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Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by The_come_beck_R.B, Sep 9, 2019.

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  1. The_come_beck_R.B

    The_come_beck_R.B Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello ,

    I have lenovo y50-70 its i7 4th gen , with 16gb ram and gtx860 4gb ram
    While i play Darkorbit i get like 40 FPS on chrome , 20 on mozilla any sugguestion what to do?
  2. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello The_come_beck_R.B,

    We all have different rigs we use to play Dark Orbit. Let me put it this way;

    You drive a Mustang, but the road you drive on is rough.

    She drives a Corvette, but the road is still rough.

    We decide to sell the Mustang and the Corvette to buy a Ferrari, but the road is still rough.

    Do you see the point? Please clear your cache/flash or try using a different browser.
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  3. -DiminisheЯ-

    -DiminisheЯ- Junior Expert

  4. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    All the various connection your signal goes through to get to the game server (routers/modem(s)/hubs/etc.) add to the lag along with whatever other traffic is on the same 'path'.
    As above, cache can be the biggest and easily corrected condition.
    Also, don't forget to gas up the PET if you have one as it may cause 'drag'; it is unable to use the same propulsion unit as all the rest of the units in game (ie: ships and drones). ;):rolleyes:

    ΣVÏŁ_ŠİŦĤ Forum-Apprentice

    I'm getting steady 61 to 62fps running 1gb internet connection. I did some research and discovered that a lot of people running high end gaming routers with fast internet connection where still using cat5 cable. Conclusion is go on Amazon and order your self cat7 internet cable to plug from your cable modem to your gaming router then be prepared to be amazed by the speed boost.
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  6. Enable hardware acceleration in your browser - it makes a difference.
  7. KilerStreak

    KilerStreak Forum Demigod

    The only thing necessary when it comes to flash based games is RAM, and single-core performance of your CPU. We can ignore the GTX you have in there, and the 16 GB RAM is more than plenty. Issue is your i7-4XXX; lacks the single-core performance necessary to run Darkorbit to max.

    Your internet connection strength/quality does not impact your in-game FPS.

    FPS is dealt with your graphics card, RAM, and CPU, depending on the game. In Darkorbit (or any other Flash game), more focus is placed on the CPU, specifically its single-core performance. Please learn more about the topic before you post incorrect/inaccurate answers.
  8. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Thank you all for contributing :)

    Closing as lack of response from the original poster.
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