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Diminishing returns

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by FireJub2kDestroyer, Sep 19, 2019.

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  1. FireJub2kDestroyer

    FireJub2kDestroyer Someday Author

    With this update in mind, it is to stay, a couple things need to happen.

    Mindfire, invokes, and gates should not suffer diminishing returns.

    The allotted time should be on a weekly instead of daily basis - myself and I would assume others have a certain schedule in which they could barely play DO every day but have a day or two devoted to playing - with this update that isn’t possible.

    Paid boosters should become based on ingame time, as well as dlb.
  2. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Advanced

    Not many people honestly play for 20 hours straight. Most wont stay in a map shooting the same aliens for 8 hours straight with no sign out.

    Thing is its too late. There are players with millions of x2/x3/x4 and other goodies from AI playing 24x7 not counting the gate running/free uri. While honest players are behind because they played honestly. Same with the aimbots/rsbchanger script kiddies.

    Its that they let it go on so long and punished the honest players that has killed interest in the game. Banning anyone for asking about V is why people are gone.
  3. ssentess

    ssentess Forum-Greenhorn

    Yeahhhhhhh, very good , **** all botuser now.

    Now , buy to premiun thx BP , very good work

    The sistem to 24/7 dont cry baby XD.
  4. PacificNW

    PacificNW Forum-Apprentice

    Is what a usual player"normal" time of play not specifically mentioned so that bot programs can't be re-written to account for it?

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    ΣVÏŁ_ŠİŦĤ Forum-Apprentice

    Thank you DO for finally acting on the zombie plague that has destroyed this game. Now to see them all crying because being lazy will no longer pay any rewards for them.
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  6. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker Active Author

    I'm curious as to what "normal play times" is.
    What do DO consider "normal" in a game designed to spend hours grinding the same NPC's over and over to complete missions.

    If I have to do 50 low gates for a mission and have a group willing to just grind them out - how long until we get diminished rewards, how long is too long n one session?
  7. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello FireJub2kDestroyer,

    If you play the game fairly/"normally" you do not have to worry about diminishing returns. Your booster idea should be posted in the Update and Idea pool.

    If you are a normal player and do not use any illegal programs, you should rest easy because we can guarantee the normal players won't be affected by this system.
  8. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker Active Author

    I can sometimes play up to 8 or 10 hours in a day if i have a big quest to do. I've logged more hours if my clan is doing an event because of my TZ - and being a retired insomniac - I can be online and spend a lot of time, outside "normal hours".

    So I ask again, what is considered a "fair/normal" amount of time to be logged in?

    It seems all it would take is for those running Illegal programs to continue is to log out for an hour or two every 3 or 4 hours. Hmm just like i do, unless this is intended to restrict how legit players p[lay a game we pay to play as well.

    I want to see bots gone as much as the next guy but not at the expense of my play style, how and when i can play.,.
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  9. stella18037

    stella18037 Someday Author

    i think this is the best update dark orbit have ever done for years ,thanku and well done atlast honest players get some fairness back in game.not to say bots find a way but still very happy with the new update..CONGRATULATIONS DARK ORBIT YAYYYYY.burn cheats burn ..lol get yer wallets out like i ave for so long :))
  10. I already shared my thoughts on this matter in Discord, but I'll post it here:

    I like the aim, I don't like the implementation. It largely comes across as being a punishment. How about reducing all base rewards from NPCs and then increasing them for a period if you've been offline for a while?

    World of Warcraft tried something similar with their XP and received a lot of backlash from the players, so they modified their system to act as a bonus for being "rested" and it's now known as "rested XP". Functionally, it is the same, but it comes across far less negative. With a few adaptations to the concept, I believe it could work better in DarkOrbit than the current implementation.

  11. -DiminisheЯ-

    -DiminisheЯ- Junior Expert

    I'm gonna say this because nobody else will, and piss on the admins that think otherwise.

    A system that punishes all for the actions of the others is never well received. I sleep all day Saturdays to do gates on Sunday. So what, after I do 3-4 zeta gates I start getting less rewards because everyone else wants to bot?

