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  1. .[NightMare].

    .[NightMare]. User Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    After the introduction of the Ship Customization system, which is a major game system update, we have the following list of issues that we are working on:

    · Players who don’t see certain items or ships in the new hangar/inventory system do not have to fear anything: After a first investigation it looks like they have NOT lost anything! These items and ships are still in the database but cannot be shown in the game at this moment. Should be resolved for all servers now.

    · Some players did not receive the basic Aegis, Vengeance or Spearhead if they had the Elite/Veteran designs.
    o This may also be the cause for some basic ships not being displayed and some players claiming not to have gotten the correct reimbursement.
    · Some web pages are not loading correctly – this includes the DO main page, the log book and login.

    · Some stats are mixed up (drone EP, some voucher stats).

    · Auctions seem to be affected by the conversion issue as well. [Ships that were won should now be booked]

    · Assembly: Crafting the P.E.T. design deducts resources but the design is not properly craftable.

    · Some PvP Kill missions may also be affected by the Ship Customization changes.

    · Players who were logged out while in the Kuiper Gate may not be able to login again. A manual map jump does not work.​
    As these are major and critical issues, we will dedicate most of our developer resources this week to fix this.

    There are some other, minor, bugs that we are also looking into and with any other open topics (e.g. the “Hades Gate Wave 2/3 issue”) will be addressing these afterwards.

    Please keep an eye on the official announcements as we will keep you updated as soon as we have more.

    Your DarkOrbit team
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