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  1. Fuzzy_Slippers

    Fuzzy_Slippers Global Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Everybody,

    I had a meet-the-team thread in the "old" forums, so I suppose I should have one here too. I have been playing DarkOrbit since 2007 and started as a volunteer chat moderator in January 2011. I reached Admin status by August 2011.

    A year later, I was promoted to Global Team Leader in August 2012.

    As of now, I do monitor multiple games along with DarkOrbit. Unfortunately, this has left me with very little time to actually play the game. You might see me randomly in chat or flying around in my police ship if you are lucky :)

    I am a college graduate with 3 degrees. I live in the United States and in the summer I am busy visiting many rivers and lakes for camping and fishing. I take my children on many sight-seeing adventures for daily picnics, hikes, and general escapes from the city life. I do not have many winter activities due to the weather can be quite extreme. My hobbies include cooking, woodworking, gold panning, metal-detecting, fishing, and playing with my children.

    Good luck to you all!
  2. иuяαяιнуσи

    иuяαяιнуσи Forum-Greenhorn

    Well hello there Fuzzy Slippers! I've seen you a time or two in chat, but never in the maps :p Come over to East 2 more often :)


    [​IMG] of MMO (USA East 2)
  3. PoseidonsFury

    PoseidonsFury All knowing Oracle

  4. hi fuzzy

    i know you so you are one of the former executives :)

    i wish you every success :p

    good work ;)
  5. hi fuzzy....another cm i met on e2....makes me feel old....so want to 1v1 you. lol
  6. Tina-The-Impaler

    Tina-The-Impaler Forum Inhabitant

    Hey...havent seen you in chat for a while miss ya :)

    Come say hi to the noobs :)

    Love ya

    T <3
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    ΨÊMPÊŔŐŖΨ Forum-Apprentice

    Umm, someone stole my slippers last night...is this where I go to get them back ;-) As Tina said: get your fuzziness back in chat!

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  8. -MISLOCK-[NFG]-

    -MISLOCK-[NFG]- Forum-Apprentice

    yes please do because the mods in chat dont laugh much so BRIGHTEN up the place with your warm smile
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  9. Azraela

    Azraela Forum-Greenhorn

    Good to see that you are still here and keeping yourself busy. Everything looks great and there are still many familiar names posting. :)
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    ΨÊMPÊŔŐŖΨ Forum-Apprentice

    I remember some Turkey with the name Azraela but that was in a galaxy far far far away...Maybe fuzzy (In fuzzies infinite wisdom) can recollect such a name as well. =+)
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  11. Tina-The-Impaler

    Tina-The-Impaler Forum Inhabitant

    Fuzzy taught me how to circle Mordons.
  12. Tina-The-Impaler

    Tina-The-Impaler Forum Inhabitant

    Think we should start spamming Fuzzy's page until she recognizes us lower people
  13. Anthe

    Anthe Forum-Greenhorn

    At least here's one name i recognise :)

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