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[FF] Fanfic

Discussion in 'Official Forum Games' started by FooJubIsBack2, Feb 14, 2015.

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  1. FooJubIsBack2

    FooJubIsBack2 Board Veteran

    Don't know where to officially put this as there was a section for it on vbulletin but not here.... So idk. Anyways I no longer have an account cuz it was hacked and I'm bored and it's the weekend and I'm being forced to spend time with my dad so... I did some fanfic. Never really done it so please do tell me if it sucks or not and if I should do more or not, thanks :)

    A piece of Kristallin debris floated by, it’s shattered and warped figure only maintained by the chill of space… as it flew by, the stars cast their strong light on it, making it shimmer and gleam, making it a blinding white. All of a sudden it shattered into infinitsimal pieces. It had struck something, something huge, something so massive, many of it’s allies and the humans feared it. It was known by the humans as a cubikon…. or at least that was all they had ever seen. It’s pawns. It’s first line of offense to test the humans, and see how willingly like Kristallonians would work with them. So far, only the human’s best could defeat them…. no. No… why did it’s kinsman have to die, for a simple testing reason? No. It is necessary. It has to be done, we cannot allow the humans to discover the real reason all they have ever seen are of one class...but why did it have to be use and not y- No. It is our duty. Your duty. This has to be done... You have no choice.

    Chapter 1
    Alec stared at the wall of his quarters. There was nothing particularly interesting about them, and he would rather look at something else, but he was too tired, and his neck was stiff as hell, so it probably wouldn’t be worth it anyways. Perhaps the only thing interesting about that wall, was the fact that it had his alarm clock built in it, ticking down the remainder of his sleeping session. Only half an hour left until it was practice time. Fantastic, he gets to be the target of amusement and embarassment yet again. One of the few pilots who still couldn’t target and destroy a bloody Lordakium. But really, who wants to shoot those anyways, they’re like flying packages of petroleum jelly… it’s a miracle they don’t get destroyed just by moving. At any rate, if he didn’t pick it up he’d be chopped a rank or two and end up scrubbing generators. He sighed and rolled over onto his other side, keeping his neck straight so as to not accidentally break anything. On the other side of his bed he got to look at shelf upon shelf of flight training manuals, something he hadn’t touched too often, to his own demise. He grabbed one at random, and it was labeled “How to properly upgrade your ship and design” he chuckled, thinking to himself yes… with my 37,000 Uridium I will buy the Enforcer… in the next decade. He tossed the holo-book onto the floor and looked at the other ones, then snipped another up. This one looked a little more interesting, “How to effectively destroy Cubikons by yourself or with a teammate”. He skimmed the pages a little, half of it seemed to be more like how to make sure no one from the VRU or MMO snuck up on him using stealth modules, or those nasty Kristallins who can stack up on you so viciously. Something he noticed was that they didn’t really have a history. All the other aliens they had encountered had a history, one way or another, but the Cubikons had no history… perhaps no one from the past had lived to recount the encounter? He pondered the idea for a minute, and then a sharp sound filled his head with pain briefly. He whipped around, and caused too much blood to rush to his and was blind for a few seconds with the deafening ring still giving him a headache. Once he could see again he leapt over his bed and slammed his fist on the alarm.
    It stopped immediately, but the ringing stayed in his ears for a bit longer. He cursed under his breath, then got up and went inside the disinfectant and sanitation chamber, effectively waking him up even more as the soapy water whipped around him. Once he was dry, he sat back down on the bed for a moment to calm down. A sharp rap on the door caused the headache to re-emerge. He gritted his teeth, then hollered “I’m coming!”. He sighed, and started getting up, but by the time he was standing two more sharp raps hit the door. Alec strode to the door and opened it, to be blinded by the corridor lights, and even worse, his friend’s smile. Donny raised an eyebrow at him, and punched him in the arm. “Didn’t get enough beauty sleep eh Al? Up all night studying how to accurately shoot a moving target….right? Cuz I didn’t, so I was kinda hoping you could fill me in.” Alec gave him a look, and Donny sighed in remission and said “Ok fine fine I know, I was supposed to do that and you were supposed to do the whole hotshot flying thing, but c’mon you know a lot more than me! I mean, you’re a chief sergeant and what am I? Some low-life sergeant, that’s what. So I mean I thought you could share your large and amazing wisd-”, “Just put in the correct damn coordinates, and update them and we’ll hit every time, ok? We don’t need another yesterday.” Donny shrunk back a little in reference to yesterday’s disaster, where Alec and his team had ended up nearly destroying the Captain’s P.E.T. instead of their target lordakium. Alec gave in, sighing, and said “Look, we’ll do fine, just keep your eyes on the target, and you let me do the rest, good that?” Donny nodded, a little more silent than before, but not as depressed as he had looked when Alec has referenced the disaster. For now, that was the best Alec could do, he didn’t have the energy or tolerance for anything more. And then he realized half his team was missing. He stopped walking for a second and Donny ran into him, nearly knocking Alec over. “Why thank you for that wonderful whiff of armpit, it was oh so very NOT needed” he said, grumbling as Alec realized something. “Where are Sergeant Jacqueline and Sergeant Erin?” he inquired, realizing they should have been out here with him and Donny a while ago. “Oooooh, how formal, ‘Sergeant Erin’ huh? Oh, the love’s in the air!” he laughed, and then stopped abruptly as Alec hear footsteps ahead of them. “What’s in the air? Besides the idiocy radiating off of one of you, and I think we all know who that is.” Jacqueline said as she and Erin walk up to them, and Donny clutched his heart melodramatically, then fell to the floor with his hand in front of his heart like he was holding a dagger. Erin snorted, and shook her head. “Nothing, lets get going before the Captain forces all our asses into a Nostromo.” “Last one to the hangar gets to go in the cargo bay” Jacqueline said. They all looked at eachother for a moment, then Don started running like a mad man towards the hangar bay screaming “You’ll never catch this devil Jackie-o!” Jacqueline swore, then started running after him saying “I swear sometimes I wonder if he got a brain transplant, and they accidentally gave him the brain of a 5 year old.” Alec looked at Erin for a second then said “Ladies first, if I have to deal with that madness i’ll gladly take the cargo bay.” Erin sighed, looked down the corridor that Jacqueline and Donny had gone down, looked back at him and said “May as well join you, because if I don’t i’ll be forced to kill both of them.”

    Sorry about the structure of it, I did it in google docs then emailed it to my phone then copied and pasted from there. Lol
  2. DeusExMachina

    DeusExMachina Someday Author

    Good read :D
  3. Clack321

    Clack321 Forum-Apprentice

    Good job I like it.
  4. jackknife

    jackknife Forum Duke

    Paragraphs would help the reader; but overall very good little read
  5. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 Count Count

    Don't you like spending time with your dad?

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