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Chromin Rush FAQ

Discussion in 'Events FAQ’s' started by Oddessey, Jun 12, 2019.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    General information:

    During the Chromin Rush event, in some Galaxy Gates (Kappa, Epsilon, Zeta, Delta, Kuiper, Kronos) some NPCs from the different waves start dropping special loot boxes on death. In that special loot box called “Chromin Box”, the new powerful ore “Chromin” can be found. Either the players or the Pet box collection function can collect those boxes. If the player uses a box reward doubler, these special loot boxes will be affected as well.

    The Chromin can be used to craft event recipes with unique items and power ammunition or gain other blacklight ores.

    Every players has a Chromin Counter and all Chromin that exceeds this counter gets automatically converted into credits (also those ores that are booked via payment when buying Chromin Packs when Chromin is booked on excess)!


    After the end of the Chromin Rush event, the ores that are not used for the event recipes get automatically converted into honor with the ratio 1:7 (1 Chromin unit = 7 Honor points)!

    New Ship Design: Cyborg Ullrin
    There will be a new ship design called “Ullrin” coming together with the event: the Cyborg Ullrin!

    New ore: Chromin
    New ore: Can be received from special loot boxes that are dropped by NCPs in selected Galaxy Gates during the event time and is also available in payment packages (Chromin pack). Can be used to craft event recipes.

    New ammunition: RCB-140 (Rapid Chromin Battery)
    New ammunition: Multiplies the regular damage x7

    New event recipes
    There are some new event recipes which can be crafted once per event.

    CategoryNameAmountRequiresBuild time
    Ship designCyborg Ullrin115,0005 seconds
    HardwareRinusk80030,0005 seconds
    AmmunitionRCB-14010,00080,0005 seconds

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