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[Fan Fiction] Era Of The Phoenix.

Discussion in 'Official Forum Games' started by gamepark, Jul 2, 2016.

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  1. gamepark

    gamepark Someday Author

    Hello, This is story time.

    Sooner or Later, you will find out...

    What will you find out?...

    No worries, The sky is blue
    is red, space is dead...

    Yes, This is story time.

    Let the story begin.

    Chapter 1

    No Worries.

    Lisa: Oh wow, Look at that !

    John: Amazing, they returned from the war.

    Lisa: Yea !, No one got left behind either.

    Cora: Not quite.

    Upon careful watch, Cora and John were fully aware of the situation at hand when the troops of the Space Defense and Space Battle Union of the Earth's Industries Corporation returned from their first adventure into a war that was sworn to bring the human race to an end. Lisa is a friend of John and Cora, and the youngest, John is a Mechanic for the Space Defense Branch in the SD:SB Union, He is a Chief Captain that monitors the builds and programming for the ships designed in their Industry. Cora on the other hand is the Weapon Builder and Designer in the same branch as John, and also the girlfriend of the Major in the Space Battle Branch. Cora is a Chief Major, and more experienced with the hand combat weapons and artillery of the Aliens that threatens the peace of Space.

    John: Lisa.

    Lisa: uh?.

    John: Take a closer look at the troops.

    John makes sure to hint to Lisa to pay close attention of the situation, the ship that landed with the returning troops shows them getting off, no one injured, but it wasn't until the second ship landed, that Lisa was about to discover...

    Lisa: Oh...no...no.

    Cora holds Lisa close to comfort her at the unexpected outcome of war, the ups and downs that comes with fighting for your life, and the lives of others, fighting for what is right. Medics of the Aegis Elite Hospital rushed the second landing area where a ship of wounded, and severely injured troops were either near death or have lost body parts, or dead. This is Lisa's first witness to such a great lost, and to make it even more personal, her father is a returning injured Soldier. Breaking down in tears, in the arms of Cora, she passed out.

    John: Let's take her back to the car, you watch her while I go and see if her father will be okay, alright?

    Cora: Got you, I'll be waiting in the car, and John...don't be rude.

    John: sigh.

    John walks off into the dazzling area of Medics walking and running back and forth taking care of the Injured troops, he walks up to Lisa's father, and looks at him with eyes of disappointment.

    John: Why Wayne?, I told you about this.

    Wayne: Save it, Okay?.

    John: You have a daughter, How could you just leave her here alone to fight a war?

    Wayne: How is she? is she okay?

    Cora: She's fine Wayne.

    Wayne: Cora, where is my daughter?

    John: I thought you were watching Lisa.

    Cora: She's fine, my boyfriend showed up, he's watching her.

    Wayne: Let....me..see her..ahh.

    Wayne passed out, John and Cora stood over Wayne discussing what they should do, then came to the conclusion that they need to return to Lisa, and then bring her to the hospital room where her father is, and wait until they both wake up.

    General Struart: Emperor.

    Emperor Streuner: Keep an eye on them, General.

    General Struart: yes Emperor!.

    Emperor Streuner: They have invaded our home space, and we will not let them get away with this, Especially that Miss Cora, managed to infiltrate and retrieve critical Data of our artillery Unit, which by now she is using to design her own unique weapons to fight us.

    General Struart: That was all my fault Emperor, I should have been....

    Emperor Struener: SILENCE !

    The room got quiet. Failure to defend and defeat as a Soldier in the Streuner Army, is not acceptable to The Emperor Streuner, He is known to punish his troops for failure in these areas, which stricken and builds for better progress within the army, though sometimes very harsh, his main desire is Victory, all he wants is respect for the Streuners of Space, they are Passive Aggressive, sometimes looked at as push overs, because they return fire, rather than initiate a battle, over the recent years, things have changed, in the Kuiper Belt, they have found new resources and new methods of defending themselves, and fighting off their enemies.

    As this Episode fades out, A new one begins soon, stay tuned in.

    To Be Continued...
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016

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