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Downloadable Game Client

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by deathwatch303, Sep 2, 2019.

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  1. deathwatch303

    deathwatch303 Forum-Greenhorn

    the idea of a browser game has always been awesome to me. not having to do anything but go to a website, login and play is awesome, and i think its a feature this game should keep.

    but for more advanced users or just the average gamer who has a computer configured for most modern games, this game doesn't always perform up to par, and can be very difficult to optimize on today's ever-changing browsers. personally i run an 8 core-amd for better workstation and major games performance, alongside a gtx 1050ti, and i have my memory optimized to the maximum supported, and i constantly go through and clean my system, and optimize chrome, and i still suffer from stuttering game play on 100 mb fiber optic internet, simply flying a Goliath around the home base with 2 or so people around me.

    while i enjoy performance optimization, theres a point where the computer has to be upgraded for a specific task, but most people do not have the system that has a CPU that is powerful enough to support constant desktop performance and calculations like this game utilizes specific to a browser, and if you want to play it smoothly, you have to improve your computer to a significant level. If the game had a downloadable client that took advantage of multiple cores, threads and especially had the ability to run all the 3d and graphics to the GPU, i think the vast user base would benefit, and would stimulate growth in the user-base due to increased ability to smooth out the game.

    but of course, keep the browser client, sometimes its nice to just be able to pop the game open real quick in another tab just to talk, and to make it easier for users who want to commit to the game, maybe post some minimum and recommended computer specs for the game, and what components would be best to maximize for the player looking to get a little more serious about his game-play.

    i know this is all kinda tossed together, but I've just been wanting to get the idea out for a while, thanks!
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    I have similar issues . What type of "fps " do you see when you play?
  3. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Bigpoint's at least doing half of what we like. They are prepared for the Flash-support shutdown coming up, by making a downloadable client. Unfortunately, it will still be Flash based. Hopefully they are secretly working on a better one in the background.
    Probably 40 to 50 FPS under the best of conditions; AMD isn't the go to processor at the moment if you want single-core performance. Since Flash games only utilize a single core of any CPU, you would have to go overkill on the CPU that can do almost 99% of the games out there at 4K 60 FPS, just so you can play "a flash game at 60 FPS."
  4. I hope that it runs specifically to use your computer's hardware resources if they are planning a standalone flash client for the game and not just what a normal browser would do is that eat up your ram and do nothing about optimizing its performance but just stack up the workload and not helping itself to perform better by utilizing all the computer's system specs
  5. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    That's just how Flash itself works; it's fundamentally flawed. We need Bigpoint to move Darkorbit away from Flash. You will experience no difference from a custom Flash browser than from Flash within other browsers.
  6. If they transition to another game engine it would be wonderful, imagine all the things they could do with the game that they can't because of the limited options in flash, not to mention bots wouldn't exist in the game anymore, not to mention any hacks wouldn't be possible if they've got security measures to detect any underlying hacks or 3rd party programs that could alter the game and give unfair advantage to players that uses it.

    but i have doubts about them moving DO to another game engine, considering if they do, people wouldn't be playing that much anymore since most of these so called botters are tired of the grinding system that DO has, its really a money based game if you were to imagine the tedious amount of things you need to do before you could actually get to UFE, some players are Barely on UFE status and they've been playing for years.

    There would be massive amount of players rioting why they can't bot anymore, if BP decides to improve the grinding system and make it less tedious, not to mention the pvp missions can take from weeks to months and then years to finish because not all of the maps are occupied, 4-4 is a map often on missions that requires you to kill players on that same map, only on events players are present on that same map and those rarely come up each year.
  7. They already announced there will be a downloadable client and its basically going to be a custom browser with flash installed. As you can imagine, that has loads of problems and security issues as well so yeah...

    They said in discord that they cannot transfer this game to HTML or any engine because the game is too old and it would take too much time to do so.
  8. rather too much money, if they want to do it they could pull it off, they just want to actually let them keep on doing their own thing, they aren't bothered because botting is a regular thing now

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