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Discussion in 'General Issues' started by ZÿИΛPS™, Dec 7, 2017.

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  1. ZÿИΛPS™

    ZÿИΛPS™ Exceptional Talent

    I am disapointed tonight with the game. I don't want to argue but I feel deflated. I managed to get into the Gravard tonight and was excited. I got through 245 uber prots. However, during my play a message started to flash up that the server was going to restart. I wasn't sure whether I was going to be able to land back into the CG therefore I tried to get things done with only 3 minutes to spare. Unfortunately Adobe crashed before I could finish the quest. I spent the best part of 4 hours and never completed it. Call it bad luck but I think its a little unfair.
    Lastly, I have spent a lot of effort on getting in and when I got in I was very careful to make sure I never lost the gate. However, the server restart was just around the corner and if I was certain that it was going to put me back in I wouldnt have panicked, to add, Adobe crashed which is highly unusual? I sent the crash report btw..But I don't think it goes to Bigpoint?

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  2. DeathByCheetos

    DeathByCheetos Active Author

    There really nothing the darkorbit team will do for you im tell you what they will say. Sorry but we are not allowed to put players into the cube graveyard.
  3. BMλŋ916-ƒliesUSƒlaǧ

    BMλŋ916-ƒliesUSƒlaǧ Forum Commissioner

  4. ZÿИΛPS™

    ZÿИΛPS™ Exceptional Talent

    Thats fine by me...It's my luck I guess?
  5. ATEER

    ATEER Someday Author

    Wow it is sad to hear. Like super unlucky.
    Hope you get in there again easy next time.
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  6. DeathByCheetos

    DeathByCheetos Active Author

    but yeah back to jumping.
  7. ZÿИΛPS™

    ZÿИΛPS™ Exceptional Talent

    A FEW things I'd like to know, if possible?
    If there is a server restart whilst in Cube Graveyard, are you put back in the gate, or not? No one from support has answered this question.

    Secondly, why does it not register when you hit an Uber Prot and registers as a different Alien? I popped at least 800 Uber Prots and it registered 245, technically I have completed the gate?
    One last thing, why doesn't it show what rank points you get from Uber Prots.
    So, three very important questions [For Higher Support].
  8. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    Were they all Uber Prots? I think they do have regular Prots in there. I have always been at a portal when the reset happened, but I assume if you CLOAKED in a corner you would not pop and should have been left in the graveyard, but this would be something that would have to be dealt with via Support, along with the errors in the kill counts. As for the rank points not all NPC's count towards these, you do get the EP and Honor from them that do count though.
  9. ZÿИΛPS™

    ZÿИΛPS™ Exceptional Talent

    You cant cloak in CG, can you? The kills were uber siblonits or something similar. I personally think that is ridiculous because there isnt a storyline behind it, if there is I havn't ever heard about it. They all state underneath them that they are Uber prots therefore one would assume that they are. Lastly, the uber prots should be added to the list on the backpage.
  10. HelpMeHelpYou

    HelpMeHelpYou Emperor of the Forum

    1. I don't know as I have never tried to get there, it was a thought that may work in the future.
    2. It may have been a database error, need to check with support, if it is still in your logbook.
    3. It may have had at one time but that would have been years ago.
    4. Because not everyone gets to see these, may be the reason for not listing them.
  11. ZÿИΛPS™

    ZÿИΛPS™ Exceptional Talent

    I got back in this morning...Landed middle map and popped straight back out within 3seconds. Lovely!
  12. Deter

    Deter User Team Darkorbit

    We hope you enjoyed your time in the map :)

    Closing as answered.
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