    I'm sorry, this system is beyond ******* stupid. I've told my bank to refund the money spent this past Helix and I'm quitting the game. We had a ton of horrible content updates.

    We used to have botter ban waves and accounts would be deleted. Now we just slap them on the wrist and paddle the asses of everyone that pays for content/uri, buys boosters, etc.

    I can't tell you how much money and time I spent to get to 22 legit to try to get started on the 100 quest line because I was excited for the new missions and content.

    We've told you guys for years the names of players who were botting and we got the same excuses.

    "Everyone gets run through the system so its a fair process"
    "Video submissions aren't accepted because they can be altered"
    "Our bot detection scripts automatically detect bot users"

    I'm done, I wanted to believe in this game but now it's dying even faster. So I'm going to go play other games that actually care about their legitimate players rather than punish them
  12. omegalul

    omegalul Forum-Greenhorn

    Couldn't write myself any better. Summarizes the overall just so well.
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  13. USA|Czerka

    USA|Czerka Forum-Apprentice

    Gates are unaffected by the diminishing rewards feature. Save yourself some time writing so much, and just read up a little about it. Its not as bad as you're making it out to be.
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  14. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker Active Author

    Actually it is worse - Gate botters who can gain hundreds of millions of EP and honor in a weekend aren't affected.

    When you see players go from Chief Major to 1 star in a month, by logging in 2 days a week to bot gates - You have to ask yourself, what is the point.,.
  15. Actually you need to rethink this whole stupid idea. You forget about the 100 missions where ppl have to kill a million aliens. i mean come on u make these quests that are so long and now we lose half our stuff because we play long???? That makes no sense at all. I really have to wonder how old the ppl are that are coming up with these ridiculous ideas..... Do you not care about the auto lockers in this game either ? If you going after one thing u should go after all the cheats in the game. Another way to punish the ppl that play long hours, and players are blaming the bots REALLY????? It is all DO's fault to begin with to let this go on this long.
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  16. Acetaminophen

    Acetaminophen Forum-Greenhorn

    this game died like 8 years ago...I'm just here for the memories...
  17. Most of the new 100 missions could be done in 1 day each if you had a group of players helping each other to do them , that's what clans are all about but lately clans are nothing but a joke as are the amount of botters taking over since they announced diminished rewards.
    After they announced diminished rewards everyone thinks this is a green light to bot all you want now, nobody even plays the game they just all bot and i mean even the players i once had some respect for i see them botting now and see the future in this game for me is also diminishing.
    I have always tried to play fair cause what is the purpose of playing a game with a bot wow that sounds exciting doesn't it just let a program do all the work and when you come to play you have to ask everyone what does this do or what does that do well this is cause you don't even like the game and your not even interested in the whole game.
    You the botter just want to come on to pvp and wreck everyone else's chance to get ahead cause after that you go back to botting.
    If i was a bot i think i would get so bored of that play style that i would just quit the game, or maybe they want to keep botting cause they actually hate the game and want to see it fail cause it gives you some sort of payback to DO.
    Like i know players who have been botting 24/7 for months and they have not even logged in 1 single minute to actually play the game how ridiculous is that.
    This is why diminished rewards isn't gonna work all i see it doing is chasing the actual players who like the game to either use a bot or quit the game so I think the only step to dealing with bot's is to give them 0 honor and 0 uri 0 new equipment and like a 2 month ban. if not take all their equipment away then take all upgrades away then give them their account's back cause that's all they actually earned on those account's.
    Just cause a bot buy's 50% boosters from DO and other stuff their bot's are stealing event rewards and game rewards from actual honest players and DO is good with that? This is what is gonna kill the game right here DO siding with the bot's it seems not with their legit honest players.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019 at 12:09 PM
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  18. And then just like that, everyone complaining on forums is wrong as per usual whenever a feature comes out, and nothing about this update changed botting or playing the game whatsoever so all you have to do is take a 1 hour break in between an 8 hour session to reset the timer.

    So unless you're online a consecutive 8-9 hours+, which not a single person will ever do besides on Sunday(which gates aren't even affected - how convenient), absolutely nothing changed with this update. Just like the "OP" ships everyone keeps complaining about but nobody uses because they suck.

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