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Feedback for Hatching Out

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Mar 21, 2017.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    We welcome your constructive feedback here for the Hatching Out event.

    This announcement of the test server availability was made via Discord around 1pm Eastern:

    Test server 2 will be open in an hour or so for you to get a sneak peek at the Hatching Out event. There is a login limit, so it could be tough to get in. Try it out, and make sure you leave us some feedback!
  2. •»Radiance«•

    •»Radiance«• Forum Mogul

    Until when is the test server open?
  3. hushing

    hushing Forum-Apprentice

    Congratulation DO team for the nice job with the new booster window in game client.

    But there is a problem with Cooldown Booster and Cyborg Singularity.The booster doesn't efect and don't reduce the cooldown time.The time is 2.24 min with active CD-B01 booster.

    Perhaps it wll be nice if DO team implement a chek box next to each booster and when it is checked the booster is active and the ship use this particular booster, when the chek box is inactive the ship don't use that particular booster.

    Please increase the number of I-Eggs on the maps. It is very hard to gader Viral Purge Points (VPP) .
  4. •»Radiance«•

    •»Radiance«• Forum Mogul

    Actually with the CD of 2 mins and 24 sec, its already affected by the Cooldown booster 1. The original cooldown without CD booster would be 3 mins :)
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2017
  5. When they say 20,000 vpp will get an lf4 are they talking one of the new lf4's or just a regular 1?
  6. •»Radiance«•

    •»Radiance«• Forum Mogul

    Its a normal LF4 on the test server.
  7. Nope40

    Nope40 Forum-Greenhorn

    Yep... I was afraid of this...

    Welp. No way for me to get the LF-4 in time...
    I simply can't expend enough time from my studies to grind 20k VPP from eggs (There's NO way I can get an A/B/G gate in 15 days without paying :(. And Hitac? I can't even do enough damage to be on top 30 :oops:).
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  8. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX Padavan

    I have played on test server yesterday. And it was really hard to find eggs.

    I am not sure how others find them. Or it was just my luck. But at least double that amount would be nice.

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  9. batata

    batata Forum Inhabitant

    2 points per egg (chance) -.- nice bp just 10K aliens (that every one whants) to pop
  10. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    The event looks good from an overall view; however, for a 15 day event, it seems vastly cumbersome in details to do most of the tasks.
    If this was to be another event geared solely for the upper echelon of players, then why not state that first and not get everyone else's hopes up.
    Yes, to get an egg or two over 15 days should be doable; a gate or two (or maybe three) maybe if players have a modest stockpile of uridium; most players do not have the time and or money(uri) to get through enough of the tasks to do anything.

    The little event stats box is a nice touch, again, for those that will be able to use it a lot and need the boost of morale.
    For an event as short as 15 days, was it really worth the time put into cobbling up the timer/stat box? Doesn't seem like it.

    I am sure that totalling up all the players on all the servers, there would be an outcry if something changed and not all as advertised showed up in the order as posted in the FAQ. There are, more than likely, a far greater contingent that either cannot or will not be able to bother with most of the event. Which just enlarges the gap between the 'gutless killers' and the 'fodder farm players'.
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  11. •»Radiance«•

    •»Radiance«• Forum Mogul

    Actually when you destroy an I-egg, it can drop a Viral Box 1 wherein there is a 20% chance that it will give 1 VPP. Also destroying an I-egg has a 50% chance that it will drop 2-5 infected aliens (Gygerthrall) which when killed, each will drop a Viral box 2 wherein there is a 40% chance to get 2 VPP. Lastly by destroying an I-egg, it can drop Indoctrine Oil (new resource), which might be used to assemble the new ships at Assembly.
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  12. ***NOMAD***

    ***NOMAD*** Forum-Apprentice

    Good point but I see some major flaws with this event and how it works. Basically the I-Hitac will be the fastest and most efficient way to get 20.000 VPPs (to obtain an LF-4, that's what the low level players want) and I see that as part of the problem. Yes, the reward will be given for the 15 players and that's all right but the problem is these 15 will be from the strongest clans and most of them will be UFEs. It's how the game works currently and it's how the Hitac-event works. I don't think that's balanced and the VPPs should be available for other alternatives than looking for those I-Eggs, because you won't be the only one looking for them. Even if you had excellent luck with the I-Eggs on your run for the 20k VPPs, it will propably take 1000s of kills to get. Of course if you have Tartarus, PET with the right gears and protocols it will be easy for you but then you most likely have many LF-4s and do it only for the Oil.
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  13. •»Radiance«•

    •»Radiance«• Forum Mogul

    Ya, but I think the I-eggs are un-locate-able by the PET's Enemy Locator, as what I have experienced in the test server, though I'm not sure if the enabled it at normal maps, I need to check it.
  14. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    The event is kicking off today officially, so from hereon we're moved from this being necessarily feedback off the test server, but the event itself.

    Good luck out there^^
  15. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX Padavan

    Issues with Event Combo Booster. And Past Times mission does not complete. And Crystal Camouflage mission keep appearing after I abort it. Jump gate and its back on missions to do list.

    All of this I have notified support. But the more people report this the better. To make sure those things are looked at ASAP.


    Otherwise. the event is busy. Lots of people on the maps killing Eggs and Hitac. Even Botters started playing :)

    All Great :)
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  16. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Yeah they're aware of a few issues at the moment and working on them. Just waiting on a bit of "final word" as it were to see where things stand before announcing anything prematurely

  17. Sтєvє-σ™

    Sтєvє-σ™ Junior Expert

    okay, i have a question are the spawning times of hitac set to be as before or?
  18. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    haven't heard anything new on hitac spawn times. Best guess is if they go off tonight and resume tomorrow morning then may have to just go with that

  19. badwon[spt]

    badwon[spt] Forum Great Master

    OK, my progress is 4/1000. My log shows I have popped 7 eggs.
    What gives.
    Also, are the eggs empty at the moment as I do not see what I am getting from them.
    This may be the "LOG LAG" butt I am totally unsure what if anything I am receiving for an egg?
    USA east
    AND as we all knew Only the "$elect players" can even try the hitac.........
    This is really discouraging..............
  20. ZÿИΛPS™

    ZÿИΛPS™ Forum Commissioner

    I actually like Hatching Out event.
    The way it has blended in with the normal upcoming events is proof that this game can operate with several different events running at once. However, I am a little bit disappointed with the player numbers. The only reason for the dwindling numbers that I can think of is the recent price hike. At a time when people are struggling to put food on the table the recent price rise is just too much for many players and I think they have literally'thrown in the towel'.

    There has to a way around this?

    I say combine local servers...;)

    Summary: Decent event!
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