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Drone effect error questions are still unanswered

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Archangel-Warrior, Jan 10, 2019 at 4:39 AM.

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  1. Archangel-Warrior

    Archangel-Warrior Junior Expert

    Almost a year ago numerous questions about erroneous "drone effect" statistics in the hanger was posted.
    These questions were not answered to my knowledge and the original posting is now archived. Ref; http://www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/board/threads/ti-hangar-drone-shield-boost-bug.121275/#post-932681

    Most importantly I for one would like to know what numbers should be illustrated if you are running full Havocs, Hercs or Spartans, with drones that are fully upgraded and at level 6.
    For example I am currently running full Hercs all fully upgraded and at level 6.
    "The Effect" credited for this combination shown in my hanger is 10/38 however I am led to believe this should be 16/50 as illustrated below;

    Level 6 Drones give a base of 10/20 clearly accepted
    Level 16 Upgrades an additional 6/15 as defined in upgrade tables?

    Hercules Stats Design adds 0/15 as suggested in drone design facts?
    Havoc Stats Design adds 10/0 "
    Spartan Stats Design adds 10/10 "

    Add the first 2 together with the Hercules design and it suggests one should get 16/50 not 10/38
    Maybe someone can illustrate the correct formula if have misunderstood something or have I been running at a technical disadvantage for almost a year now because of a glitch.
    Please explain.
  2. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    Yep, I've noticed this as well in my hangar. With full Hercules, it displays only 38%, despite drone upgrades.
    Hopefully, just a visual bug. Numbers in-game do dictate true performance from my calculations.
  3. Archangel-Warrior

    Archangel-Warrior Junior Expert

    Maybe it is a visual bug...maybe it isn't. In the previous post I highlighted earlier, it was suggested this was being investigated.
    I would appreciate a post with the outcome of this investigation. I would also appreciate a fix if that is possible.

    Since it would appear the only way to capture a response allow me to identify myself.
    I am user #96529436 on server US1.
    Could an admin please respond to this thread.
    I thank you in advance for any consideration.
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  4. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Archangel-Warrior,

    Have re-opened this case. Hope to be back with an update on the situation soon.
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  5. Archangel-Warrior

    Archangel-Warrior Junior Expert

    Thank you Deter.
    I'm grateful you have championed this query my friend.
  6. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit


    Got some feedback from the tech team today.
    The numbers listed under "Effects" are bonuses for damage/shield you are getting from the drone itself, level(0-6)

    and the equipped drone designs(havoc/hercules/spartan/demon) in that configuration.
    Drone upgrades are not included in the effects percentage.
    Effects summed up in the actual game are 10%+10% = 21% due to multiplication

    Your calculations are inaccurate, you should actually get 58.7% more shield instead of 50%
    (again due to multiplication of increases). This is the way the game is set to be.

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