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Daily Bonus Premium

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by WarriorAngus, Sep 8, 2019.

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  1. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi Dark Orbit,

    About Daily Bonus, first of all, I like the new one over the old one for many reasons. But I do miss some of the daily bonus that are not here. For one Unirium, and I don't remember so help me fellow pilots on the 65th day you got something. I think it was a ship, but I don't remember it has been a long time and I only did it once. Now for the new Daily Bonus there is something I want to make a comment about.

    DO you are giving away 4 times RSB-75. You offer it three times this month on the 8th, 15th and the 22nd day a total of 2500 rounds. Then you offer it on the 25th day as a Premium Reward of 8500 rounds. To me that isn't special nor does it seem to be a good reason to have Premium. All the things you have at your finger tips to entice a person to get Premium or keep it. How about rockets, Ammo, Drones Customization (in set of 10), Drone Formation, Drones themselves (when I talk about getting drones not to replace the ones you have but to be put in inventory like the rest of the items, which could be selected later if one is lost, or the top of the line drones which are hard to get), P.E.T. Gear or Protocols (Level 3), Other type of Ammo's that aren't on the daily bonus, Ship Design, and last but not least Ships (new ones).

    Oh one last thought, how about an Upgrade on any item (that is upgradeable) One or more levels.

    It is a thought, and I hope you consider it.

  2. The Red Baron

    The Red Baron Forum-Apprentice

    RSB is used not only as one of the best ammo's in the game but for crafting the new prometheus lasers, it is also one of the hardest and most expensive ammo's in the game.
    So for me It works as a reward, and what about the players who would already have the ship or design or whatever else you suggested?
    Cause if they already have it then for them having premium wouldn't do anything for them.
    In a game like this free players will never acquire everything a player who spends money on will it's just the way it works in the real world money always talks.
  3. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi Red Baron,

    You are right, but Prometheus Lasers in not on my list to have. I have a lot of ships (38), but not the new ones. As for RSB-75, I have 444,050 rounds do I really need more? An ammo I don't use much because I attack Aliens, and I don't like the cool down wait. I'm not quick on the trigger in changing ammo during the cool down time or switch back when it is cool down. There are all these new ships and I won't or can't spend money for them. I'm not a wallet warrior, but an average player. There is a lot of items I like to see and have in the Daily Bonus.

  4. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    65th day you got a ship? When was this, before July 2010? I do not recall that item.
  5. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi Cold Heart,

    I don't remember fully. On the 65th day I think it was a ship or something very nice. As I said, I got it once, and it was a long time ago. I have old man memory now so I hope other players can confirm it or tell me/us what it was.


    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Ambassador

    A while back they gave out the GX ship in the daily logins, and the following few months you also got designs for it. Of course its nothing that most people are flying, but it was a free ship.
  7. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    ahh, okay. I did get a GX plus the two extra designs. I was just thrown about the 65 day thing. Thanks for the reply.
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  8. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi All,

    Thanks Sundance, I knew there was something about a ship, but again I have old man memory. Plus, I though there was something you got pass 60 days of continuing long on. I know Help and I talked about this a long time ago with this new calendar, but Help isn't around anymore. Well he doesn't write in the forum, I hope he is still here. He left because he was tired of the hate replies he got. I though he was a good guy and very knowledgeable too. As I said, it was a long time ago for me. As for the New Daily Bonus, I like to see more verity in the calendar because there are so many different items DO has. It is just a repeat of the same thing every month.

  9. The daily log in bonuses are pretty garbage. They give such low amounts of ammo and other useless items like FS3 shield generators--the king of junk even newbies don't need.

    Half of the time when you have premium and log in on the last day, you get a *special enhanced LF4* which is completely useless considering there are prometheus lasers now. Its like DO completely gave up incentivizing players to get premium.
  10. WarriorAngus

    WarriorAngus Forum Duke

    Hi All,

    I know what you mean. I want DO to look at what they are giving and what they are not. I have let 2 ships go with their Premium because I don't fly as much or buy gear because 2 of the 3 have the better equipment on them. They newest of the bunch, well it is on its own. I have spent too much here already.

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