' this? Try it yourself like I did, you can solo an invoke in like 30 minutes doing it with a full 12 Prometheus lasers on your PET in addition full alien damage protocols equipped. Its not worth BP's time to fix because it is hardly even a problem.

    I try to find glitches myself in DO, and I haven't even heard of this. I don't think its real unless you can link me to a recording you've posted somewhere online. Good luck.
  5. I don't need your approval for BP to look into it but thanks for your kind gesture. I'll also explain below what I meant because you completely missed the point.
    When it's on guard mode it shoots aliens but you can make even allies attack your P.E.T by attacking the player out of range it seems to trigger the P.E.T to respond even though the player isn't attacking you or even having you locked.

    It's a very small tactic but I think it's worth fixing this just so no one ends up losing ridiculous amounts of honour.
  6. Killercal73

    Killercal73 Advanced

    I would love to accept your explanation however i watched and followed this pet from invoke to invoke and the owner never uncloak the invoke never fire a single shot but yet the pet just shoots away
  7. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Padavan

    It is quite easy to do.
    I'm not going to say how it is done on the forums because it would become too widely used but if you'd like to convo me privately on Discord "Grumpy" [I'm in DO Discord most days], I'd be happy to tell you how it is done.

    The only problem i have with players using this is when I need Invoke kills. Nothing worse than having a pet, who's owner won't join group, take all the Invoke kills when you have missions for them :mad:
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  8. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    I've seen what you mentioned. Definitely needs tweaking.
    Not a glitch.
    Simply be out of range, and use your Rocket fire (tap spacebar). Your PET will begin attacking, without uncloaking you because you're out of range.
  9. Wirwerdenniesosein

    Wirwerdenniesosein Junior Expert

    There are a few more ways to do this too, but I agree; I wouldn't consider it a glitch either. Now if a PET could solo an invoke in like 5 minutes or so then yeah, I'd suggest something needs to be done.

    You're getting the quote I referenced mixed up with yourself. What you responded to me with, was in reference to another user, not you. Don't worry about explaining anything, I understood exactly what you meant--In case you forgot your glasses I'll just post below what I said...

  10. lNightTimel

    lNightTimel Forum-Greenhorn

    I mean if you use pet to kill invokes, it's only like a couple years of doing that nonstop for full prom
  11. What a rude kid.
    I don't care about that, it's not what the thread is about.
  12. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Padavan

    You seem to be mistaking a game mechanic for an exploit.

    There are at least 5 or 6 ways I can get my pet to attack someones else's or get theirs to attack mine. None are "exploits", poor game mechanics maybe but certainly not exploits.
    If this does happen to you and you are afraid you may lose honour - Set your pet to passive or autoloot. If you don't want your pet to die due to being attacked, set it to passive, count to 5 and close it.

    Problem solved, all testing has been carried out by countless players over the years - And it works just fine.
  13. Actually, they are all exploits being used which wasn't designed to be used, so an exploit is exactly what it is.

    Oh, so your solution is just don't use half the gears? What an idiot.
  14. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker Padavan

    Ok you called one guy stupid, now i'm an idiot - All over something that is not considered an exploit but an accepted part of daily game play by thousands of players around the world.
    You don't really provide enough information for others to be able to offer any other advice than has been given - And that advice got rude responses from you.

    I'm really not sure who has the problem here.

    What exactly is it you believe "wasn't designed to be used" and could therefore be considered an exploit?

    I'm sorry if you don't know how to use your pet - Care to explain why i am an idiot and why you think I am suggesting you use only half your pet gears?
    I suggested 2 ways in which you can avoid losing honour from your pet killing some else's pet and a way to save your pet from being popped by another players. Not sure how that makes me an idiot and look forward to your full and clear explanation.

    *I would suggest, that if the OP is unable to provide further information about what he considers are "exploits" that the first Mod to spot this thread close it.
    So far all the OP has done is - Not provide adequate information regarding his claims of "exploits" (plural) involving pets and gone on to abuse those offering what they consider relevant opinions and suggestions.

    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Overlooker

    The OP has been on a rant lately about a lot of stuff. Your pet will attack whatever is attacking you or whatever you attack. Your attack takes president. Just let the thread die and be archived.
  16. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Λℓмоѕт•Fαмоυѕ,

    Will forward this issue up, however we can not guarantee a fix or good answer to whether this was intentional.

    Closing to prevent further spam/flaming.
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