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Future cross server content!

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Mar 14, 2017.

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Which cross-server content would you prefer?

  1. Cross-server map with PvE and PvP

    38 vote(s)
  2. Current event converted into cross-server (e.g TDM & SC)

    12 vote(s)
  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hi everyone,

    Our game team are looking for some feedback on what you would like to see from the Cross-server zones. The details for the options above as detailed by OP32 in discord:
    You're welcome to leave your vote and feedback here :)

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  2. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX Padavan

    I would like the Cross server zone stay without NPCs. It is enough NPCs in server to make uri as it is . To prevent The biggest clans just overtaking it.

    I like option 2 more. Just to keep the cross server as a PVP and some PVP event zone.

    That is just my opinion.

    I will read other opinions too. As in quite a few occasions. Different mindset comes up with different ideas.
    I like Variety :)

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    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Overlooker

    Some time in the future, I already see option one being the solo server of the game, due to population issues but for now option 2 is best.
  4. SmieBOX

    SmieBOX Padavan

    You think one server would pay enough for DO to keep going???

    I Completely DISAGREE. Keep lots of servers. All is cool. This year will show what they got planned and what will come out.

    Keep up the good work everyone. DO and Players. Just need to spread the word more on social media. To get new players attention.

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    PSK~SUNDANCE Forum Overlooker

    Depending on the population allocation for a server, one busy server could probably do wonders. Personally I envision about 10 servers running in the near future but that is me. With the numbers of actual active players, I can't see why they keep 4 US servers going. It doesn't make financial sense. I could not be the financial officer explaining yearly expenditures to the board, but if the money is rolling in, hey who am I to talk. They may need more than just social media since you have to like them to get anything about the game on Facebook.
  6. ]Coldheart[

    ]Coldheart[ Exceptional Talent

    As it is currently is good enough.
    But there was no voting option for leaving it alone.
  7. snuffout

    snuffout Active Author

    Disagree. DO only has the people it has be they are on one server or 55. The game would be better if we had 100 players on one server than 5 on 20 servers. Most likely what they have "got planned and will come out" will fail to empress as usual. Donn't know about you but I look for time to play the game don't see any left for "Social Media Advertising"!
  8. valyan323701

    valyan323701 Forum-Greenhorn

    Try PvE only, normal maps... a lot of people will love them. Especially newer players with 6 flax that have missions to kill people in R-Zone... I mean, really...you're sending weak players to battle majors, or generals??
    Anyway...PvE only maps(4-5 style), will be much appreciated by a lot of players.

    But most importantly, Standalone Client! Flash is very unpredictable... And you can control the bots better with your own engine.
  9. -=MarcVenture=-

    -=MarcVenture=- Advanced

    Maybe at some point we could fix the 'R-zone' maps? Just sayin, that kind of was the cross server content.....
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  10. Wirwerdenniesosein

    Wirwerdenniesosein Active Author

    I voted for the cross server PvP and PvE map... Or to make it simple BP, just fix R-zone ... Make the map bigger and throw in a few NPCs in there.
  11. Excessive

    Excessive Forum-Greenhorn

    For cross server content to be valid it needs to cater for players of ALL levels. No point setting up cross server content that can and will be dominated by the same players who dominate servers now.

    DO has a long history of excluding large groups of players from content, maybe it is time to try something different to what has been done historically.

    TDM; looking at the statistics for completed matches on the 3 servers I have accounts - There has not been a completed match in recorded history. Why would turning it into some sort of cross server content change this?

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