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Credits/in game economy

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by .[NightMare]., Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou All knowing Oracle

    The reason the thread is still open is someone thinks there might be some merit to some of the suggestions and as such want to continue seeing the thread.

    IF the idea does not entice D O they get closed, Like the many SkyLab Update Requests for more Seprom Production.
  2. DJBrightxx

    DJBrightxx Advanced

    CBS emergency repair for 100,000 Credits
  3. Nicvk

    Nicvk Forum-Apprentice

    Maybe clans could buy advertisement to promote themselves and convince new pilots to join them. It could appear in a corner on the front page of DarkOrbit just like ads on a website.
  4. oldMANIAK

    oldMANIAK Forum-Greenhorn

    Im playing in darkorbit since 2008 and a had many accounts because to progress was very hard I was playing for 3-6 month than stop playing for 2-3 months than roll again and again waiting for some update that really helps the weak but there are just little updates like now you can buy 145 DMG weapons that do about5k in case of 8 iris and golliat but its useless against 90k DMG now i think at less the MCB-25 should be for about between 100 and 500 credits per 1round (100k-500k for 1000 MCB-25) you will see it cheap like me on my big account but if you have a little account you will see it like a lot of credits that is for the new accounts .
    For the normal account and the elite not the (ultra elite)
    there must be lf4 in the market like (20-40) millions credits per lf4 that is again cheep for the ultra elite but they already have full lf4 so it will be hard to gain full lf4 but not impossible to get this way the new players wont leave the game after 2 weeks of game and the pros the full elite and ultra elite players they will have little challenge that keeps the game fun in my position 10k with LCB-10 USING THE SEPROM is really hard to stay alive against 25k LCB-10 and if every body like me and lower than me leave there will be no one to play with the ultra elite so they will get bored and leave too until the servers get empty.
    one more thing you have to stop the clans sending credits
    THX for your time .
  5. °URANUS°™

    °URANUS°™ Someday Author

    500million credits for a fully constructed Alpha gate. 750million credits for a fully constructed Beta gate. 1billion credits for a fully constructed Gamma gate.

    However you are limited to how many gates you can build per fortnight so you can only build 2 alpha, 1 beta, 1 gamma, or two of each of these gates for the whole month.

    You would not be able to build the other gates in this manor except for Lambda maybe.

    Just joking though, would never happen, although it would be nice and help me and many other players get rid of "some" credits!

    Mind you, I could always opt for bidding 250million on each booster that I want in auctions and annoy some folk in the process muhahaha ;):rolleyes::p

    ΆМ®ÑȘȚΞЃ Forum-Greenhorn

    5 b creds = 1 month premium 1.2b creds = 1 week rebate.
  7. ZÿИΛPS™

    ZÿИΛPS™ Board Analyst

    1 billion credits should equal 50k uri. I remember years ago you could buy credits with Uri...Only the insane did that. Now it's time to turn that around. Let's face it, the amount of items available these days; it makes sense to be able to buy uri with credits, doesn't it?

    As an added extra, could we turn our Jackpot Euro's into uri too please?...Especially since March 29th we leave the EU.
  8. lNightTimel

    lNightTimel Forum-Greenhorn

    Feel like x-2 should be buyable with credits
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  9. -zombiedude-

    -zombiedude- Forum Pro

    I say yes to this.
    The BO1 and LF2 are now credit items and used to be uri items.

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