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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by .[NightMare]., Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. Here is an idea with credits its not mine its system used on diablo 3.So there is a thing like galaxy gates and for more rewards you pay gold(credits) called enchanted rift(there) when you enable it it takes X amonth of gold for increased drop rate of item ,gold is more when players level is higer.As a ufe my idea was like gettin kappa booster 100% for 2 days with 500m-1b.For new players it could be +10%-25% drop rate of havocs/hercules it could be like 50-100m as they level up it will go higer and higer.Also we can pay like 50m for 100% schizm drop from a certain gate while there is no event of obsidian or red&blue booty.Or personal cube map 200m hourly so u can cube 1 hour get max 50*1.6m =80m and lose 120m.But you will convert useless credits into uridium.
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    This isn't credits, but I think it fits here nicely instead of making an entire new thread for it. There are a lot of useless designs that people get and I, personally, wish I could get rid of them. Credits are pretty much useless, and we can't sell these items anyway (like the pet designs and drone designs with no ability). I think we should be able to sell these designs for like 1-5k uri a piece. Kind of like when players get 10k uri for a design they already have, being able to sell drone/pet designs that we don't want would help pay back the player.

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    i think they should go back to the old auction you bid your creds u lose you lose all then bring on more tech lf4/new ships makes it more challenging to farm bk and stuff.just my point just keep maps busy oh ond get rid off the bots really is pi ss ing me off
  4. i don't think they should make you lose you credits, but take a x% of the amount you bid even if you don't get the highest bid.

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    trust me back in the day woz last second bidding .but now back page on auction is so poor lag or wot ever u techno geeks call it

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    That is just as bad, new players work like crazy to make the amounts to bid and loosing even a percentage when losing the bid makes them rage quit.
  7. what about making a person only have 2 bids on everything? and then remove the bid (so you can't see what the current bid is on)?

    this way ppl don't lose credits and ppl can't just bid over last second (well they can, but not just 10k above) and you can't just go 100k up every time, to only be aboce the other person.

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    I do like that idea. Players should make real bids and not just "raise" as if playing poker. I would be good with either blind bids or force a player to fill in the amount they wish to bid. Just having a automatic 10k over-bid is giving too much.
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    stop destroying newbies and maybe some people stop resorting to botting. it's a good either pay or cheat yourself to playable lvl. thats what this game has become. deal with it
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    I would not limit the number of bids on an item, however I do agree with the BLIND bidding being returned. It used to be a powerful player could bluff their way into a cheap win, now you see what is bid and know how much to bid.

    I think a FULL return to the TRADE would just reduce the amount of people trying to win items in AUCTION. I know in the OLD system it was a major method of gaining credits by low balling items that usually never sold and reselling them (1-1000 Credit bids winning to be sold for 2.5 times Uridium price in credits). I do remember the RICH (FE) players would bid on items for friends and tell them to watch the bidding and then they would be outbid at last few seconds of TRADE to win expensive items (like drones or ships). It was really the only thing a FE player had to do with their credits other than buying Boosters (when we only had ONE hangar and had to sell ships to change to another none design, i.e. Goliath to Vengeance) or being popped so many times we either quit playing for a day or risked being a P'nut because we failed to have enough Uridium to repair our ship (some even begged to not be overbid in TRADE so they could win a ship to keep playing). Weren't those the days? LOL No repair credits, 250 Uridium reserve needed to be sure we could keep playing if popped, boxing in x-2 hoping to collect enough to not worry about being popped by Company Killers (but if we had one they were quickly dispatched by an FE protector, after posting the kill from log).

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